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Carpet Stretching

Dealing with unwanted ripples in your carpet? Well we can help fix them!

There are many causes associated with ripples forming in your wall-to-wall carpeting. From heavy furniture being pushed around the room, to high-traffic areas, your carpet will begin to loosen over time, leaving you with an unwanted ripple in the middle of your room. The longer you wait to correct it, the worse it will get. With the help of our trained carpet stretching technicians, our re-stretch process will bring your carpet back to life.

When a technician arrives for a carpet stretching service, the first thing he will do, prior to beginning the stretching process, will be to take few minutes to inspect the area to be stretched, then discuss the details of the service. Our technicians are friendly, informative and ready to help! Our stretching specialist will discuss what he sees in the carpet that needs to be corrected and will discuss with you how it might have happened as well as what his plan of treatment will be.

Our company values providing our customers with a fantastic overall experience and we believe good communication is key in achieving that goal! From the moment you reach out to inquire about a carpet stretching service, to the post-stretch inspection, you will be working with a team of wonderful individuals who take great pride in helping each and every customer to the best of their ability. This part of the service, to us, is just as important as the actual carpet stretching service itself!

How do we re-stretch the carpet you ask? 

carpet stretching repairHere are some of the tools and techniques we use to remove the ripples in your carpet.


  • Power Stretcher
  •  Flat-Head Screwdriver
  • Needle-Nose Pliers
  •  Knee Kicker
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Utility KnifeStair Tool


Remove as much furniture from the room as you can. We will be happy to help as much as possible but are limited in items we can touch. Having a clear space to work in will ease the carpet stretching process.


Using the flat-head screwdriver and a little muscle, we will detach the carpet from the wall that the carpet will need to be stretched too. We do not completely detach all areas as that is not necessary, our carpet stretching technicians will evaluate the situation and proceed to detach what is needed.


Now it’s time to stretch that carpet. The power stretcher will be placed against the wall with the carpet still anchored. The tool is adjusted so that the end with the teeth is six inches away from the opposite wall.  Starting in the center of the wall, we will then push the lever until you successfully stretch the carpet to the wall.  This process is repeated as we move along the wall until the entire edge has been pulled to the proper length.


Not only does the knee kicker help with tightening the stretch properly, but also comes in handy when trying to stretch a carpet in corners where it’s difficult to use the power stretcher.  The teeth of the knee kicker is placed into the carpet that needs to be stretched and then we literally take our knee and smash the rubber end of the knee kicker.


Once the carpet is stretched properly and the ripples are no longer visible There will now be excess carpet that needs to be cut off. We will then utilize the utility knife and cut off the excess carpet. Now the carpet stretching almost complete.


Now utilizing the stair tool and rubber mallet, we wedge the carpet back into place between the tack strip and wall.

That’s Not All!

Once our technician completes the stretching services in your home, he will take a little more time at the end to chat with you about the results, while accompanying you through the areas for an inspection. Our technicians do all they can to ensure complete customer satisfaction by achieving the best possible results with each service performed, as well as creating a comfortable atmosphere of clear communication. We base our small, local business on treating each customer as if they were a member of our small business family!

We will always recommend a hot water extraction cleaning service, using our truck mounted units, for the areas that were stretched, once the stretch service is completed. Often, there will be a good amount of foot traffic in areas that will be stretched, as the furniture will often be removed (which helps the results of the stretch), which creates the opportunity for debris to litter the carpet fibers. A post-stretch carpet cleaning service will help give that extra “pop” to your carpet.

Our carpet cleaning services are all performed with the best equipment, solutions and Truck Mounted Units available! This, combined with the skill our trained and experienced technicians carry with them will help your carpet get into the best shape it has been in, since it was originally laid! Check out our Carpet Cleaning Page for more information on this wonderful service!

Now that your unwanted ripples are gone and your carpet looks like it was just laid, all that is left is a carpet cleaning to make it look like new! Call us today 407-947-6724