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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Questions About Carpet Cleaning

How Soon Can I Walk On Carpet After It Has Been Cleaned?
The moment our company leaves your home, it will be ok to walk on the carpet. The carpet will only be slightly damp and some areas will already be dry. While we clean, we put down air movers to speed up the drying process. We highly recommended laying down towels on hard surfaces that lay next to carpeted surfaces to help with slip and fall hazards.
How Many Days Is The Carpet Wet?
Days? Not with our powerful units. It’s usually within about 4-6 hours after our carpet cleaners are complete. If your home has ceiling fans, we recommend turning them on, as well as the air conditioning. If you are waiting days for your carpet to dry you may want to consider another professional carpet cleaning service.
Is It True That After A Cleaning The Carpet Gets Dirtier Quicker
Not with our hot water extraction method, most commonly known as steam cleaning. The residue from the cleaning solutions that gets left behind by carpet cleaners with inferior cleaning processes is what attracts soils and makes the carpet dirtier quicker. Our cleaning process uses hot water that reaches temperatures up to 200 degrees. Not only does this help with giving the carpet the soft feel and free of residue but it also helps with killing bacteria and germs. The soil is removed and we rinse the cleaning solution with clear water rinse and a powerful vacuuming from truck mounted carpet cleaning units, leaving your carpets with fresh smell, as well as being soft and clean.
Carpet Protector, Does It Really Work?
YES! Carpet protector is an outstanding product that we can apply after the professional carpet cleaning has been completed. In fact, brand new carpet has a protector on it, which is applied by the manufacturer. However, protector wears off because of traffic on the carpet, frequent vacuuming and other variables.
Do I Need To Be Home When Your Company Arrives?
No, it’s not necessary that you be present while your carpet is being cleaned. Our technicians are thoroughly trained, background checked, and people you can trust. In order to provide the top notch carpet cleaning we will always call prior to beginning any work to discuss the process.
How Long Has Your Company Serviced My Area?
We have been servicing the Orlando and surrounding areas with our carpet cleaning services for over a decade. We have over 1,000 five star reviews on platforms such as Nextdoor, Yelp, Angie’s List, Google, Facebook and more! Our goal is the be the best carpet cleaning company in the area. If you are in the Orange or Seminole County areas, then we provide professional carpet cleaning for you!
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Answers to Questions About Upholstery Cleaning

How do I prepare for couch cleaning Orlando?

Clean spaces occupied by seat cushions. Vacuum all areas and heavy debris under cushions. Pull furniture away from wall if possible.  Tables and small furniture should be put aside before cleaning for free-flowing movement and easy evaluation after cleaning.

How often should I clean my furniture?

It depends on the activity and the amount of time you spend at home. For a private apartment with not more than two individuals, I suggest you do rigorous cleaning every two years. For regular households with pets, 1-2 times a year is recommended.

Can I use the washing machine to clean my cushion cover?

It’s not the best idea as cushion covers may lose their shape, colors may fade, and it may shrink. It’s the best if handed to professionals for proper handling.

Do you clean sections?

Yes, we do, the same upholstery cleaning Orlando fl strategies apply with sectionals as do with sofas and loveseats.

How long does it take upholstery to dry?

A maximum of 10 hours, usually much less, is the standard estimated duration depending on the nature of the fiber/fabric materials and the method of drying. Also, air temperature and humidity levels play a role. Turning down AC and turning on ceiling fans will also speed up drying.  Don’t fix cushions or sit on the upholstery until it becomes dry. It’s best if cushions are dried in a vertical direction leaning against the wall for proper ventilation.

Do I need to protect my furniture?

We can apply an upholstery fabric protectant after the cleaning is complete. Helping prolong the life of the items cleaned and also helping reduce the wear-and-tear look.