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How To Treat Urine!

As usual on these posts, we like to provide any and everybody who stumbles across our site with as much helpful information as possible. We specialize in a variety of cleaning services. From our in home services of Carpet Cleaning,Urine Odor Removal, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Upholstery cleaning and Synthetic Area Rug Cleaning, to our in facility Natural Fiber Oriental Rug Cleaning service, our company is ready to fully take care of your textile cleaning needs. Our staff is not only highly trained and skilled at all of the cleaning services we provide, they are also super friendly and eager to help! Whether you check out our site, call our office, or are interacting with one of our carpet or rug technicians, you are always going to find yourself in a comfortable, smooth experience! Before our in home cleaning services are carried out, the technician performing the service will meet and greet you, then will walk through your home with you to perform a pre cleaning inspection. The technician will inspect and advise you, while answering any questions that you may have. We always focus on the total customer experience. A big part of that experience is communication, so whether it is a member of our office staff or one of our wonderful technicians, we will be doing our best to make sure you fully understand the service you are receiving.

With this post, we figured we would provide some more information on one of the more common issues our customers have. That issue would be pet urine. Dreaded pet urine invading your in home carpet is never welcomed! It is an unfortunate circumstance, as the urine is full of difficult to remove contaminants that will work their way down to the base of your carpet, as well as into the padding beneath the carpet. Some of the contaminants that cause so much of the negative effects that accompany the urine are Urea, Uric Acid and Creatinine. The color and odor of urine is highly influenced by what is taken into the body. Not only is the pungent vinegar type odor such a pesky inconvenience, the acidity of the urine can cause permanent damage to your carpet’s fibers almost as soon as the urine contacts it. While the terrible odor is much more easily rectified with our Urine Odor Removal treatment, the staining caused by urine can be much more difficult to remove. Making the situation worse, is that if a pet has urinated on your in home carpeting once, the same pet is much more likely going to urinate on it again. A pet urinating on your in home carpet repetitively can be due to a variety of options. The most common reason being training issues. A pet who is not fully trained and conditioned to relieve themselves outdoors, is going to be likely to mess in your home on your carpet. Once the pet urinates on the carpet, an unfortunate effect that comes along with the initial urination is that the pet will now be drawn to urinate on the carpet again. The odor of the urine, which is much more easily detected by the enhanced receptors in the pet’s nose, will draw the pet back to the same space to urinate again. This is what most people call “Marking Territory”. It is a very common routine for most in home pets.

Pet urine issues in your home can be very frustrating to deal with, but if dealt with promptly and properly, you can increase your chances of solving the problem in an effective manner. If a beloved pet has an unfortunate accident in your home, you want to treat it as soon as you possibly can. As soon as a pet mess is discovered, you want to treat it as soon as possible. The first step in your clean up process would be to delicately remove the bulk of the mess. The safest way to remove the urine resting on the surface of the carpet is to take a rag or paper towels and dab or blot it up. Try not to rub or apply too much pressure, as this can work the urine deeper into the fibers. Take your dry rag and lightly dab it on top of the urine and watch it absorb into the rag. Repeat this process until you are no longer seeing urine absorb into your rag. Remember, the sooner you remove the resting urine, the better luck you will have with removing the urine and helping to minimize the amount of urine that absorbs into the sub carpet padding. The next step to take, which will help to neutralize the urine, would be to use a mixture of dish soap, vinegar and water to treat the remaining urine. You will want to make an even mixture of water and white distilled vinegar, with a little bit of dish soap into a bowl. Dip a fresh rag into the mixed solution, wring out, then dap the rag, moist with the solution, on top of the urine affected area. Repeat this portion of the clean up process a few times until the odor of the urine seems to dissipate. After treating with this homemade solution, you will want to repeat the original step of dabbing or blotting the liquid up with a dry, clean rag, until the spot is mostly dry.

How to treat pet urineWhile it is important for you to treat a urine accident as quickly as possible and in the proper manner, you will also want to reach out and have a professional treatment performed. When you have one of our technicians come into your home to perform a urine removal treatment, you are taking all the necessary steps to ensure complete urine odor removal. One of the toughest parts of removing urine and the odor that is attached to it, is getting the urine out of the padding beneath the carpet. Our Sub-Surface Treatment is designed to do just that! The solution we use to neutralize the urine is directly applied liberally to the urine affected areas. A heavy application will allow the solution to penetrate that carpet and reach deep down into the padding. Once applied, the solution is left to dwell for a bit to ensure an effective treatment. Once the solution has done its job, a flash extractor is used to pull the solution along with the urine out of the padding and the carpet. Then, the technician performs the hot water extraction carpet cleaning with a truck mounted unit. This urine extraction and odor treatment will provide the best cleaning treatment possible for your  in home carpeting!

Remember to treat any pet mess you see immediately! Once you perform your in home treatment, call our office at 407-947-6724 or check out our website for online booking options, and set an appointment for a professional urine extraction treatment!