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Author: likenewcarpet

Our Service

When we perform any type of Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Tile & Grout Cleaning or Area Rug Cleaning in your home, the particular type of service we provide is the most effective, industry preferred method of cleaning all types of synthetic textiles. This type of service is called a Hot Water Extraction cleaning service and we only use Truck Mounted Units to carry it out. When one of our technicians is performing one of these amazing in home cleaning services, they will be using their Truck Mounted Units to clean with highly heated and highly pressurized water. Along with our safe and effective pre-sprays that are specific for what is being treated and high traffic area and spots or stains, these Truck Mounted Units give us all the power we need to achieve the best possible results. We do understand that most of what we are saying and the terms we are using might sound new of confusing to most people out there. These are proper terms referring to methods and equipment used in the field by industry professionals. When speaking with most new customers, they simply ask for a Steam Clean or Carpet Shampoo. These terms are essentially slang terms in reference to a high quality Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Service. This ultra effective style of service is as good as it gets for in home treatment of your carpets, upholstery or tile and grout, as well as lower pile carpet typically located within commercial settings. Most Hot Water Extractions are carried out using high end Truck Mounted Units, but sometimes companies will use Portable Units. These Portable Units are smaller machines that perform the same type of service, but unfortunately are not nearly as powerful. Often, these units are used for cleanings in locations that are difficult to reach, such as condos or apartments that are located on upper floors. We stick with Truck Mounted Units, as they give us the ability to provide such a high quality cleaning service.

Being that the Truck Mounted Unit is such an important part of our cleaning process, we would like to tell you a little bit about this type of machine. A Truck Mounted Unit is a large machine made of of individual components. One of these components is called a Heat Exchanger. The heat exchanger strategy utilizes warm normally created by the ordinary task of the motor and now and again, vacuum draw parts of the framework. Ordinarily, water is directed through a warmth exchanger, which comprises of two separate areas. In one segment, the warmth is steered. In the second segment, the water goes through. The two areas share two sides of normal surfaces inside the exchanger; along these lines warm is exchanged from the “warmth side” segment with higher temperature to the “arrangement side” segment with bring down temperature. There are two fundamental kinds of warmth exchangers. One, named, “shell and loop”, has liquid going through a curl of tubing which is contained in a “shell”, or holder, through which warm is directed. The other, called “shell and tube”, contains a few parallel tubes running from one end of the “shell” to the next. In the shell and tube setup, warm goes through the parallel tubes and water goes through the shell.

These machines must generate power to be so effective. They can do so without any inconvenience to the customer, thanks to the way they are built. Generally, truck mount cover cleaning machines have been more ground-breaking than versatile cover cleaning units. Albeit late changes in innovation have enabled convenient makers to approach the intensity of truck mount cover cleaning machines, to date truck mounts are all the more ground-breaking as they create the cleaning power from a motor and electric portables produce the cleaning power from an electrical attachment in the clients home. The essential favorable position of a truck mount lies with the cover cleaning client, as truck mounts don’t have to utilize the client’s power or heated water so it implies no exorbitant electric and gas charges in the post long after the cover cleaning organization have left your home. Truck mounts additionally have a waste tank fitted so the expert can take the messy water away and it doesn’t wind up down your sink or can, snappy setup and simple utilization of the truck mount makes it ideal among proficient cleaners. Unfortunately just a little level of cover cleaning organizations utilize truck mounts as the cost is as a rule between $10,000 to $35,000 US, and is in this way distant for some little organizations and experts. Right now, it is assessed that exclusive 28% of expert cover cleaners utilize truck mount cover cleaning machines. Numerous truck mount makers are making ecological enhancements, for example, LPG transformations or changes to influence the machines to utilize less petroleum or diesel which makes them all the more naturally well disposed. Most cover producers prescribe a customary cleaning by heated water extraction, which is the strategy for cover cleaning that is utilized by truck mount cover cleaners.

Cleaning instruments associate with the vacuum and arrangement hose are important to keeping our cleaning highly effective, whether it is carpet, upholstery or tile & grout cleaning Orlando services. Cleaning connections, for example, upholstery instruments for upholstery cleaning, and power heads and rotational devices for cover, can likewise be utilized to additionally build profitability and improved outcomes on certain cover composes and soil conditions. The connections to the machine are likewise an imperative factor in conveying the appropriate measure of arrangement and furthermore the extraction of the arrangement. A very much prepared administrator will frequently have a substantial level of the cost of the machine put resources into adornments, so as to accomplish ideal outcomes. A hose reel can be darted to the floor of the van for putting away the vacuum and arrangement hoses. As of late, electric rewind hose reels have been acquainted with take into account speedier hose stockpiling. A primary water tank is regularly fitted to the floor of the van. It holds crisp water, providing water specifically to the high weight pump or the blender tank. At the point when such a water tank is introduced, an on-request supply pump is darted to the principle water tank, providing water to the blender tank or high weight pump. Where restricted space is accessible, and a crisp water tank can’t be fitted, the machine will even now hold its request tank, however it will be nourished from an open air “plant” water tap through a different supply hose reel. This, obviously, requires the property has an outside cool water tap, which can be elusive on some business destinations. In any case, via conveying a scope of various fittings, a tap key (for taps that have their handle evacuated to keep away from undesirable water use), and enough hose on the reel, the cleaner will ordinarily have the capacity to deal with this circumstance.

We take pride in providing the highest quality of services for each and every one of our customers. If you have any questions about our services, equipment or solutions, do not hesitate to reach out! A member of our friendly, helpful staff will be here for you and be happy to help in any way possible!

Total Customer Experience

When you hire a company to come into your home and provide professional cleaning services, make sure you choose a company with a positive history that uses trained employees, proper equipment and proper methods. If you have found this thread, you have more than likely been led here by way of an online internet search that took you first to a platform showing our abundance of positive reviews. We are proud to be the highest rated Carpet Cleaning company in Orlando! When we started this company, we stated with a philosophy of providing the best customer experience possible. When we say “customer experience”, we mean exactly that! The total customer experience encapsulates every step of the process, from the moment you contact us, through your service appointment, all the way through to when we follow up with you to ensure a positive experience. This is the foundation on which our company’s success stands.

In order for us to have gotten to a point in which we can consistently provide such a positive experience for each one of our individual customers, we regularly spend time having meetings to discuss our feedback, to discuss new ideas and to check out new equipment, solutions and procedures. We like to think of it as “continuing education” for our carpet cleaning company. Some of our customer service methods, cleaning methods, equipment and solutions have been a continually successful part of our company’s daily operations since day one, but there have also been some improvements along the way that have helped us to keep the customer experience we provide at the highest level possible. We believe that no matter what services a company provides or how long a company has been in business, most things constantly evolve with time, so a continued effort to provide the best service or product available will help to set certain companies apart from the rest along with helping these customer experience centered businesses succeed.

If you look our company up online, you will not have to go too far to find some of our outstanding reviews. As this post is written, we are nearing one thousand five star reviews across the internet. Sites like Yelp and Angie’s list give customers a platform to share their unbiased experiences with the world. Even Google itself has a review system that can be quite helpful during a search for a product or service provider. Word of mouth has always seemed to be the preferred, most reliable way to determine who you should hire or what you should purchase. When you have a friend, relative or neighbor rant and rave about how well a service company performed, or how well a certain product works, you are going to feel much more comfortable and inclined to purchase that same product, or to hire that same service provider. Well, now a days, online reviews can be the best word of mouth referrals available. The key is to find a company with an abundance of reviews, this will really be able to give you an idea of what to expect with a product or service. It is always a little fishy when a company or product has a five star rating, but only has 4 or 5 reviews. But, if you see a company or product with many reviews, reaching into the hundreds and sometimes the thousands, you really can feel like the reviews are a true reflection of what you should expect out of a product purchased or a service provided. I myself cannot purchase a product or hire a service provider without doing what I feel to be my due diligence and researching online. I feel that we are lucky to have accessibility to such a wide range of reviews and ratings for services and products that really show a consumer’s true thoughts and feelings regarding particular products or services. This amazing tool that is a product of modern technology should be coveted and used regularly.

As we have already mentioned, the key is in the number of reviews. The more reviews there are, the more comfortable you should feel that the reviews are genuine and honest. Our carpet cleaning and oriental rug cleaning company has earned nearly one thousand reviews online, thanks to the work we continuously put in to ensure that our customers are always receiving the best service and customer experience possible. These reviews are a direct reflection of the service experience you will receive when working with our company. We will continue to put the complete customer experience at the top of our list of importance, and it will continue to show by way of happily satisfied customers. We feel so confident in our reviews and service, thanks to the effort put forth by every member of our carpet care team!

Each technician operates a service vehicle with a top of the line truck mounted unit within, that we use to perform a hot water extraction cleaning service. This method uses these industrial grade machines to provide highly heated and highly pressurized water which combined with our proper equipment and solutions, provides the deepest cleaning possible for the surface of your in home carpet. All of the equipment we use is the best and most reliable equipment on the market. Our pre-spray that is applied at the beginning of each service is an enzyme based solution that contains no VOC’s or Butyl, making is a safe yet effective solution that is used to help loosen up the fibers, making the debris much easier to remove. At each service, your technician will perform both a pre cleaning and post cleaning walkthrough inspection, which the customer is always encouraged to join in on. Our technicians are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to any of the services they perform. This is a great opportunity for each customer to ask any questions they may have and to point out and discuss any areas of concern. Our friendly technicians will inspect and advise you on each aspect of the services that are being performed.

The combination of high end equipment, preferred solutions, proper methods and constant employee training give our technicians everything they need to provide each and every one of our customers with the best service and customer experience possible! We are happy to say that we have honestly earned each one of our reviews by way of starting our company with and continuing to put the total customer experience at the forefront of importance! Give us a shout and see for yourself. Use us once and you will see why our customer retention rate is out of this world!

Some Accident Treatment Advice.

Many of our posts offer up a bit of information on our services, or some advice on how to treat and maintain different types of materials that we are familiar with. We do this regularly as a way to help our customers, and anyone who reads through our site, get the most out of their carpet, tile & grout, upholstery and area rugs. When it comes to any of these textiles being used in a variety of ways, proper care goes a long way. Proper care, including regular in home maintenance performed by the homeowner, as well as regular professional cleaning services will help to keep your floors and furniture looking and feeling great for a much longer period of time than when these important maintenance steps are not followed. Our Carpet Cleaning Orlando technicians have the skills, experience and equipment needed to perform the regular professional services that are needed to get the most out of the life of your in home textiles.

As we mentioned in the first paragraph, maintenance is a very important part of getting the most out of the life of your carpet, tile & grout, upholstery and area rugs. However, even with the tightest maintenance schedule that includes regular personal maintenance of your floors and furniture as well as standard professional cleanings, there are still unforeseen accidents that can (and will) occur. When you have an accident on any of your flooring, rugs or furniture, you are always going to want to attack the accident immediately. Sometimes these accidents will take place at a time in which they cannot be quickly tended to, but you would still always want to do what you can to treat them as soon as possible. Different accidents call for different measures of treatment. Most accidents come in the form of a spill. Food, drinks and paint are the most common spills that our technicians come across when performing their professional in home services. The key to successfully treating any of these types of spills is immediate treatment. As soon as you can, you want to remove as much of the mess as possible. The longer is sits, the more opportunity it has to cause some permanent damage to the fibers. Once permanent damage is done, it cannot be cleaned out. Permanent damage may sound like an extreme definition of what an accidental spill could do, but it is the reality of the situation. When a carpet, rug, piece of upholstery or even the grout between your tiles develops a bit of a permanently dirty look, whether it is small or large, light or dark, that is a form of permanent damage. The most common form of permanent damage is discoloration. Again, once this damage has had time to set in and becomes permanent, even the deepest types of the most professional cleanings will not help the situation. The more quickly a spill or stain can be tended to, the higher the chance of avoiding permanent damage.

Now, there are some standard tips that help in treating just about all possible accident issues that could occur in a carpet. When it comes to spills or messes that happen on your flooring or furniture, we already covered the most important part which is rapid treatment. You always want to treat them as quickly as possible. The next basic step that can be applied to most normal accidental spills or messes would be in the way you treat them yourself. You always want to dab and blot, never rub. If the mess involves food, vomit or feces (the more unfortunate accidents), you would first want to delicately remove the bulk of the mess from the surface of what you are cleaning. Do this delicately using paper towels, a cloth rag, gloves or a plastic bag. Be sure to be delicate as you remove the mess from the surface area of your floor or furniture, as you want to avoid pushing it into the fibers as much as possible. Once you have removed the bulk of the mess, you can then start to work at removing the remaining portion of the accidental mess. This is where the process of dabbing or blotting comes into play. Often, most people will have a natural instinct to immediately start to rub a mess with a cloth or rag. Unfortunately, the process of rubbing a mess actually makes it worse. When you begin to rub the mess, whether it be on a piece of upholstery, on your carpet or area rugs, or even on the grout between your tile, you are actually forcing the mess deeper into the surface. This act will absolutely make it more difficult to completely remove and may actually cause permanent damage to the surface fibers or even the grout. Blotting and dabbing the mess can make all the difference as to how well the mess will come out. You can even use a safe, homemade solution that can help to remove the mess without causing any damage. The best go to cleaning solution that is safe on virtually every type of material is a mixture of Water, Dish Soap and White Vinegar. Mix these 3 items in a bowl and either apply it directly to the mess if the mess is heavy, or apply it to a cloth if the mess is lighter. Then, you would want to dab and blot the mess up until it seems that you have removed as much of the mess as possible.

Once you have completed your in home treatment, the next step would be to set up a professional cleaning service. The more quickly both the in home treatment and the professional cleaning services are carried out, the better chance you have at obtaining preferable results. Our technicians are trained and experienced in all the proper treatment methods required to achieve the best results possible for each one of our customers. They use our high end equipment, along with our top of the line truck mounted units to perform a heavy duty cleaning of the surface of your carpet, your tile and grout, your upholstery and your area rugs, that is safe for all synthetic fibers. A hot water extraction cleaning using truck mounted units is the industry preferred method for treating synthetic textiles, as well as floor tile and grout. When you have an accident, remember to treat it quickly, then call us; your local carpet cleaning professionals, to have the proper services performed. We hope this information will help the next time there is an unfortunate spill or mess!

Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning

There is nothing better than a clean home and especially clean carpets under your feet. Having a tidy and clean home is one of the greatest ways to fully relax. When you are living in a home with dirty carpets, it can be difficult to plan for friends and family to come enjoy your home with you. While you can clean your carpets on your own with rented equipment, you are never going to have quite the same results as you would when hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. Here are six benefits of getting your carpets professionally cleaned.

Health Benefits 

It may seem as though you are getting rid of all of the potential allergens and bacteria when you regularly vacuum your carpets. However, many times vacuuming can stir up the allergens and bacteria even more,  which could cause health problems. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company will give you the peace of mind that they are using the right techniques and chemicals to truly eradicate all of the microbes that have the potential of causing health problems.

Have Your Home Smell Fresh and Beautiful 

A fresh smelling home is a wonderful smell. Likewise, there is nothing quite like unwanted odors that can be off putting to your friends and family that visit. Cleaning your carpets from a professional regularly will remove any smells that may be overpowering guests. Pet stains can stick onto the fibers of carpet for quite some time and leave a stench that lingers. With our unique pet odor removal process, we guarantee the odor will be removed, though sometimes the urine stain itself can be permanent.

Add Value to Your Home

If you are looking to rent or sell your home, you need to make sure that you are listing your home in prime condition in order to get the most value possible. Cleaning your carpets will give the prospective tenants/buyers a welcoming feeling when entering your home. Cleaning also has the possibility of adding value to your home that will bring in thousands of extra dollars during the sale of your home. A simple freshening up of the homes carpet will pay off big in the long run. Not only does this add value to your home but it will raise the quality of living that you experience on a daily basis.

Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Every carpet is going to eventually look old and tattered. This is inevitable when there is heavy traffic on this material. But, with a call to your professional carpet cleaning company, you will be able to extend the life of your carpet. This will give you the most out of your investment in beautiful carpet and will allow you to enjoy the feel of new carpet for many years longer than you would be able to without regular cleanings.

Make Your Home More Comfortable For Guests and Family 

Your home is meant to be a place of peace for you and your family. When you have a house that is unkempt, it is difficult to feel this peace. Stained carpets don’t make for a very relaxing setting. A simple call to your local carpet cleaner and you will notice that there is a big difference in the way you and your family fells about your home. You can transform an entire room in your house by simply having the carpets professionally cleaned.

Take the Hassle Out of Doing It Yourself 

Cleaning your carpets on your own is something that can be done but not only difficult, the equipment is inferior to any equipment a true professional can provide. The cheap products that you can rent to clean your carpets without the aid of a professional are not going to do the job that professionals would be able to get done. Often leaving substantial amounts of residue behind and causing the carpet to get dirtier quicker.  It is important to hire a professional to not only get it done right but to also take the hassle out of cleaning your own carpets. It is worth the extra money to hire a carpet cleaning professional who  has the proper education and equipment to get the job done right.

These are just a few of the many benefits that you can experience when you decide to hire a professional to clean your carpets. Our company Like New Carpet Care has been in the cleaning industry for over a decade and take great pride in cleaning your homes carpets. We specialize not only in carpet cleaning, but also, upholstery, tile & grout and our sister company Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant has a 3k plus sqft facility for all of your oriental rug cleaning needs. Area rugs can last multiple lifetimes, and if you want a proper cleaning give us a call today. We work 6 days a week and have same day service when applicable. Why are we different you may ask? Simply check out our video demonstrations on our website, not only does it show you our unique styles of cleaning, but show you the little things that separate us from others. Some may say we charge more, and this may be true to some extent, but ask your next carpet cleaning company if they are fully insured, we mean FULLY INSURED. What about worker comp? What about vehicles protection? What about IICRC certified trained techs? What about top of the line cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions? There is a reason good cleaning companies HAVE to charge more, because they protect themselves as well as you the customer when we enter your home in case of unforeseen circumstances. You may have tried other companies in the past, but we promise you will not have the same old carpet cleaning service with us, you will have an experience like no other. Hopefully the over 1000 combined reviews across platforms such as Google, Yelp and Facebook tell the story of our company and what kind of service to expect when dealing with us. You wont regret giving Like New Carpet Care a try today. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog and we look forward to hearing from you.

All Kinds Of Rugs.

Like New Carpet Care provides a variety of cleaning services in home, but did you know that we perform area rug cleaning services in our state of the are facility? Well, we do! We would like to provide you with a little bit of information regarding the various types of rugs we wash. From the the materials being used to where and how they are made, we will cover some of the basics for you.  Being that we are experts in the Oriental fleece floor covering washing industry, we do know some things about the gear and arrangements that are required to finish a protected and intensive cleaning. Regardless of the style or strategy used to wash a top of the line regular fiber floor covering, there will be a few instruments that are required to accomplish the most ideal outcomes that are. At the point when a characteristic fiber carpet is washed in our office, we utilize an assortment of instruments, arrangements and techniques that are profoundly compelling. Our floor covering experts are altogether prepared in the greater part of the procedures and apparatuses that are utilized amid the carpet washing process. This guarantees regardless of which part of the procedure a floor covering professional is finishing, that expert will know precisely what they are doing.

Normal fiber floor coverings can really arrive in a huge assortment of sorts. The regularly utilized term to depict characteristic fiber carpets is “Oriental Floor covering”. The term is blandly utilized, yet does really fit any floor coverings that were initially made in the region known as “The Orient”. Oriental Carpets regularly are hand woven or machine made in a territory that spans from Northern India to Focal Asia to The Center East. This region even covers mats made in North Africa to Morocco. This zone is likewise alluded to as “The Mat Belt”. Nowadays most floor coverings are mass created utilizing huge machine looms. These weavers wrench common fiber mats out at a pace that is staggering when contrasted with hand weaving. A vast, vigorously itemized hand woven characteristic fiber territory mat can assume control over a year to create. There are contrasts between the two, with the most unmistakable being life expectancy. On the off chance that a hand tied woven normal fiber floor covering is watched over and utilized legitimately, it can keep going for ages. A machine woven normal fiber floor covering ordinarily has a life expectancy of around twenty years.

Top of the line normal fiber region floor coverings can be named by more particular zones where they are created. Persian, Iranian, Turkish are altogether extraordinary spellbinding terms for zone carpets as they give you a more particular thought of where the originate from and how they were created. Regularly, hand woven zone floor coverings will have exceptional highlights about them in view of where they were created. Diverse tying systems (Persian Lopsided Bunch or Turkish Symmetric Bunch), distinctive strands (Fleece, Silk, Cotton), distinctive colors (Vegetable, Creepy crawly, Manufactured) and even extraordinary visual example outlines (Botanical or Geometric) can distinguish what locale of the planet a territory floor covering is from. Characteristic fiber hand woven carpets ordinarily have unmistakably particular tells in view of where they were created. It is very normal for Asian or Center Eastern mats to have pictures basically woven into them. Scenes are exceptionally normal, as are pictures of essential individuals, spots and occasions.

As specified previously, it can be very troublesome for the untrained eye to recognize the distinction between a hand woven region carpet and a machine made territory floor covering. There are a few contrasts you can discover on the off chance that you realize what to search for. One creating compose is called Hand Tying. Carpets made by utilizing a hand hitching process are created on a linger that is extraordinarily intended to help the mat weaver effectively tie the mat by hand. The hand tying process is enormously respected for it’s creative shrewdness and period of time the procedure has been utilized. The extent of the forte linger decides the cutoff points to the span of any carpet created on it. The claim to fame carpet weaver makes the heap of the floor covering with these hand hitches. The bunches are embedded into the establishment of the mat by the carpet weaver and are tied by hand. The weaver starts at the base and works their path upwards with the bunches. This task is extremely sensitive, perplexing and tedious. We said before that an exceedingly definite hand woven floor covering can assume control over a year to art and you may now have the capacity to comprehend why. Hand hitched carpets are most ordinarily made of fleece, with a base of cotton twists and wefts. They can likewise have heap made of cotton, silk or jute. Frequently, silk will be utilized as a part of a fleece heap floor covering to complement or feature specific examples woven into the mat. Normal fiber mats created through the hand tying process are frequently utilized as collectible craftsmanship. All things considered, there is an incredible shot you have been some place that has had a hand tied floor covering showed on a divider as a bit of workmanship. These kinds of zone floor coverings are ordinarily more costly than different sorts, however the long life expectancy makes it certainly justified regardless of the buy.

Another sort of hand woven common fiber territory floor covering is a Level Weave Hand Woven Carpet. These floor coverings are ordinarily made also to hand hitched mats, in that they are made by hand by an ace mat weaver utilizing a linger. In spite of the fact that, these carpets are made utilizing a level weave instead of a more noticeable hand tie. The hand tying process gives the region floor covering a taller heap. The taller, thicker heap gives more weight to help keep the carpet level and set up. Hand tied carpets with a high heap for the most part have a gentler more agreeable feel to them also. The level hand woven floor coverings contrast from hand tied carpets in the way the name recommends, they are basically level. A level weave hand woven region floor covering has no heap. It is a thin and light mat. It is constantly proposed to utilize a cushion under a zone floor covering, yet it is really vital for a level weave hand woven mat. In the event that you don’t utilize legitimate cushioning underneath this kind of region carpet, the mat will feel not any more agreeable that the floor is lays on, nor will it remain set up without substantial placeholders that can make lasting harm the woven strands.

The all the more usually created and acquired sort of zone floor covering nowadays are Machine Made region carpets. Makers will utilize present day machines to mass create territory mats rapidly and more efficiently than any hand woven floor coverings. The machines utilized are called control looms. The machine and the procedure are like hand weaving strategies utilizing looms, however are mechanized and electrically controlled by PCs. Machine influenced floor coverings to can be made utilizing an assortment of materials. The standard common strands (fleece, cotton, silk, jute) or a determination of engineered materials (polypropylene, polyester, nylon, acrylic) can be utilized by these machines to quickly mass create territory floor coverings as a less expensive rate. The cost for a machine made floor covering is regularly significantly less costly than a hand woven region carpet, particularly if the machine made mat is made of engineered materials. The engineered materials have more in advance solidness, so they can be cleaned utilizing more incredible techniques. Most engineered region mat proprietors have their carpets cleaned in home utilizing a standard truck mounted unit boiling water extraction cleaning administration. While the manufactured materials are less expensive and have more in advance toughness, they are no counterpart for the long haul sturdiness of a characteristic fiber carpet hand woven by an ace floor covering weaver. The normal existence of a machine made floor covering is around twenty years. The nature of craftmanship, materials utilized and level of upkeep performed play into the life expectancy of any territory floor covering, however an all around kept up machine made carpet should last up to around twenty years. Twenty years may seem like a long life expectancy, however when contrasted with well hand woven common fiber carpet’s generational life expectancy it appears somewhat inadequate. A few brands are improved than others and offer more upside in their floor covering’s life expectancies. Karastan is a floor covering making brand that artworks their machine made mats in the Unified States and normally offers the most astounding quality machine made carpet available. They are more expensive, yet offer unrivaled quality and plan for a machine made region mat.

Hand Tufted Mats are another prevalent region floor covering compose that you will discover laid out in numerous homes and organizations. A uniquely designed hand held instrument connects a latex based sponsorship into the heap by embeddings the heap into a material establishment which makes a heap in which every fiber is circled. Some carpet weavers will shear the circled strands, which will leave the mat with what is called sufficiently just a cut heap. On the off chance that the ace mat weaver leaves the circled heap in judgment, the floor covering is viewed as a Hand-Snared Carpet. A mix of circled and sheared filaments are utilized at times to make a profundity to a region mat. Like fixing plans with silk, this is intended to focus on specific bits of the territory mat. A latex covering is connected to the back of a tufted carpet toward the finish of the making procedure. It is normally stuck on and it holds the tufts (accumulation of strands) set up. Tufted floor coverings are very prominent in light of the fact that they will give you the look of a hand tied carpet, yet for substantially less of a cost. The hand instrument used to create hand tufted mats makes the procedure amazingly speedier than customary hand weaving, with some tufted mats with basic planned heaps taking as meager as a solitary day to deliver. These carpets are more for temperate in home standard utilize. They won’t engage authorities or buyers who are hoping to make a real interest in their buy.

There is something else entirely to think about the assortment of floor coverings out there and we will give more data in future posts. A debt of gratitude is in order for perusing and don’t hesitate to connect with us with all floor covering questions you may have! Remember us when you have a question about Carpet, Tile & Grout, Upholstery and even Fine Area Rugs!

Don’t Forget Your Upholstery!

Being that we are a carpet cleaning company, carpet cleaning may be the first and only thing that comes to mind. We are experts when it comes to all things carpet cleaning, but we also offer a variety of other services as well. Our hot water extraction cleaning method, using truck mounted units helps provide us with the ability to provide the deepest cleaning possible for all services that we provide. Along with carpet, we can clean tile and grout, synthetic upholstery as well as synthetic area rugs, using this method. Of all of those services, upholstery cleaning seems to be the most likely to be looked over. Unfortunately, most customers do not even think about having their upholstery professionally cleaned. Just like your carpet and tile, your in home upholstery is subjected to normal wear and tear. While vacuuming regularly will help to keep your synthetic upholstery furniture in good shape, any upholstery that is subjected to standard usage will need regular professional cleanings to maintain a good look and feel for a longer period of time. Professional cleanings completed during regular intervals will help you to get the most out of your upholstery.

The IICRC or Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, has some basic information and guidelines to help consumers properly care for their Carpet, Upholstery or and Hard Surface flooring. The recommendation for regular maintenance that can be carried out by anybody within their home, is regular vacuuming and immediate treatment of any type of spill. If there are some crumbs or dirt that are spilled onto the upholstery, you would want to vacuum that up nice and quickly to help prevent any of it from being ground into the micro gaps between the upholstery surface fibers. Even furniture that is not used too often still needs to be vacuumed regularly. The recommendation for a not too often used piece of upholstery, is to vacuum weekly. The process of regular vacuuming will help to prevent the buildup of contaminants across the surface of your upholstered furniture. There are things floating around in the air within your home that are seemingly invisible to the naked eye that can come to rest on your upholstered furniture. Over time, these contaminants  can compile and compound themselves within the surface fibers of the upholstered furniture within your home. This can cause an uncomfortable surface, a look of discoloration, hard to remove matted areas and even permanent damage.

Promptly attending to a spill on your upholstered furniture can also make a massive difference in the overall look and feel throughout the life of your upholstered furniture. It is very common for upholstered furniture to regularly be used for leisure and relaxing. Often, this means sitting or laying on the upholstered furniture while enjoying some food or drink. No matter how careful you or your guests are, it is inevitable that there will be a spill or two. Sometimes the spill may be wine or spaghetti sauce, which triggers an immediate response due to the inherent fear of permanent staining. Other times, the spill may be from a substance that does not seem to be as destructive as a deep or bright red substance. This would typically garner a more relaxed or lackadaisical response. This could lead to a spill that does not look too bad turning into permanent discoloration over time. While a professional hot water extraction cleaning service is incredibly highly effective, permanent damage cannot be reversed. The best way to help prevent permanent damage would be immediate attention to any spill, no matter the source. The best way to treat an unfortunate spill on a piece of upholstered furniture, is by properly removing as much of it as possible, before calling a professional.

If you are treating a spill on your upholstered furniture, step one would be to remove as much as possible, but in a safe manner. The safest way to remove a spill just after it has happened is to dab the spill in question with a clean rag. When a food spill occurs, you would want to pick up and remove any solid items that were part of the food spill. Try to do this as carefully as possible, in an effort to avoid the possibility of forcing some of the food deeper into the upholstery fibers. The dabbing or blotting process to remove the spill is incredibly important. When you are dabbing or blotting the spill, you are cleaning it up while mostly avoiding any possibility of making the spill worse. If you rub a spill, whether it is a liquid or if it is food, you might actually be forcing the spill deeper into the fibers. Rubbing is typically a first instinct, but rubbing the spill can actually make the spill much worse than it has to be. The best way to approach simple stain treatment is dabbing or blotting. When you dab or blot a spill, you are letting your cloth do the work without causing any more damage than is necessary. To properly dab or blot away a spill, you would simply lay your cloth across the surface of the area and let it soak up as much of the spill as possible. Once it has picked up as much of the spill as possible, you can choose a dry portion of the cloth to lay back down over the remaining spill affected area. If the cleaning cloth is fully wet and cannot absorb any more of the spill, and there is still more to clean up, you will need to get a new cloth and repeat. Once you have used the cloth to absorb most of the spill, you can reevaluate the situation.

If you feel as though the spill warrants more immediate treatment, there is a concoction of household items that can be mixed and used as a safe, go to cleaner. You can mix equal parts water and white vinegar, then add a little dish soap and mix in a bowl. You can use this to try and remove any of the left over portions of the spill that are still visible. If you can put the mixture into a small spray bottle, that would help to make the application easier. If not, you would just want to make sure you take extra caution when applying the solution mixture. If the solution mix of vinegar, water and dish soap is in a bowl, you would want to lightly apply it to the upholstered furniture. You can apply it out of the bowl by lightly and slowly pouring some of the solution directly on top of the spill. If you feel unsure about lightly pouring a little bit of the solution directly out of the bowl, you could use a spoon to scoop out smaller amounts and apply it directly to the upholstered furniture. This would help you to be more accurate with your application, but it will take a bit longer, stay patient when applying. Once you have applied the mixture all over the surface of the spill, you only give it a minute or so to dwell. Then, you treat it as you did the original spill by taking a clean cloth and dabbing or blotting the solution off. Again, try not to rub the spill. Rubbing the spill, even at this point, can still cause more harm than good for your upholstered furniture. Once you have used your cloth and solution to clean the spill as much as possible, you can then take another dry cloth and dab or blot the wet area until it begins to feel dry. When you complete your home treatment, you should still go ahead and call a professional to come complete a thorough, heavy duty cleaning.

Whether you are treating a specific spill, or it is time for a recommended maintenance cleaning, this is the time to give us a call. Our technicians are trained, certified, experienced and friendly! Each of our service vehicles are equipped with large, heavy duty, top of the line Truck Mounted Units. These machines provide our technicians with the ability to perform a deep cleaning on any of your synthetic surfaces that is highly effective and yields great results. A good truck mounted unit will provide highly pressurized water that is heated to near boiling temperatures. While we do have a variety of tools, solutions and methods for treating various synthetic surfaces, the truck mounted unit is essentially the Holy Grail of the cleaning process. Most of the work is done by the water that is forced deep down into the fibers of your synthetic textile surface. This is a highly effective treatment process for the surface of your upholstered furniture.

So, when you have a spill, give us a call. If you have a good, spill free year, give us a call to set up your annual maintenance cleaning. When you do have your professional upholstery furniture cleaning service performed, do not forget about the protectant. We have an effective protectant that we can apply once the cleaning has been completed that can help to prevent future stains. Once applied, the protectant will help to keep any spill pooled up on the surface of the upholstered furniture for an extended period of time. This buys you extra time to clean up a spill before it sets into the fibers. Ask your technician about the upholstery protectant when he is cleaning for you and he would be happy to tell you all about the benefits of this effective service!

Is This A Safe Process?

Here at Like New Carpet Care, our professional technicians are trained, certified and experienced in a variety of in home cleaning services. Each one of our service vehicles has a top of the line Truck Mounted Unit installed to help our technicians provide the highest quality Hot Water Extraction cleaning service possible. We also keep our service vehicles stocked with the best equipment available and the best solutions needed to get any job within our scope done properly! Just as our name sake shows, we are professional carpet cleaners who provide a thorough and highly effective cleaning service. A combination of our equipment, methods and technician’s skills give us the ability to provide the best possible service and best possible results at each service. While our name says Carpet Care, we do also specialize in a variety of other Hot Water Extraction cleaning services. We clean synthetic upholstery in home as well. Any upholstery that is made of synthetic materials and is colored (not pure white) responds incredible well to our hot water extraction cleaning method. We have a variety of ways for treating different types of spills, spots or stains on your in home upholstery. If you are not sure of what you have or how to service it, just reach out to us and ask any questions you may have. Upon completing an in home hot water extraction upholstery cleaning service, we can even apply a protective coating. This protective surface coating can help to protect your upholstery from permanent surface staining for up to a year. This coating will create an invisible buffer between your upholstery and any contaminants looking to do damage. If a spill occurs, the protective coating will buy you time to clean the spill up. It effectively keeps the spill on the surface of the upholstery for what is typically a long enough amount of time for you to clean everything off before it can set in and cause permanent damage.

The protectant mentioned previously can also be applied to your carpeted flooring, once the cleaning process has been completed. The hot water extraction process that is performed using our truck mounted units is the same method we enact when cleaning your in home carpeting. While it is recommended to have your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months, adding protectant after the cleaning has been completed will help to extend the overall life of your in home carpeting. Some customers describe it as the icing on the cake! Our hot water extraction cleaning process is so highly effective on carpet and other synthetic surfaces due to the force of the cleaning. The truck mounted units we use produce water at near boiling temperatures that is highly pressurized. This in itself has a massive impact on the effectiveness of the cleaning. This heat and power forces the clustered fibers open and allows all contaminants living deep down to the base of the fibers out. We do apply a prespray prior to beginning the hot water extraction cleaning process to aid in the overall outcome of the cleaning service. This pre spray is safe and highly effective. Being that the pre spray solution is enzyme based, it helps to kill all germs and bacteria that reside within your carpeting prior to even introducing the highly heated and highly pressurized water. The pre spray and highly heated and highly pressurized water combine to provide a thorough and vigorous cleaning service that leaves your carpets feeling good and looking fresh. Your carpets will be left essentially sterilized. This service is not only good for standard maintenance cleaning services, it is also great for move in cleanings, move out cleaning, or if you are bringing a new addition to the family home!

It seems that we have detailed all of the highlights that make our truck mounted unit hot water extraction cleaning service so effective for cleaning your in home synthetic carpet and upholstery, but now we are going to tell you a bit about how this method is also an fantastic way to treat your tile and grout. One of the ways that makes this hot water extraction cleaning method so effective for cleaning your in home tile and grout, is the way that it can easily reach down into every nook and cranny that cover the surface of the tile. We all know that most tile is not made to be perfectly smooth and sealed. Usually, most tile has tiny pits and uneven surfaces. This makes the versatility of a cleaning process that uses pressurized water perfectly ideal for a complete cleaning, deep down in every inch of the tile. The same goes for the grout. Grout is much less dense that any form of tile and it is also much more porous and hygroscopic. This means that your grout will suck up any and everything liquid that comes across it. Any liquid that is absorbed by the grout can be drawn all the way through the grout to the concrete floor beneath. Our hot water cleaning process does a great job of being able to reach deep down to the base of the gout and flush out all contaminants that reside within. Once your tile and grout are freshly and deeply cleaned, we also have a sealant that is specific for grout that we can apply. This grout specific sealant works just like the carpet and upholstery sealant we discussed previously. Once the grout sealant is correctly applied, it creates a solid buffer between any possible spills and the grout itself. This in turn, will provide you with an extended period of time win which you can clean a spill before it has the chance to settle deep down into the grout. The wrong type of stain that is absorbed deep down into the grout can cause permanent irreversible staining. Applying the grout sealant to the floor grout once it has been deeply and properly cleaned by a professional can help to greatly extend the life of your grout.

Earlier, we discussed that the hot water extraction cleaning process is only meant to be performed on synthetic materials when it is used to clean carpet or upholstery. That is due entirely to the immense heat and pressure of the water used for the service. If you used this high powered cleaning service on wool, cotton or leather, you can cause instant damage that can absolutely be irreversible. Problems such as staining, discoloration, burning, melting, striping, contracting, expanding or disintegration can occur when this high powered cleaning method is performed on the wrong materials. This does not only apply to carpet and upholstery, it also applies to your in home floor tiles. The hot water extraction cleaning service using high powered truck mounted units is recommended for use on standard ceramic tiles, or porcelain tiles that have no additional glazing or coating on them. These materials are much more dense and strong than other softer stones, which makes them perfect candidates to stand up to the vigorous cleaning process that comes along with the truck mounted units. This hot water extraction process is not recommended to be performed on surfaces such as travertine, marble, granite, terra cotta, limestone, slate or any concrete floors. These are all natural stones and materials that are much too soft to withstand the pressures of a truck mounted unit hot water extraction cleaning process. Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are great candidates to have this heavy duty hot water extraction cleaning service as they are much more dense and durable than the other softer stones previously listed. Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are created by mixing a variety of clays together and then pressing them into a shape based on the individual sizes of the tiles. Once mixed and pressed into shape, they are fired in what is an oven like device called a kiln. This bakes and cures the ceramic and porcelain tiles at a very high temperature. This crafting process makes these types of tiles much more durable. The added durability of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles helps these particular types of tiles withstand the rigorousness of a truck mounted unit hot water extraction cleaning service. Luckily, ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are the most commonly used tiles in new construction homes. They are also most commonly used when replacing older floors. These tiles are commonly used in bathrooms as well. Typically, they will have a coating that makes them water resistant. That will help to prevent the buildup of mold or mildew. This also makes them easy to maintain and clean.

When the time comes to service your in home carpet, upholstery, tile & grout or in home area rugs, simply give us a shout. Our friendly staff will be able to help answer any questions you may have, as well as provide you with an accurate estimate right over the phone. Upon arrival for service, our trained technicians will perform a pre cleaning inspection in which they can help to identify the material your flooring or upholstery is made of. Go with the pro’s, and you can not go wrong!

Working With Everyone!

As a professional service company, we work with all kinds of consumers and professionals across the Central Florida area. Whether you are a standard customer who needs the carpet, tile and grout, upholstery or synthetic area rugs cleaned in your home, or you need our services in a commercial setting, we have a plan for you. Using our truck mounted units to perform a heavy duty, in depth hot water extraction cleaning service, we can clean in any setting that will allow us to meet our needs. A truck mounted unit is a large, industrial machine that provides the high heat and high pressures needed to perform such an effective cleaning. While this machine is permanently mounted to a service vehicle and is not as easily accessible as a portable unit, the performance provided is unmatched. We typically run about 250 feet of pressure hose and suction hose from the machine into your home to complete the cleaning service. A third hose hooks directly up to an external water source and can typically reach up to about 150 feet. As long as the conditions needed can be met, we can clean in any circumstances needed.

Our company provides professional carpet cleaning in commercial settings, as well as residential settings. Like New Carpet Care works with an abundance of local realtors, property managers, property owners. We also perform regular recurring cleanings for many small and large businesses in the Central Florida area. We can perform any of our cleaning services in any commercial setting that provides the needed circumstances for a truck mounted unit cleaning service. We can clean carpet, tile and grout, upholstery and synthetic area rugs in a commercial setting just the same as in a residential setting. Our goal is to provide the best service possible for each of our customers whether they are residential or commercial customers. Our repeat customer rate is over fifty percent for our commercial customer base, as well as our residential customer base. The fact that we get to perform so many recurring cleaning services for our wonderful customers in itself lets us know that we are keeping up with our goal of providing an amazing service experience.

We employ a number of our own technicians, which helps us to be schedule friendly. We do not use any outside, independent contractors. Every technician we send out is a vetted employee. We perform background checks and extensive training methods on each of our carpet and rug technicians. Having a number of well trained, reliable employees gives us the opportunity to offer multiple scheduling options for our customers. Sometimes we can even schedule a service for the same day. If you call to set something up in advance, we almost always can cater your your needs. Our technicians are so beloved by our repeat customers, they are typically requested by name each time a customer has a service performed. Even when a new technician comes to perform any one of our cleaning services in a repeat customer’s home, that customer is just as satisfied with their service as the last time they had a cleaning with their usually preferred technician. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in every facet of the services we provide. Using the equipment and tools properly is of great importance and can make a major difference in the final outcome of any service. The same goes with using the proper solutions and methods to treat any issues that are a part of the service. When a technician enters your home, office or facility, the first thing he will do is a walkthrough with you, the customer. This pre cleaning walkthrough inspection is meant to help the technician get an understanding of the scope of the job. The actual areas to be cleaned will be established, areas of concern can be addressed and the pricing will be finalized. Our technicians must have great “people skills” as well. When you are interacting with one of our technicians, whether in your own residential home or in an office or a large facility, feel comfortable knowing that our technicians are friendly, knowledgable and helpful. During the walkthrough, areas of concern are usually discussed. These areas of concern are usually spots, stains or high traffic areas. When addressed, the technician will let you know what he sees, how he will treat it and what he thinks the final results will be. Our technicians are always up front and honest with our customers. Our technicians will always tell you what you should expect with the final results. Our cleaning is the most effective method for achieving the best results possible, but our technicians will be honest with you and let you know if they think a stain may not be able to completely removed. Typically, spots, stains or high traffic areas can still remain after service if permanent damage has occurred. If the synthetic carpet fibers have been altered permanently by a substance involved in a spill or from general wear and lack of maintenance, they may only come out so well. These are things the technician will inform you of during the pre cleaning inspection walkthrough. We treat each and every customer with the proper manners and respect by being honest, up front and helpful. We believe this is the best way to do business!

Whether you are a brand new customer or one of our many return, repeat customers, we do everything we can to ensure you receive the best service possible. Part of that is ensuring that you are receiving the best pricing possible as well. We typically have a deal or two up our sleeve that we can offer to our customers. Our most popular deal, which is also our longest running deal, is our Four Standard Areas Of Carpet Cleaning For Ninety Nine Dollars special. Since ninety nine dollars (total cost of one hundred and five dollars) is our minimum charge, we decided to make it a special that covers up to four standard sized areas of carpet cleaning. This particular special saves forty dollars off of the standard rates. So, when you call or visit us online to schedule your in home cleaning appointment, we will typically offer this special deal directly to you. We cannot combine multiple offers, but we will always offer the best special that we have available to fit your specific needs. Our second most popular special that we have been offering continuously for years is our sofa and love seat combo for ninety nine dollars. This special saves you thirty dollars right off of the standard pricing. When we are helping to schedule your service over the phone, we will ask a number of questions and then take time discussing your options to help ensure you are receiving the right service that is needed while also getting the best price possible. Even when the technician arrives to perform the pre cleaning inspection walkthrough, he will advise you as to what the best service for the best price to meet your needs would be. We are always looking out for our customers!

Residential and commercial settings are typically handled differently due to the scope of the job. For residential services we can charge per area (room or space up to 200 square feet), as most residential cleanings are conducted in standard single family homes or town homes. Even when we clean in apartments, we can charge on a per area basis. Commercial settings are typically quite a bit different. The layout is usually much different than a residential setting and the low pile carpet with no padding is typically a bit more difficult to clean. Commercial settings are charged by the square foot for carpet cleaning. Upon arrival, the technician will perform a very similar inspection prior to beginning a commercial cleaning. For the commercial walkthrough, he will be taking measurements during the initial inspection walkthrough. We offer bracket pricing for commercial settings so that we can make sure we are offering the best service for the best price, similarly to residential carpet cleaning. Our standard rate of twenty cents per square foot for commercial carpet cleaning is adjusted based on the total square footage to be cleaned. We can also clean tile and grout in commercial settings in a similar manner. It is a square footage charge that is adjusted based on the size of the job. We can usually lower the square footage rates for large commercial jobs because there are often larger spaces in which the technicians would could have to set up and break down once. When cleaning in a residential setting, a technicians will usually have to set up and break down in each area serviced. This process takes a lot of time and that time must be accounted for. In a residential setting, the technician scan often clean a large portion of the total areas to be cleaned without having to break down and set up multiple times. This helps us to be able to adjust our prices accordingly.

We clean in all types of settings for all types of customers and we do our best to cater to each individual cleaning need! Give us a try and see for yourself why we have such a high customer return rate!

Proper Equipment Importance

As professionals in the service industry who greatly pride themselves in customer satisfaction, we make every effort to provide the best service possible. Whether you are simply calling to ask your local carpet cleaners few questions or we are cleaning every floored surface in your home, we do our absolute best to ensure friendly, helpful interactions with our staff as well as the highest quality cleaning service possible. Part of being able to confidently provide the best possible cleaning service is knowing our stuff. We make it a point to educate each member of our team on every facet of our company. While the field technicians may not thoroughly know all of the intricacies involved in the administrative side of the company nor the office staff of the field operations, we do train every member in a little bit of everything. Our field technicians are experts in all things carpet cleaning, synthetic upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and synthetic area rug cleaning. We make it a point to ensure that our field technicians will be able to answer your questions and provide a comfortable and friendly atmosphere while in your home. Our office staff holds itself to the same standards. We do all that we can to make sure your entire experience with our company is as comfortable and welcoming as possible!

Part of being able to provide such an effective cleaning service is the equipment and solutions we use. We do use time tested methods, solutions and tools, but we do not do so blindly. We take time throughout the year to research and test new tools, solutions and products that come to our attention. Being that our goal is to provide the best possible results at each and every service, we do all that we can to ensure we are using nothing but the best of supplies and equipment year after year. Our company attends conventions and classes, we engage in forum discussions with industry experts and we stay up to date with all product new releases. We understand that progression and evolution are important parts of any business and we make sure that we stay up to date with any new developments within our industry.

Our field technicians begin their training by learning about our processes, equipment and what it is they are servicing prior to beginning any hands on work training. When a field technician is performing a cleaning service in your home, you can feel comfortable that you have a professional who really knows what they are doing. Understanding what solutions work best for particular treatments, which methods work best for attacking various issues and how to properly use the high end equipment to achieve the best results possible. We do invest in what we believe to be the best solutions and tools available as assurance that our technicians have all that is needed to provide an amazing cleaning service. There are a lot of specialty tools that are used for various cleaning services. A carpet wand is the most commonly used tool when performing hot water extraction carpet cleanings. Synthetic upholstery is cleaned this way by using a specifically designed tool for covering every inch of your furniture’s surface. Tile and grout is very effectively cleaned using a proper tile wand during a hot water extraction cleaning. Various other tools help our field technicians along throughout their different services. All of the tools that are used operate off of the most important piece of the hot water extraction puzzle, the truck mounted unit.

The cornerstone of every hot water extraction cleaning service is the Truck Mounted Unit. Truck mounted units provide the highly heated, highly pressurized water that does most of the work for this particular type of cleaning service. These machines are typically quite large and are usually permanently mounted in a service vehicle. Most standard machines provide enough heat, power and vacuum to put a single carpet wand to use at a time. There are other, much larger machines that can operate two carpets wants at the same time. These machines can provide a highly effective rate of vacuum up to about 250 feet, which helps technicians to reach all the way through large homes or commercial buildings, as well as up stairs to condos and apartments. These industrial grade truck mounted units heat the water up to near boiling temperatures and con provide pressures up to 1,200 psi. The vacuum that is part of the unit is very strong as well, with a 300 – 400 cfm max airflow. There are smaller, less effective machines used to perform a hot water extraction cleaning service called portable units. Portable units are essentially the same thing as what you would rent at your local grocery store. While the cleaning method is the same, the effectiveness is not even close. A portable unit can not come close to matching the heat, water pressure and vacuum that a truck mounted unit can provide. Whenever a carpet cleaning is being performed and as long as it is applicable, a truck mounted unit is the only way to go!

Since carpet is the most often cleaned material using a truck mounted unit, it only makes sense that the Carpet Wand is the most used tool in conjunction with the truck mounted unit. A standard carpet wand looks to be a simple tool, but it is a highly effective piece of equipment that performs greatly when used properly with a high powered truck mounted unit. A field technician’s go to tool is a carpet wand with a plastic glide. The plastic glide at the end of the wand helps to make the cleaning and drying strokes smooth and uniform, while preventing the possibility of loose fibers being snagged. The carpet wand is connected to the truck mounted unit by two hoses, a solution pressure hose and a vacuum hose. The solution pressure hose sends the near boiling hot water through a tube on the wand where it is distributed into the carpet through a number of v-jets. This highly pressurized water agitates the fibers, which opens them up and allows the water to get deep down to the base of the carpet and knock the contaminants lose. This truck mounted unit carpet cleaning method is soo incredibly effective, that you typically see amazing instant results. A good carpet wand is a field technician’s best friend!

Any time a synthetic material or surface is being cleaned by a hot water extraction service using a truck mounted unit, it is going to be a very similar style of cleaning across the board. The main difference in treating various materials or surfaces would be the tools that are attached to the machine, the solutions used and the actual style of the cleaning. When a technician is in a home or business cleaning tile, it will be very similar to what you would see at a carpet cleaning but using a different solution and a tile and grout specific tool. This tool is called a tile and grout tool. Not too impressive of a name, we know. It can also be called a tile wand, tile stick or the most commonly used term, a tile spinner. Tile spinner is the more commonly used term for the tool because that actually how the tool operates, it spins. The entire tool doesn’t spin and there is no need for any spinning brushes, as there is a spinning arm underneath the hood which distributes the water. Similar to the carpet wand, the tile tool attaches to the truck mounted unit by a powerful vacuum hose and a solution pressure hose. Also similar to the carpet wand, the tile tool works by forcing the highly heated water through a number of v-jets located at the end of the wand. The big difference between the two tools is the spinning bar at the bottom of the tile tool. The tile tool has a round hood at its base that has a smooth plastic glide attached. Under the hood is the infamous spinning bar. This bar has v-jets attached to it that spray the pressurized hot water onto the tile in a circular motion, at just a bit of an angle. This tool works incredibly well on any synthetic floor tiles. The pressurized water forced onto the tile at a bit of an angle during the spinning motion creates a powerful flushing process that works deep into the porous grout as well as all the nooks and crannies of the tile surface. The hood that covers the v-jets keeps the water trapped within the area, so it can be easily vacuumed up as the cleaning goes along. This tool used properly provides amazing, instant results on synthetic floor tiles while having no need to use potentially harming brushes. A good tile tool can handle pressures up to 2,500 psi and can clean anywhere from 400 to 1,500 square feet of tile per hour.

The truck mounted unit, carpet wand and tile tool are all basic essentials when performing a thorough hot water extraction cleaning. This process, performed with the proper equipment, solutions and methods is the most effective way to treat in home synthetic carpet, upholstery or tile and grout. There are more tools used for specific cleaning processes, as well as different solutions and methods for treating all sorts of surfaces and issues that can arise. We will dive a bit deeper into some of the other tools and products used in our next post!

The Padding Under Your Carpet

If you have read through our blog posts in our advice section of our website, you may be shocked at just how much there really is behind carpet cleaning, maintenance, installation and purchasing. It can seem a bit overwhelming, but that is why we use our expert carpet cleaning knowledge to help advise you along! In order to be as effective as we are at applying our services, we know that we must be as knowledgeable as possible on all topics involving carpet. This knowledge that we have accumulated extends past the carpet we see, into the subsurface padding we typically pay no mind to. This foundational padding plays a crucial role in the overall comfort, look and life of your in home carpet. We know that the subsurface carpet padding is typically overlooked and not taken too seriously, so with this post we are going to provide some information as to why this important piece of the carpeting puzzle deserves more attention.

While the beautiful carpet surface is what you actually see when walking through your home, there is a very important pad beneath the surface which creates the foundation for the carpet. This foundational carpet padding is an incredibly important part of how nice your carpet will feel and how durable it will be. When purchasing carpet for your home, you will be purchasing padding to go along with the carpet as well. It may sound like a simple purchase, but there are options when making this purchase. Purchasing the wrong type of padding for your needs, or choosing the cheapest option available can leave you with less than desirable results not too long after your initial new carpet installation. This does not necessarily mean you have to choose the most expensive padding or the most expensive carpet, but you do want to be thorough in your decision making process and choose what is right for you and your home.

When choosing new carpet and padding to be installed in your home, you may feel like cost will force you to choose between a higher end carpet or a higher end pad. Seemingly, choosing higher end carpet and sacrificing on the padding may seem like the correct way to go, but not necessarily. The padding you choose to be the foundation for your flooring has such an impact on the feel of comfort, as well as the overall look of your floor throughout its lifespan. Choosing the cheapest pad option so you can pick a more expensive carpet can put you in a not too pleasant situation not long after your new carpet and padding is installed. A cheaper padding will not provide as much comfort under your feet and it will not take too long to begin to notice. Flat spots can start to form throughout the carpeted portions of your home as well. Cheaper padding does not hold up well to weight or impact, so over time, it will begin to flatten and lose its “fluff”. Not only will the carpet not feel as comfortable to walk on, you will eventually begin to notice visible flat spots.

Another issue that can arise from cheaper padding is actual wear to your surface carpeting. While the loss of comfort is easily felt and flat spots can be caught by the eye, the slow degradation of your carpet may not be as noticeable until a bit later in its life. The actual carpet resting on the foundation of padding wearing down and becoming damaged due to a less effective padding may not seem like an obvious issue at first. But, it most certainly can be devastating to your carpet. One of the primary purposes of the padding is to absorb impact. Constant impact on your carpeting is typically caused by regular foot traffic. Heavy furniture, vacuums or something as simple as a toy being dropped on the carpet could begin to cause instant damage to the carpet if there is not adequate padding underneath to absorb these impacts. Regular impacts on the carpet can cause a variety of issues. Common issues are the backing being stretched, excessive stress on the surface fibers, the synthetic latex breaking down or an actual separation of the primary and secondary backing (this is called delamination). To avoid these issues, you will want to be sure that you are choosing the proper combination of carpet and padding to be installed in your home.

There are a variety of ways to determine which padding is right for your needs. There are also a variety of ways in which a carpet can be rated. The variety of rating systems do generally base themselves around Density Measurements. Different types of padding will hold more weight before collapsing, some will be heavier or lighter throughout their surface areas than others, some will be thick while others are thin. You don’t want to choose padding that is too thin, nor do you want to choose padding that is too thick. If the padding you choose is too thick, it can actually pull the carpet off of the tack strips along the edges that hold it down. If your carpet padding is too thin, it will provide no feeling of comfort and it will not absorb the impact needed to keep your carpet as healthy as needed. Thick or thin, light or heavy, the most important measuring factor for padding is the amount of pounds per foot across the area that can be absorbed prior to bottoming out. If you put some time into researching your specific needs, you should develop a good general idea of what your best fit would be. Choosing the proper padding for your needs can be surprisingly involved, so taking professional advice from a certified carpet padding expert would be highly recommended.

Now that we have discussed the importance of the padding to be placed under your newly purchased carpet, as well as carefully choosing the proper padding for your needs, we would like to give you a little run down on some of the subsurface carpet paddings you would be choosing from.

Fiber Cushion Padding

This type of carpet padding is mostly meant to be an environmentally friendly option, but typically does not match up to other forms of padding. Fiber Cushion Padding is made up of various fiber scraps. While being a feel good option, it does not provide much impact absorption or lasting comfort.

Urethane Foam Padding

Urethane Foam Padding can actually come in a full variety of thickness and density. The density of this type of padding can be as low as one half pound per square inch. Urethane Foam Padding can be very effective, as long as you purchase the proper density to fit your needs and the type of carpet you are purchasing.

Waffle Rubber Padding

The name of Waffle Rubber Padding fits perfectly, as this type of padding looks like an actual waffle. This padding is made of rubber and has indentations throughout the surface of the padding that give it the waffle like texture. This type of padding generally creates a soft, cushiony feeling. But, this padding can have a high percentage of filler, which would cause it to break down more quickly than others. Newer Waffle Rubber Padding is constructed to be a bit more stable and can be a good fit for you, but you would want to make sure you are purchasing a high quality product.

Flat Rubber Padding

Flat Rubber padding is considered to be the cream of the rug padding crop. It has great durability over time and provides a wonderfully comfortable feel. Flat Rubber Padding is quite dense and lasts a very long time. Its extreme durability helps to keep your carpets looking good for a longer period of time thanks to its high level of impact absorption. This padding can actually be reused when replacing your carpet. It is not used too often, due to its high cost and difficulty to obtain.

Bonded Urethane Padding

This is the most commonly used carpet padding. Bonded Urethane Padding is similar to Fiber Cushion Padding in the way that it is constructed using scrap fibers. But, this carpet padding uses scraps from very high density Urethane Foam. Since it uses Urethane Foam instead of random soft scraps, it produces a high level of effectiveness while also being quite affordable. When you are purchasing carpet, this would more than likely be the default choice your installers would make.

If this seems to be a lot of information, don’t feel alone! We mentioned earlier that there is a surprisingly large amount of information needed to really understand the intricacies of rug padding and hopefully this post helped to guide you through. When it is time to purchase rug padding, feel free to use this post as a reference. Or, give us a shout anytime at 407-930-4854. You could also visit our Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant site for more information! Remember to take your time and choose the right padding for your individual needs!