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How to Remove Grout Haze

If you don’t wipe off excess grout in the right amount of time, you will experience grout hazing, which can also discolor the surrounding tiles.

 When you install tile and grout in your home, you expect it to look new. Wiping off grout seems easy enough…water, sponge, wipe and repeat. But the water we use to clean up the excess grout can hide grout hazing. When your tile is wet, it looks like it is clean. When it dries the surface looks dull. The first 48 hours is very important to remove the grout haze. If you clean the tile again you can remove it, but if not, you will have a thin layer of grout on your tile. No only will your tile look hazy and dull, it can cause dirt and soil to build up faster. Even foot and shoe impressions will show on your tile. Hazy grout can be avoided though!

How to avoid grout haze

 Like New Carpet Cares team of professionals can help you to avoid grout haze. Our technicians will clean your tiles so they look new again. We also can use grout sealant to keep your grout looking good for a long time. Often DIY projects end up with a dull look from residue, but our professional services can make your tiles look polished and clean. Contact us for all your tile and grout needs first!

How to remove grout haze

After time has gone by, it is harder to remove grout haze. Different types of grout are harder to remove, like Epoxy grout. Sanded grout is easier to remove. Either way, your best bet is to let Like New Carpet Care take care of your tile and grout needs. Most home owners try to scrub the haze off which can damage your tile and your new grout. Industrial strength cleaners can cause more harm than good by adhering to the grout residue and making it even worse. This can cause lasting damage to your tile. Even at-home or natural cleaners can cause damage. Contact Like New Carpet Care for all your tile and grout needs. or 407-947-6724.

New Ideas to Keep Your Carpet Clean

Keep your carpet clean with these five new ideas

Sometimes you just need a few new ideas to keep yourself motivated while cleaning your house. You aren’t alone, if you get excited to try out a new carpet cleaning hack. The internet is full of carpet cleaning professionals and people just like you looking for tips and tricks to clean.

Whether you are spending time browsing sites like Pinterest or just bored with your current routine, cleaning tips, hacks and tricks are everywhere. For a particularly stubborn stain or to find out when it is time to deep clean your carpets, sometimes you just need a good idea.

Taking care of your carpet is an essential task in your cleaning routine.

  1. There are more options than just Baking soda.

You have probably tried some of the great ideas out there. Using baking soda and vinegar to clean stains is one of them. It could be one that you have already tested though. It might not be working for you some stains need a new technique. It is unlikely you have tried everything yet to get that stain out so don’t give up.

It is time to move on to something new if you have already tried baking soda. Shaving cream can be used for most carpet stains and it sometimes works better than other methods. Give shaving cream a chance to clean those stains.

You can utilize shaving cream to the stain and let it sit for roughly 30 minutes. Once the shaving cream has sat long enough, blot it with a dry cloth. Then spray a few spritzes of baking soda and vinegar mixed in a bottle. You don’t need to soak your carpet but make sure the stain is damp. You can blot that up after about five minutes.

Once you have blotted the baking soda and vinegar mix, you should be able to see an improvement on your stain. If the stain was really set in, you may need to repeat the process a couple times to really see your carpet looking much better. Shaving cream can give you a second option instead of baking soda.

  1. Give hot water extraction cleaning a try.

 Dirt and other things can settle deep in your carpet fibers, well below what your vacuum can reach. Deep cleaning your carpet is very important. You can save some money by alternating between deep cleaning and professional cleaning. Doing the steam cleaning yourself will make the time between professional cleanings last longer without ruining your carpet.

You can rent a steam cleaner and inexpensive detergent at most supermarkets. If you haven’t used it before, test it on a small patch of carpet first. You won’t need much of the cleaning solution. Some detergents and carpet don’t mix well and you don’t want to find that out in a highly visible spot.

Steam cleaning is something you might end up liking once you try it. Seeing your carpet getting clean can be satisfying. Your carpets need to be steam cleaned at some point, you might as well try to enjoy it.

  1. Ice is helpful.

 Gum is one of the most dreaded things to find stuck in your carpet. It is sticky and may seem impossible to get out. Before you pick up the phone to call a professional, give this next trick a try. Try freezing the gum first with ice instead of trying to remove it on its own.

Gum is less sticky when it is frozen. You have a better chance of removing it from your carpet once it is a solid mass. Leave the ice on it for a few minutes, then remove the remaining ice and try to pry the gum up with a butter knife or spoon. You can save yourself a lot of work with this simple tip.

  1. Heat is your friend.

 Wax from something like a candle is another sticky situation for your carpet. Spills happen before you even realize what happened. Wax can get stuck in the carpet fibers very easily and sometimes seems like it will never come up.

Cover the wax with a towel and heat it up with an iron, before you try to scrape it up cold. The towel will pull up the softened wax. If there are larger pieces still under the towel, they should lift up easily now that they are not hard and stuck to the fibers.

  1. Adjust your vacuuming technique.

 Try changing things up and choose a different day if you vacuum on the same day every week. You might be putting off vacuuming because it is not time yet. Try moving your vacuuming routine around and find the best day to get the best results.

If you are often vacuuming up larger messes, then your vacuuming routine is probably not the most effective for you. Adjust things around, add an extra day, or create a whole new routine. This will make sure you are keeping your carpet as clean as possible.

Carpet cleaning is not always exciting, but you can try new methods to see how they work for you. Boredom of a cleaning routine can cause you to find a new tip that you never knew would be a great idea to deal with a stain or a carpet problem. Keep what you have read here in mind and use these tips the next time you have a stain, a carpet issue or you need a deep clean.

Give Like New Carpet Care a call if these remedies can’t rectify your specific concern.

How to Stretch Carpet

Carpet Stretching: Our Process

You might be wondering how tight carpet should be stretched, or how to get the wrinkles out of your carpet?

Our step-by-step process will achieve the best carpet stretching results making sure that your carpeting looks fantastic for many years.

First: Clean and Clear

The first thing you should do is clear the room of furniture. If you have built in furniture, you can work around it. Make your work space cleaner by vacuuming thoroughly to remove dust and dirt.

Second: Lift up a Corner of the Carpet and Begin to Pull:

Using work gloves to protect your hands, take the corner of your carpet and begin to remove the initial tack strip. You will need to use pliers to remove the tacks. You may need to use slight force but be careful as not to cause any fraying of the fibers.

Once you have enough carpet to lift, begin to tug it away from the wall and work your way down. The results we are looking for is to lift the carpet from three sides and leave the last side in place, which will act as the anchor.

Using the pliers, you will need to remove any staples or tacks that are securing the carpet to the padding. You will need a flat head screwdriver and possibly a pry bar for the stubborn staples or tacks. If the tack strips are in good condition, leave them in place.

Third: Power Stretcher for the Best Results

This is an easy step that makes the process more effective and efficient. To begin, place the power stretcher on the side where the carpet is still attached. You need to position it against the baseboard or a piece of 2×4 placed against the wall. Then lay the power stretcher with the tooth-side down. Expand the length of the shaft so that it is about 6 inches from the wall. Push the lever to so the teeth are embedded in the carpet. Use pressure to stretch the carpet.

If you feel as though you need to apply too much pressure, you can easily over stretch the carpet and cause damage. If it seems to easy you may not be stretching the carpet enough in order to remove any wrinkles or bumps.

Fourth: Remove Excess Carpet

You will want to cut away any excess carpet material before you reattach the carpet. Use a sharp utility knife or a carpet cutter to cut the excess, making sure you leave enough to tuck under the baseboard. If you are using a carpet cutter you will need to make a slit to place the cutter inside.

Fifth: Using a Knee Knicker

If you are working in an awkward or small space, using a knee knicker is your best choice. The tool itself operates differently than the power stretcher, but they share a similar concept in positioning and stretching the carpet.

Sixth: Secure the Carpet Back to Original

Our carpet stretching process is relatively easy. To reattach the carpet, press down firmly onto the tack strips before securing the carpet to the padding positioned against the wall.

Hiring a Professional Can Be Helpful

You can stretch carpet yourself although it does involve a fair amount of time and effort. It also requires certain tools that you may not want to invest in. By hiring a professional, you know that your carpet will not have any more damage. So give Like New Carpet Care a call 407-947-6724 anytime and we can help remove those ripple from your carpet.

Should I Clean My Carpet or Replace It?

You may be thinking, does my carpet need to be cleaned, or should i just replace it?

Are you are person that takes great care of your carpet? Maybe you vacuum weekly and spot treating every stain that occurs. But unfortunately even the most maintained carpets won’t last forever. So how can you tell if it’s time to replace your carpets? Lets discuss some signs its time for your wall to wall carpeting to go.

1. Extreme Matting

The first telltale sign that your carpet is in need of replacement is when the pile begins to stay matted down in trafficked areas. Once the pile begins to lay down due to heavy  traffic, there’s not a whole lot you can do to get it to stand up again. Though a good professional carpet cleaning company can help restore some of the look to high trafficked areas.

2. Permanent Staining

When the carpet is created the manufactured will apply a protectant application on the carpet to help provide a barrier of protection. Even if your carpet has a stain protectant application when it was installed, this treatment will fade away over time, leaving your carpet vulnerable to stain-inducing accidents. It’s not always possible or in the budget to replace the carpet beacause of a small unwanted stain, so calling a carpet cleaning company may be the first step in correcting your staining issues.

3. Depleted Padding

Underlying carpet padding provides a level of cushion and resilience, and it’s what makes your carpet comfortable to walk and sit upon. The underlying carpet padding also provides a noise barrier, as well as insulation for the floor. Over time wear and tear will eventually reduce the performance of your carpet padding, and once it’s worn out, there’s really no other option except replacement.

If you start noticing ripples in the carpet, unevenness or a crinkling sound under your feet when you walk on certain areas of your carpet, that’s a pretty good indication that your padding might be ready to be replaced.

4. 10+ Year Old Carpet

Unfortunately carpet doesn’t last forever, even with light traffic and extreme maintenance.  Most manufacturers say carpet should last for 10 years with proper care.

After 10 years, visible signs of wear will begin to show on walkways and the carpet fibers start losing there texture. Signs of old carpet include color loss, fading, matting, ripples, wrinkles and lack of padding support.

Though don’t give up on your carpet yet. A carpet cleaning company that knows what they are doing can help save your wall to wall carpeting, which is obviously much cheaper to clean than replace.

How to Get Ink Out of Carpet

How Do You Get Ink Out of Carpet? Here are some DIY tips to help you remove ink from carpet.

Alright, let’s dive deep into how you can get ink out of carpet quickly and efficiently. Of course, you could make it super easy and just call Like New Carpet Care!

ink out of carpet

Step 1: Blotting

Remove ink by blotting the stained area in order to soak up as much ink as possible. Use a white cloth so you can see when the transfer stops. You may need to use several rags, as you want to easily be able to determine if the loose ink is completely removed.

If you don’t have a white rug, you can use a paper towels to blot out your carpet’s ink.

Step 2: Soaking

You will now need rubbing alcohol to do some soaking. Pour a little bit of this alcohol over the permanent ink stains and let it sit for several minutes. In fact, letting it sit for 10+ minutes isn’t a bad idea. Be patient — this step is important.

Step 3: Agitate

Agitate the ink spot with a scrub brush or even a toothbrush to gently scrub the ink stain from your carpet’s loops and piles. The thicker your carpet is, the more you’ll probably need to agitate.

Separate your carpet’s piles by hand if you need to. The important thing is that your scrub brush is able to reach down to the carpet’s base. Ensure you get to the base of the fibers.

Step 4: More Blotting

For the next step you’ll need to once again blot with a clean hand towel. With the towel slightly wet with lukewarm water, proceed to rub the towel into the ink that remains and try to blot everything out. Repeat the process until you remove all the ink from the carpet.

Want to know the easiest way to get ink stains out of carpet: Call Like New Carpet Care

Figuring out how to get ink out of carpet doesn’t have to be difficult. Our carpet cleaning professionals have access to advanced tools and equipment that remove virtually any stain. Using carpet-specific solvents and powerful vacuums, they’re able to lift up stains that otherwise seem impossible to remove.

So if you’ve been struggling with how to remove ink from carpet and happen to be in the Orlando area, give us a call at 407-947-6724. Our process includes things that other companies don’t even think about covering.  We’d be happy to help you get ink out of your carpet today!

How To Treat Urine!

As usual on these posts, we like to provide any and everybody who stumbles across our site with as much helpful information as possible. We specialize in a variety of cleaning services. From our in home services of Carpet Cleaning,Urine Odor Removal, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Upholstery cleaning and Synthetic Area Rug Cleaning, to our in facility Natural Fiber Oriental Rug Cleaning service, our company is ready to fully take care of your textile cleaning needs. Our staff is not only highly trained and skilled at all of the cleaning services we provide, they are also super friendly and eager to help! Whether you check out our site, call our office, or are interacting with one of our carpet or rug technicians, you are always going to find yourself in a comfortable, smooth experience! Before our in home cleaning services are carried out, the technician performing the service will meet and greet you, then will walk through your home with you to perform a pre cleaning inspection. The technician will inspect and advise you, while answering any questions that you may have. We always focus on the total customer experience. A big part of that experience is communication, so whether it is a member of our office staff or one of our wonderful technicians, we will be doing our best to make sure you fully understand the service you are receiving.

With this post, we figured we would provide some more information on one of the more common issues our customers have. That issue would be pet urine. Dreaded pet urine invading your in home carpet is never welcomed! It is an unfortunate circumstance, as the urine is full of difficult to remove contaminants that will work their way down to the base of your carpet, as well as into the padding beneath the carpet. Some of the contaminants that cause so much of the negative effects that accompany the urine are Urea, Uric Acid and Creatinine. The color and odor of urine is highly influenced by what is taken into the body. Not only is the pungent vinegar type odor such a pesky inconvenience, the acidity of the urine can cause permanent damage to your carpet’s fibers almost as soon as the urine contacts it. While the terrible odor is much more easily rectified with our Urine Odor Removal treatment, the staining caused by urine can be much more difficult to remove. Making the situation worse, is that if a pet has urinated on your in home carpeting once, the same pet is much more likely going to urinate on it again. A pet urinating on your in home carpet repetitively can be due to a variety of options. The most common reason being training issues. A pet who is not fully trained and conditioned to relieve themselves outdoors, is going to be likely to mess in your home on your carpet. Once the pet urinates on the carpet, an unfortunate effect that comes along with the initial urination is that the pet will now be drawn to urinate on the carpet again. The odor of the urine, which is much more easily detected by the enhanced receptors in the pet’s nose, will draw the pet back to the same space to urinate again. This is what most people call “Marking Territory”. It is a very common routine for most in home pets.

Pet urine issues in your home can be very frustrating to deal with, but if dealt with promptly and properly, you can increase your chances of solving the problem in an effective manner. If a beloved pet has an unfortunate accident in your home, you want to treat it as soon as you possibly can. As soon as a pet mess is discovered, you want to treat it as soon as possible. The first step in your clean up process would be to delicately remove the bulk of the mess. The safest way to remove the urine resting on the surface of the carpet is to take a rag or paper towels and dab or blot it up. Try not to rub or apply too much pressure, as this can work the urine deeper into the fibers. Take your dry rag and lightly dab it on top of the urine and watch it absorb into the rag. Repeat this process until you are no longer seeing urine absorb into your rag. Remember, the sooner you remove the resting urine, the better luck you will have with removing the urine and helping to minimize the amount of urine that absorbs into the sub carpet padding. The next step to take, which will help to neutralize the urine, would be to use a mixture of dish soap, vinegar and water to treat the remaining urine. You will want to make an even mixture of water and white distilled vinegar, with a little bit of dish soap into a bowl. Dip a fresh rag into the mixed solution, wring out, then dap the rag, moist with the solution, on top of the urine affected area. Repeat this portion of the clean up process a few times until the odor of the urine seems to dissipate. After treating with this homemade solution, you will want to repeat the original step of dabbing or blotting the liquid up with a dry, clean rag, until the spot is mostly dry.

How to treat pet urineWhile it is important for you to treat a urine accident as quickly as possible and in the proper manner, you will also want to reach out and have a professional treatment performed. When you have one of our technicians come into your home to perform a urine removal treatment, you are taking all the necessary steps to ensure complete urine odor removal. One of the toughest parts of removing urine and the odor that is attached to it, is getting the urine out of the padding beneath the carpet. Our Sub-Surface Treatment is designed to do just that! The solution we use to neutralize the urine is directly applied liberally to the urine affected areas. A heavy application will allow the solution to penetrate that carpet and reach deep down into the padding. Once applied, the solution is left to dwell for a bit to ensure an effective treatment. Once the solution has done its job, a flash extractor is used to pull the solution along with the urine out of the padding and the carpet. Then, the technician performs the hot water extraction carpet cleaning with a truck mounted unit. This urine extraction and odor treatment will provide the best cleaning treatment possible for your  in home carpeting!

Remember to treat any pet mess you see immediately! Once you perform your in home treatment, call our office at 407-947-6724 or check out our website for online booking options, and set an appointment for a professional urine extraction treatment!

What To Look For In A Company.

Here at Like New Carpet Care, we put heavy emphasis on ensuring a positive total experience for each and every customer! We use the word “experience” specifically to encompass every aspect of your service, from the moment you reach out to us, to the moment your service is completed. Our technicians are not only trained and certified in all cleaning services they perform, they are also trained in customer service skills. The same goes with any of our office staff. While there are a variety of tasks that they are trained to perform, customer service is at the top of the list of importance. If you check us out online, you will see quite an abundance of genuine five star reviews. While just about each and every one of them mentions how well our technicians performed the cleaning services, many of them also reference how smooth and comfortable their total experience with our company was. That is exactly what our goal is, to provide a positive total experience!

We are heavily contacted by customers through many sources throughout the day. Many customers have used our services before and they know the drill. A simple call with a couple questions and their service is easily set up. Many other calls are from customers who have had carpet, tile & grout or upholstery cleaning services performed before, just by other companies. These customers are typically going to have a good idea of what to expect, however, they usually have not experienced the personalized, comfortable process of scheduling service with our company. Then, there are the first timers. Customers who have never had these types of services performed before and might not know where to start. It may seem easy, but if you hop on your favorite browser and search for Carpet, Upholstery, Area Rug or Tile & Grout cleaning services, you may find an abundance of options. This can be a bit intimidating to a first time customer, just as well as a customer who has had these services performed in the past. Now, it wasn’t that long ago that you would need to use a phone book to look for a service company. Or, your mailbox might have one of those little coupon books you could flip through, or you might even just call who you see on your television and hear on the radio. These methods of service provider selection are thankfully now archaic. Now a days, you can hop online, or even speak to your phone’s virtual assistant and find a vast abundance of options. This could be a bit overwhelming, however, there is this great thing that accompanies most companies called reviews!

Oh how we love reviews! Personally, I cannot purchase an item without searching online for credible reviews. With so many online platforms offering easy ways to leave company and product reviews, it really helps to make shopping for services or products an easier task to accomplish. When calling a random service providing company that you may have found in a coupon magazine or heard their name in an advertisement, you really have no idea what you are getting with the company. The phone call could be great, the tech could be nice, but, you could easily run into a situation that your service is less than satisfactory. Another common issue is price fluctuations. Unfortunately, some companies still practice Bait and Switch techniques. So, in a less than satisfactory experience, you could have a company come into your home and after quoting a low price, raises it dramatically for some variety of nonsense reasons. Part of that non ideal experience could also be a less than acceptable quality of service. That is about as bad as it gets. Imagine, a company promising a low rate so you book a service experience, upon arrival, the price is raised dramatically and you are given a variety of reasons that sound less than legitimate and then when the technician leaves your home, the cleaning itself leaves you with unacceptable results. After this terrible experience, you call the company to discuss your disdain (as most companies that operate in this manner will not follow up with their customers) and are met with a litany of reasons why the price changed and the outcome was not ideal. That call will typically end with an upset customer receiving no help to rectify the less than stellar results. This example is why we hold genuine customer reviews in such high regard. Using our company Like New Carpet Care as an example, you can see how a company who has earned a large amount of positive reviews (over one thousand for our company) will be the best bet you have for receiving a stellar service that encompasses a great customer service experience, outstanding cleaning results and honest, up front pricing and advice! With reviews for companies and products so easily available and abundant, the tolls to help any consumer make the right decision are right at your fingertips!

Now, after you have done your research and found what seems to be the right company for you, it’s time to reach out. Remember, the right company will typically have many positive reviews that could be found on various platforms online. That really helps to point you in the direction of a good company. After finding that company, they may have a variety of ways to contact them, but we will focus on the most commonly used phone call. When you call the company you are thinking of using, you should be greeted by a kind voice. A good company will have staff members ready and eager to help each and every customer. You should also feel encouraged to ask questions. Good, clear communication is going to help a customer understand what to expect with their service and it is also going to help the employee helping the customer to understand the individual customer’s needs and advise the appropriate services. These are all intrical in providing each and every customer with the most comfortable and satisfactory service possible! Focusing on the total customer experience has helped our company to succeed and it is something we will continue to practice going forward!

The Proper Cleaning For The Proper Surface

Thanks to the hot water extraction cleaning method combined with the best truck mounted units out there, our technicians here at Like New Carpet Care can provide the highest level of cleaning service for a variety of surfaces in your home. We are widely known for our super effective carpet cleaning service, not just because of the name of our company, but because of the reputation our top notch service has earned over the years. The thing that may or may not be known as well, is that our hot water extraction cleaning is also used to clean synthetic upholstery, synthetic area rugs, as well as ceramic and porcelain tile. If you take a look online, you will see that our abundance of reviews (over one thousand five star reviews) across platforms like Google, Yelp, Angie’s List and Facebook, mention all of our various services, not just our amazing carpet cleaning service.

A truck mounted unit, hot water extraction cleaning service is a highly effective cleaning service used for the surface of most synthetic materials. This method is extremely effective and also safe when used properly on the right types of materials. Most of the work is done by the highly heated and highly pressurized water that is distributed by the truck mounted unit. Technicians will typically hook a hose that is connected to the truck mounted unit, up to an external water source. The most commonly used water source would be a spigot outside of the location to be cleaned. Other connections could be found in home, which could be a standard sink faucet or a water connection for a clothes washing machine. When a water source is not available, that is when we turn to our back up source. Each one of our service vehicles has its own water tank that has been custom installed. These water tanks afford us the opportunity to provide services in places that other companies may not be able to service. This method is highly effective by simply using the highly heated and pressurized water, however, we do use safe and effective cleaning solutions when treating various surfaces. The solutions that we use are all safe for in home use, have no overwhelming odors and are nice and effective. Cleaning each various type of surface material requires a special tool in order to reach maximum effectiveness. For carpet cleaning, our technicians use what is called a carpet wand. For cleaning synthetic upholstery we use a tool that is very similar to the carpet wand, but in more of a compact, hand held size. Believe it or not, the upholstery cleaning attachment is called an upholstery tool. When cleaning tile and grout, there is a special attachment tool simply called a tile cleaning tool (most technicians refer to it as a tile spinner). They sure do get creative with their equipment naming process, huh? All of the tools are operated by the pressurized water that is emitted from the machine. The machine itself is operated independently. There is a battery and an alternator that are installed specifically to power the machine. The fuel to run the internal combustion engine is provided directly from the service vehicle’s fuel tank. These truck mounted units are amazing machines that allow our technicians to provide the best service possible!

One of our most commonly performed services is our tile and grout cleaning.When cleaning tile and grout, the process is pretty much the same as cleaning carpet or upholstery. Our techs will use the truck mounted unit, along with a tile tool (spinner) and the appropriate cleaning solution to perform a vigorous surface cleaning of the tile and grout. Before the technician begins the cleaning service, we will walk through the areas to be cleaned and inspect the tile and grout. During the inspection, the technician will measure the area to be cleaned, so that the technician can provide an accurate price for the job, before the technician were to get started. The tech will also inspect for cracked or broken tiles, missing portions of grout or heavy staining on either the grout or tile itself. Tile does not have as much of a propensity to hold stains as the grout does. The surface of the tile is typically a bit uneven and often has tiny little micro holes that can absorb debris, but the tile still typically only shows standard levels of dirtiness, like what you would see in any normal home. The grout, however, is a different story. Grout is more airy and much less dense that the tile that surrounds it. This makes the grout much more absorbent. Any dirt, dust, debris or liquids that the grout is exposed to will typically work its way right into the grout and remain there until professionally cleaned. While the hot water extraction cleaning method is highly effective at cleaning the surface of floor tiles (when using truck mounted units), the real magic happens with the grout. As mentioned before, the grout will very easily absorb every bit of contaminant that comes into contact with it. Often, grout will become much darker and more dirty looking over time that the tile will. Luckily, the hot water extraction method uses a flushing method that is perfect for cleaning all of the unwanted debris from the grout. If you have dirty grout in your home, a hot water extraction cleaning service will blow your mind! The results are astounding!

Being that a hot water extraction tile and grout cleaning service using truck mounted units is very heavy duty and abrasive, this service is only recommended for use on harder, tiles such as Ceramic and Porcelain. Luckily, these are the most commonly used types of tile flooring in most homes. Porcelain and Ceramic tiles are both clay based and each have slight differences in distinction. The most notable difference between the two would be where they are used, based on water absorption rates. Porcelain tiles are much more impervious to moisture, so they would be the preferred tiles to use in areas that may be regularly subjected to water, such as on a porch or a patio. Ceramic tiles are more likely to absorb water, which can weaken and misshape the tiles. Ceramic tiles are meant for indoor usage, to keep it safe from most exposure to moisture. This type of cleaning service is not recommended for softer tiles, typically made from stone as opposed to being clay based. Granite, quartz or most travertine tiles are too soft for this type of heavy duty cleaning. Etching could occur if a hot water extraction cleaning is carried out at maximum force on a softer stone, causing permanent damage.

Be sure to know the type of tile that you are going to have cleaned, so that you can ensure you are having the proper type of cleaning service performed. When in doubt, do not hesitate to reach out! Call our office at 407-947-6724 with any questions you may have and one of our team members would be happy to help!

How Does This Service Work?

Here at Like New Carpet Care, our professionally trained technicians provide a variety of in home cleaning services. Each in home service that we provide is what is called a Hot Water Extraction Cleaning service. This method of cleaning is often referred to as a steam cleaning. The slang term of steam cleaning comes from the steam that rises from the wand (the hand tool used during carpet cleaning) as the technician is performing the cleaning service. Steam cleaning seems like an adequate name, however, the steam is not actually performing the cleaning. The cleaning is done by using highly heated and highly pressurized water, in conjunction with a pre spray solution specific to what is being cleaned. The water being used is so hot that when it is applied, there is steam created as a byproduct. The extreme temperature of the water can soften up the fibers and any contaminants attached to them, so that the pressure of the water can help to blast these contaminants right out of your carpet’s surface pile. The high temperatures and high pressures that are used to perform this incredibly effective cleaning service are provided by our Truck Mounted Units. A truck mounted unit is a machine with multiple parts, that is built to perform these heavy duty cleaning services. A hot water extraction cleaning using truck mounted units is the most effective way to clean the surface of your carpet. This service eliminates the need for overly harsh chemicals, instead using lighter enzyme based cleaning solutions that are safe and effective, yet they are not harmful to pets, guests or little ones. These lighter pre spray solutions do not stick to the fibers, which is a problem when using more heavy duty, harsh cleaning chemicals. When the harsh chemicals stick to the individual fibers, they create a magnet like effect which will cause any kind of dirt, dust or debris that comes near the fiber to stick to it. That makes the cleaning service itself much less effective.

The main instrument that makes this hot water extraction cleaning style so effective, is the truck mounted units that are used. A truck mounted unit is a large machine made of a few different pieces, that is permanently mounted into each service vehicle. These machines are very, very heavy and must be professionally mounted in a service vehicle that was built to carry excessive additional weight. The main component of a truck mounted unit is its two stroke internal combustion engine. This engine runs off of a separately added fuel line that is connected to its own filter and pump and attached to the service vehicle’s fuel tank. The machine also has its own battery and alternator/generator. One nifty feature of the machine is its automated fuel cutoff. Being that the machine runs on the fuel provided by the vehicle’s fuel tank, there could be a possibility that the machine uses the last of the fuel from the service vehicle’s fuel tank. In that case, the service vehicle would out of fuel and unable to travel to the next stop. Now, the technicians do always attempt to keep the fuel tank on the service vehicle full from job to job, but there can be instances where keeping the vehicle fuel tank full is a difficult task. Something as simple as two medium to large sized jobs that are both in the same neighborhood could lead a technician to run through an excess of fuel without the opportunity to stop for a refill. In the very rare chance that a service vehicle is in danger of running too low on fuel, the built in automatic shut off would kick in. This automatic shut off can be a lifesaver, as it shuts the machine off when the service vehicle’s fuel tank hits a quarter of a tank. At the quarter tank mark, the machine cuts off and will not restart. This leaves the technician with plenty of fuel to get to a station and refill. While running down to a quarter tank of fuel on the service vehicle is very rare, the automatic shut off is a great safety measure to ensure that a technician will not become stranded at a customer’s home at any point during the service.

As mentioned before, the big benefit of using these truck mounted units is the ability these machines have to pump out highly heated and pressurized water. This is done by the various pieces of the truck mounted unit working together. The engine runs a couple of pumps that operate the vacuum as well as pressurizing and moving the highly heated water. The water that is used for the cleaning service is typically either provided by a standard spigot, or by an on board water tank. Most homes will have access to a spigot outdoors, which is where you would typically attach a water hose. A technician can hook up to some indoor sources as well, including some sink faucets or even the water feed for an in home clothes washing machine. Each of our service vehicles are equipped with a back up water tank as well. Technicians will have this on deck water source ready to go for situations in which there is no water accessible. The more common instances where a technician may not be able to access water through a spigot are cleanings in apartments, condos or even some townhome neighborhoods. The first choice will always be to hook up to an external water source, but our technicians are always prepared to complete a service with no water source available, thanks to the on board water tank. The water used for the cleaning service is highly heated using a heat transfer technique. The heat that the machine generates is directed to a radiator type device. The water is pumped through this radiator where it is heated to near boiling temperatures. This is an efficient way to heat the water, while helping to cool the machine.

The water is pressurized by a water pump that is attached to the machine and is propelled by the crankshaft of the engine. This displacement style pump works by way of the engine and compresses the water and sends it through the heat exchanger and out of the machine, to the tool being used. The highly heated water is sprayed at a high pressure which helps to open up individual fibers and create a deeply effective cleaning. A vacuum pump is attached to the machine as well and is used to suck the water and all debris out of the freshly cleaned surface. The vacuum pump is also powered by the engine of the machine, just like the water pump. The power provided by the internal combustion engine, which is the main part of the unit, is what makes it so that the water can be hot and pressurized, as well as making the vacuum pump work at maximum efficiency!

Great For Tile & Grout!

Our technicians at Like New Carpet Care perform the highest quality Hot Water Extraction cleaning service using top of the line Truck Mounted Units. While this highly effective cleaning service is mostly associated with carpet cleaning, it is also used to carry out cleanings for other surfaces and materials in your home. This process is heavy duty and abrasive, so it is mostly ideal for synthetic materials. This typically includes most carpet, upholstery, area rugs as well as tile and grout. Many times people are surprised when we tell them how amazingly effective our service is for cleaning tile in Orlando! If your tile is Ceramic or Porcelain, this method is thorough, deep and highly effective.

The surface of these synthetic tiles are covered with dips, divots and crevices that can collect dirt, dust and other grimy contaminants. Often, this happens slowly over time and the difference in your tile’s appearance may not be noticed until it becomes incredibly dirty. Even if you don’t notice that much of a difference in the look of your tile’s surface (which is very common), your will be shocked at how dirty the tile and grout actually is once the cleaning takes place. The grout itself is an incredibly porous surface that can eat up and trap dirt, dust and other types of contaminants. Being a porous material means that it easily absorbs liquids. If your grout is not properly sealed, any small spill can quickly work its way down into the grout and cause quick discoloration. Many times, people will try to scrub their grout with a brush, using a cleaner. This method of treatment is not very effective and can actually cause more harm than it does good. A brush may initially help the very upper portion of the surface to look a little better, but this is only temporary. One of the more unsavory side effects of using a brush is that it can actually push contaminants like dust or dirt deeper into the grout. The more you push dirt and dust deeper down into a space, the more chance you have of these dirty contaminants compounding at the base and becoming more and more difficult (sometimes impossible) to remove. Our hot water extraction cleaning using truck mounted units helps to actually flush these dirty contaminates up and out of the porous grout. The same goes for the surface of these tiles themselves. This cleaning method helps to essentially flush the contaminants off and out of the grout and tile.

We have created many posts that include explanations about what truck mounted units are and how a hot water extraction cleaning works, but this is to help anyone and everyone understand how this cleaning method works and why it is so highly recommended and preferred by professionals in the industry. A truck mounted unit is a machine about the size of a clothes washer. This machine is permanently mounted within a service vehicle with access to the machine from the side or back of the vehicle. Also within the service vehicle would be a hose reel for around 250 feet of vacuum hose that is used along with the machine. The high pressure water line that is attached to the machine also has its own reel within the service vehicle. Both of these hoses are taken from their reels and attached to the machine in the proper places. The technician will then typically connect a water hose from a water source at the service location, to the truck mounted unit within the service vehicle. If water is not accessible, our technicians have backup water tanks on board their vehicles. The water supply is then pumped through the truck mounted unit where it is heated to near boiling temperatures. As it is heated while passing through the heat exchanger within the unit, it is also pressurized before being sent into the high pressure hose. The highly heated and highly pressurized water is pumped through the high pressure hose and is expelled through tiny jets attached to each service specific tool. The water is pushed deep into the carpet or upholstery fibers and does most of the dirt and debris removal work.

Our technicians use specific solutions according to what it is they are cleaning that are applied prior to beginning the cleaning and typically left to dwell for around ten minutes or so. Each different type of surface has its own particular cleaning tool that is attached to the truck mounted unit. When cleaning carpet, a technicians will use a wand to complete the service. A carpet wand is similar to a typical vacuum attachment that would perform the main vacuuming. For upholstery cleaning, a smaller, hand held tool that requires a wand is used. This upholstery tool is built specifically for servicing upholstery and has an adjusting knob that lets the technician adjust the cleaning pressure based on what it is that he is cleaning. When cleaning tile & grout, a larger tool that is about the same size as a carpet wand is used. While a carpet wand uses jets that spray the water in a uniformly horizontal fashion, a tile spinner uses angled jets that spin at a high rate. These spinning jets are covered by a plastic dome to keep the water spray focused on the intended location.

Now that the high pressured water has been applied, the residual water and debris need to be extracted. That is where the vacuum portion of the machine comes in to play. The vacuum portion of the machine is very powerful thanks to the industrial blower that is part of the truck mounted unit’s internals. The vacuum is very strong and effectively removes most of the water along with the loosened dirt, dust and debris essentially just after it is applied. The technician attaches a vacuum hose from the machine to the specific tool that he is using to complete the service. Both the vacuum hose and high pressure hoses typically reach up to a maximum limit of 250 feet. Using too much of either hose can dampen the effectiveness of the vacuum as well as the pressure of the water being applied.

This cleaning method along with this equipment enables our technicians to perform a heavy duty and highly effective cleaning for all synthetic tiles. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are the most commonly used types of tiles used today, thanks mostly to a combination of their affordability, appealing look and durable nature. A heavy duty, abrasive cleaning is completely safe to use on these types of tiles. Our technicians will leave your ceramic and porcelain floor tiles looking nice and clean, with no left over score marks! If your tile needs a good cleaning, or if you just have questions regarding a proper, professional tile and grout cleaning service, feel free to reach out to our office any time!