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We all have that favorite piece of furniture with just the right padding; fabric or feel that suits us perfectly on a lazy day or even a stressful one. Preservation of these pieces of upholstery should be sought after and executed by weekly cleaning, but it also greatly helps to have them professionally cleaned every so often.

If you want the comfort, and cleanliness of your upholstery to last for years on end, you must make sure the upholstery cleaning is done properly. Some stains you can attend to yourself, but other stains will set in, and likely lead to more damage being done to your furniture. If you don’t act quickly enough, the stain will sink in and continue to ruin your upholstery. Our upholstery cleaning Orlando techs will thoroughly clean your couch, chairs, love seats and sofas. Whether it’s your latest purchase, a thrift store bargain, a family heirloom or a piece of furniture in mid-stride, our dedicated and highly-trained, IICRC certified staff will revitalize each piece with focused care.

Even before beginning the cleaning procedure, our staff will intricately inspect the fabric, and even the construction, of each piece before an appropriate method is chosen for the particular furniture upholstery. Every piece of upholstered furniture requires very particular care, and we have the training and tools to provide the appropriate touch. Our Orlando upholstery cleaning specialists are certified to take on many tough-to-clean materials, such as suede’s, silk, and velvet. In addition, we offer the service to deodorize, as well as the option for protective coating if desired.


Inspect: We will conduct an inspection of the upholstery to determine type and areas that are stained. We will evaluate your piece of furniture’s construction thoroughly, making sure to form our game plan correctly.

Pre Condition: This process loosens soils and deep down spots. We use only high end cleaning conditioners.

Brush: From there we will do a brush of the upholstery with a soft brush, as not to damage any part of the furniture. The light brushing will loosen any dust and particles stuck on the surface and in the crevices of the furniture.

Rinse: We will then rinse your furniture with our high-tech machine where we can adjust the amount of pressure of the water to fit your particular type of upholstery.

Dry: From there we will wipe your furniture down and dry it with high-speed blowers for an amount of time as we see fit.

We like to provide over the top cleaning services. We know some of these steps some may say are to much, but we know to get the furniture cleaned properly, its takes these steps for the best possible cleaning. Some may pass up the inspection step. Though if you don’t get a good inspection and test on the fibers, you may run into natural fibers and cleaning with hot water extraction method can permanently ruin your upholstery. Turning the sugars in white cotton brown, which can ruin the upholstery beyond repair. Using the proper pre conditioner is also vital, as a PH level that is to high can also destroy the material. That’s why we take all these steps, and know that all of these steps are just as important as the next. Our Orlando upholstery cleaners are trained in the proper techniques for any circumstance that they run into. Taking the necessarily steps are vitally import to the proper cleaning of your upholstery.