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How to Get Ink Out of Carpet

How Do You Get Ink Out of Carpet? Here are some DIY tips to help you remove ink from carpet.

Alright, let’s dive deep into how you can get ink out of carpet quickly and efficiently. Of course, you could make it super easy and just call Like New Carpet Care!

ink out of carpet

Step 1: Blotting

Remove ink by blotting the stained area in order to soak up as much ink as possible. Use a white cloth so you can see when the transfer stops. You may need to use several rags, as you want to easily be able to determine if the loose ink is completely removed.

If you don’t have a white rug, you can use a paper towels to blot out your carpet’s ink.

Step 2: Soaking

You will now need rubbing alcohol to do some soaking. Pour a little bit of this alcohol over the permanent ink stains and let it sit for several minutes. In fact, letting it sit for 10+ minutes isn’t a bad idea. Be patient — this step is important.

Step 3: Agitate

Agitate the ink spot with a scrub brush or even a toothbrush to gently scrub the ink stain from your carpet’s loops and piles. The thicker your carpet is, the more you’ll probably need to agitate.

Separate your carpet’s piles by hand if you need to. The important thing is that your scrub brush is able to reach down to the carpet’s base. Ensure you get to the base of the fibers.

Step 4: More Blotting

For the next step you’ll need to once again blot with a clean hand towel. With the towel slightly wet with lukewarm water, proceed to rub the towel into the ink that remains and try to blot everything out. Repeat the process until you remove all the ink from the carpet.

Want to know the easiest way to get ink stains out of carpet: Call Like New Carpet Care

Figuring out how to get ink out of carpet doesn’t have to be difficult. Our carpet cleaning professionals have access to advanced tools and equipment that remove virtually any stain. Using carpet-specific solvents and powerful vacuums, they’re able to lift up stains that otherwise seem impossible to remove.

So if you’ve been struggling with how to remove ink from carpet and happen to be in the Orlando area, give us a call at 407-947-6724. Our process includes things that other companies don’t even think about covering.  We’d be happy to help you get ink out of your carpet today!