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We all know the feeling, the feeling when your home is clean and your floors look brand new. What about after time, when your tile and grout starts to darken?  We love the way it looks at first but get irritated with how quickly the grout goes from white to gray? Or maybe you inherited some not-so-white or clean looking tile in your current home from the previous owners. Regardless of how discolored/old or new your flooring is, it doesn’t take long for tile to get dirty, especially in those high traffic areas like the entryway, mudroom or kitchen.

Tile is easy to clean, but it’s counterpart grout, that gives your home that unwanted look. Grout is an extremely porous material. The worst of contaminants can adhere to your grout such as soap-scum, normally this will  reside in your shower though it can accumulate anywhere there is water and cleaning solutions, as well as mold and bacteria can get a real hold on your grout. Even if you clean the surface mold, chances are it will return quickly. Because the mold is not only on the surface, it is rooted into the pores of the grout. Cleaning it off the surface is equivalent to cutting your grass. The top is gone but the roots are still there and will grow again.

What is grout?

Grout is a combination of sand, cement and water used to seal the spaces between the tiles and hold them together. This mixture is very spongy, meaning that it absorbs liquid. When it comes to keeping tile floors clean we need some knowledge because any liquid can and will quickly be soaked up.  Once absorbed, the white spaces also known as grout between your tile cleaning near me will appear dingy and dark, making your tile floor seem dirty.

Our Process

Our tile and grout cleaning Orlando process is very thorough and will destroy any living bacteria not only cleaning the surface, but also deep down in your grout. We sanitize the tile and grout with up to 220 degrees of hot water, this kills the bacteria and mold that reside not only on the surface and in the grout joints but deep down in the grout where most of the bacteria can live. Our process also helps to lift away the contaminants along with the dirty water. Once the surface and grout are clean, we can then seal the clean sanitized grout preventing water and bacteria from entering it entirely. This keeps your grout looking new longer and also makes cleaning a snap. The sealing process is a vital part, as grout tends to show dirt and grime very easily, and without a protectant, can resume looking like it did before we clean it rather quickly.

All flooring requires some sort of maintenance, and grout is not an exception to the rule. By using our top-of-the-line equipment you can be sure that your tile will easier to maintain. You want your tile and grout to stay clean and tidy without any mold or mildew buildup. With our state of the art technology, all of your grout surfaces will be disinfected to kill all of the germs and bacteria. Your grout will be chemical free and safe for your family for a long period of time. We will ensure that your grout is clean and any dirt, mildew, mold, and lime scale will be gone from the grout. Contact us today to learn more about our tile and grout cleaning.

Based on the absorbency of your tile, you will have a longer time span to clean before a stain sets in. Granite, for example, has a very high absorbency, meaning it will stain easily. Porcelain is the most popular tile, as it is extremely dense and very unlikely to stain. Before replacing the tile flooring, or adding tile to your home, make sure you know what kind of tile is right for you and do your research. Tiles are classified as having, low, medium, or high absorption capacity. If you want tile in your kitchen or bathroom bathroom, the lower the porosity the better.


Give Us A Try

It’s the same when you’re doing your due diligence and homework when finding the right cleaners for you.  Like New Carpet Care has over 1000 5 star reviews over the Internet and will do a quality tile cleaning Orlando. Our specialized cleaning process combines high-pressure and high heat to extract and breakup the dirt from the surface of your tile. To start the cleaning process, we will come in with a pre-spray  and spray your grout and tile with our specialized cleaner. Next, we come in with our top of the line equipment and use our hot water extraction process.

The best part is, you get all the great extras we offer with our other services. Well, some may call them, “extras” we look at is just another part of the unique experience you will have with our cleaning company. From our industrial air movers to speed up drying, to our seal-door application to help with indoor air temperature and a sense of safety while we are in your home.

For the best tile and grout cleaning Orlando give Like New Carpet care a call and we will take care of all your tile needs. We offer the most thorough and effective tile and grout cleaning and cleaning in the Orlando and surrounding areas. We are here Monday through Saturday 8:00am to 6:00pm.   Please give us a call today at 407-947-6724 or you can visit our website at likenewcarpetcare.com and use our online booking to set up your appointment or click on the Live Chat option and speak with Like New Carpet Care customer via our online chat.

Protect Your Grout!

Once our amazingly skilled technician completes your hot water extraction, tile and grout cleaning service, using our truck mounted units, don’t forget to protect your grout by sealing it! We use an industrial, commercial grade grout sealant that keeps up with its initial effectiveness for over a year. The sealant is applied as soon as the cleaning is performed and dries quickly. Once dry, you won’t even know it’s there until there is a spill and you get to see it in action!

The grout is very porous and will absorb every tiny bit of liquid that comes across it. This characteristic of the grout is what leads to it getting so dirty, so quickly. The sealant that we apply will prevent the liquid from rapidly being absorbed by the grout. A grout sealant is applied when the grout is initially installed and it is always recommended to be reapplied after a professional cleaning. Reach out to our office Today with any questions you have about this service!