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The Proper Cleaning For The Proper Surface

Thanks to the hot water extraction cleaning method combined with the best truck mounted units out there, our technicians here at Like New Carpet Care can provide the highest level of cleaning service for a variety of surfaces in your home. We are widely known for our super effective carpet cleaning service, not just because of the name of our company, but because of the reputation our top notch service has earned over the years. The thing that may or may not be known as well, is that our hot water extraction cleaning is also used to clean synthetic upholstery, synthetic area rugs, as well as ceramic and porcelain tile. If you take a look online, you will see that our abundance of reviews (over one thousand five star reviews) across platforms like Google, Yelp, Angie’s List and Facebook, mention all of our various services, not just our amazing carpet cleaning service.

A truck mounted unit, hot water extraction cleaning service is a highly effective cleaning service used for the surface of most synthetic materials. This method is extremely effective and also safe when used properly on the right types of materials. Most of the work is done by the highly heated and highly pressurized water that is distributed by the truck mounted unit. Technicians will typically hook a hose that is connected to the truck mounted unit, up to an external water source. The most commonly used water source would be a spigot outside of the location to be cleaned. Other connections could be found in home, which could be a standard sink faucet or a water connection for a clothes washing machine. When a water source is not available, that is when we turn to our back up source. Each one of our service vehicles has its own water tank that has been custom installed. These water tanks afford us the opportunity to provide services in places that other companies may not be able to service. This method is highly effective by simply using the highly heated and pressurized water, however, we do use safe and effective cleaning solutions when treating various surfaces. The solutions that we use are all safe for in home use, have no overwhelming odors and are nice and effective. Cleaning each various type of surface material requires a special tool in order to reach maximum effectiveness. For carpet cleaning, our technicians use what is called a carpet wand. For cleaning synthetic upholstery we use a tool that is very similar to the carpet wand, but in more of a compact, hand held size. Believe it or not, the upholstery cleaning attachment is called an upholstery tool. When cleaning tile and grout, there is a special attachment tool simply called a tile cleaning tool (most technicians refer to it as a tile spinner). They sure do get creative with their equipment naming process, huh? All of the tools are operated by the pressurized water that is emitted from the machine. The machine itself is operated independently. There is a battery and an alternator that are installed specifically to power the machine. The fuel to run the internal combustion engine is provided directly from the service vehicle’s fuel tank. These truck mounted units are amazing machines that allow our technicians to provide the best service possible!

One of our most commonly performed services is our tile and grout cleaning.When cleaning tile and grout, the process is pretty much the same as cleaning carpet or upholstery. Our techs will use the truck mounted unit, along with a tile tool (spinner) and the appropriate cleaning solution to perform a vigorous surface cleaning of the tile and grout. Before the technician begins the cleaning service, we will walk through the areas to be cleaned and inspect the tile and grout. During the inspection, the technician will measure the area to be cleaned, so that the technician can provide an accurate price for the job, before the technician were to get started. The tech will also inspect for cracked or broken tiles, missing portions of grout or heavy staining on either the grout or tile itself. Tile does not have as much of a propensity to hold stains as the grout does. The surface of the tile is typically a bit uneven and often has tiny little micro holes that can absorb debris, but the tile still typically only shows standard levels of dirtiness, like what you would see in any normal home. The grout, however, is a different story. Grout is more airy and much less dense that the tile that surrounds it. This makes the grout much more absorbent. Any dirt, dust, debris or liquids that the grout is exposed to will typically work its way right into the grout and remain there until professionally cleaned. While the hot water extraction cleaning method is highly effective at cleaning the surface of floor tiles (when using truck mounted units), the real magic happens with the grout. As mentioned before, the grout will very easily absorb every bit of contaminant that comes into contact with it. Often, grout will become much darker and more dirty looking over time that the tile will. Luckily, the hot water extraction method uses a flushing method that is perfect for cleaning all of the unwanted debris from the grout. If you have dirty grout in your home, a hot water extraction cleaning service will blow your mind! The results are astounding!

Being that a hot water extraction tile and grout cleaning service using truck mounted units is very heavy duty and abrasive, this service is only recommended for use on harder, tiles such as Ceramic and Porcelain. Luckily, these are the most commonly used types of tile flooring in most homes. Porcelain and Ceramic tiles are both clay based and each have slight differences in distinction. The most notable difference between the two would be where they are used, based on water absorption rates. Porcelain tiles are much more impervious to moisture, so they would be the preferred tiles to use in areas that may be regularly subjected to water, such as on a porch or a patio. Ceramic tiles are more likely to absorb water, which can weaken and misshape the tiles. Ceramic tiles are meant for indoor usage, to keep it safe from most exposure to moisture. This type of cleaning service is not recommended for softer tiles, typically made from stone as opposed to being clay based. Granite, quartz or most travertine tiles are too soft for this type of heavy duty cleaning. Etching could occur if a hot water extraction cleaning is carried out at maximum force on a softer stone, causing permanent damage.

Be sure to know the type of tile that you are going to have cleaned, so that you can ensure you are having the proper type of cleaning service performed. When in doubt, do not hesitate to reach out! Call our office at 407-947-6724 with any questions you may have and one of our team members would be happy to help!