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How to Remove Grout Haze

If you don’t wipe off excess grout in the right amount of time, you will experience grout hazing, which can also discolor the surrounding tiles.

 When you install tile and grout in your home, you expect it to look new. Wiping off grout seems easy enough…water, sponge, wipe and repeat. But the water we use to clean up the excess grout can hide grout hazing. When your tile is wet, it looks like it is clean. When it dries the surface looks dull. The first 48 hours is very important to remove the grout haze. If you clean the tile again you can remove it, but if not, you will have a thin layer of grout on your tile. No only will your tile look hazy and dull, it can cause dirt and soil to build up faster. Even foot and shoe impressions will show on your tile. Hazy grout can be avoided though!

How to avoid grout haze

 Like New Carpet Cares team of professionals can help you to avoid grout haze. Our technicians will clean your tiles so they look new again. We also can use grout sealant to keep your grout looking good for a long time. Often DIY projects end up with a dull look from residue, but our professional services can make your tiles look polished and clean. Contact us for all your tile and grout needs first!

How to remove grout haze

After time has gone by, it is harder to remove grout haze. Different types of grout are harder to remove, like Epoxy grout. Sanded grout is easier to remove. Either way, your best bet is to let Like New Carpet Care take care of your tile and grout needs. Most home owners try to scrub the haze off which can damage your tile and your new grout. Industrial strength cleaners can cause more harm than good by adhering to the grout residue and making it even worse. This can cause lasting damage to your tile. Even at-home or natural cleaners can cause damage. Contact Like New Carpet Care for all your tile and grout needs. or 407-947-6724.