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What To Look For In A Company.

Here at Like New Carpet Care, we put heavy emphasis on ensuring a positive total experience for each and every customer! We use the word “experience” specifically to encompass every aspect of your service, from the moment you reach out to us, to the moment your service is completed. Our technicians are not only trained and certified in all cleaning services they perform, they are also trained in customer service skills. The same goes with any of our office staff. While there are a variety of tasks that they are trained to perform, customer service is at the top of the list of importance. If you check us out online, you will see quite an abundance of genuine five star reviews. While just about each and every one of them mentions how well our technicians performed the cleaning services, many of them also reference how smooth and comfortable their total experience with our company was. That is exactly what our goal is, to provide a positive total experience!

We are heavily contacted by customers through many sources throughout the day. Many customers have used our services before and they know the drill. A simple call with a couple questions and their service is easily set up. Many other calls are from customers who have had carpet, tile & grout or upholstery cleaning services performed before, just by other companies. These customers are typically going to have a good idea of what to expect, however, they usually have not experienced the personalized, comfortable process of scheduling service with our company. Then, there are the first timers. Customers who have never had these types of services performed before and might not know where to start. It may seem easy, but if you hop on your favorite browser and search for Carpet, Upholstery, Area Rug or Tile & Grout cleaning services, you may find an abundance of options. This can be a bit intimidating to a first time customer, just as well as a customer who has had these services performed in the past. Now, it wasn’t that long ago that you would need to use a phone book to look for a service company. Or, your mailbox might have one of those little coupon books you could flip through, or you might even just call who you see on your television and hear on the radio. These methods of service provider selection are thankfully now archaic. Now a days, you can hop online, or even speak to your phone’s virtual assistant and find a vast abundance of options. This could be a bit overwhelming, however, there is this great thing that accompanies most companies called reviews!

Oh how we love reviews! Personally, I cannot purchase an item without searching online for credible reviews. With so many online platforms offering easy ways to leave company and product reviews, it really helps to make shopping for services or products an easier task to accomplish. When calling a random service providing company that you may have found in a coupon magazine or heard their name in an advertisement, you really have no idea what you are getting with the company. The phone call could be great, the tech could be nice, but, you could easily run into a situation that your service is less than satisfactory. Another common issue is price fluctuations. Unfortunately, some companies still practice Bait and Switch techniques. So, in a less than satisfactory experience, you could have a company come into your home and after quoting a low price, raises it dramatically for some variety of nonsense reasons. Part of that non ideal experience could also be a less than acceptable quality of service. That is about as bad as it gets. Imagine, a company promising a low rate so you book a service experience, upon arrival, the price is raised dramatically and you are given a variety of reasons that sound less than legitimate and then when the technician leaves your home, the cleaning itself leaves you with unacceptable results. After this terrible experience, you call the company to discuss your disdain (as most companies that operate in this manner will not follow up with their customers) and are met with a litany of reasons why the price changed and the outcome was not ideal. That call will typically end with an upset customer receiving no help to rectify the less than stellar results. This example is why we hold genuine customer reviews in such high regard. Using our company Like New Carpet Care as an example, you can see how a company who has earned a large amount of positive reviews (over one thousand for our company) will be the best bet you have for receiving a stellar service that encompasses a great customer service experience, outstanding cleaning results and honest, up front pricing and advice! With reviews for companies and products so easily available and abundant, the tolls to help any consumer make the right decision are right at your fingertips!

Now, after you have done your research and found what seems to be the right company for you, it’s time to reach out. Remember, the right company will typically have many positive reviews that could be found on various platforms online. That really helps to point you in the direction of a good company. After finding that company, they may have a variety of ways to contact them, but we will focus on the most commonly used phone call. When you call the company you are thinking of using, you should be greeted by a kind voice. A good company will have staff members ready and eager to help each and every customer. You should also feel encouraged to ask questions. Good, clear communication is going to help a customer understand what to expect with their service and it is also going to help the employee helping the customer to understand the individual customer’s needs and advise the appropriate services. These are all intrical in providing each and every customer with the most comfortable and satisfactory service possible! Focusing on the total customer experience has helped our company to succeed and it is something we will continue to practice going forward!