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Should I Clean My Carpet or Replace It?

You may be thinking, does my carpet need to be cleaned, or should i just replace it?

Are you are person that takes great care of your carpet? Maybe you vacuum weekly and spot treating every stain that occurs. But unfortunately even the most maintained carpets won’t last forever. So how can you tell if it’s time to replace your carpets? Lets discuss some signs its time for your wall to wall carpeting to go.

1. Extreme Matting

The first telltale sign that your carpet is in need of replacement is when the pile begins to stay matted down in trafficked areas. Once the pile begins to lay down due to heavy  traffic, there’s not a whole lot you can do to get it to stand up again. Though a good professional carpet cleaning company can help restore some of the look to high trafficked areas.

2. Permanent Staining

When the carpet is created the manufactured will apply a protectant application on the carpet to help provide a barrier of protection. Even if your carpet has a stain protectant application when it was installed, this treatment will fade away over time, leaving your carpet vulnerable to stain-inducing accidents. It’s not always possible or in the budget to replace the carpet beacause of a small unwanted stain, so calling a carpet cleaning company may be the first step in correcting your staining issues.

3. Depleted Padding

Underlying carpet padding provides a level of cushion and resilience, and it’s what makes your carpet comfortable to walk and sit upon. The underlying carpet padding also provides a noise barrier, as well as insulation for the floor. Over time wear and tear will eventually reduce the performance of your carpet padding, and once it’s worn out, there’s really no other option except replacement.

If you start noticing ripples in the carpet, unevenness or a crinkling sound under your feet when you walk on certain areas of your carpet, that’s a pretty good indication that your padding might be ready to be replaced.

4. 10+ Year Old Carpet

Unfortunately carpet doesn’t last forever, even with light traffic and extreme maintenance.  Most manufacturers say carpet should last for 10 years with proper care.

After 10 years, visible signs of wear will begin to show on walkways and the carpet fibers start losing there texture. Signs of old carpet include color loss, fading, matting, ripples, wrinkles and lack of padding support.

Though don’t give up on your carpet yet. A carpet cleaning company that knows what they are doing can help save your wall to wall carpeting, which is obviously much cheaper to clean than replace.