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Curry In Your Carpet

Good day from your friendly Orlando Carpet Cleaners! Sometimes our blogs are about us as a company. The services we provide, the equipment we use and our cleaning methods are things we like to touch on. We also like to provide tips & tricks that may help some of our fantastic customers. Our technicians are trained and IICRC certified, so these guys know what they’re doing! When you combine high quality training with an abundance of experience you get a carpet technician with a plethora of methods for attacking all types of spots, spills and stains. So, today I would like to pass along some info that could help in the case of spilled curry. Yep, if you love curry and you’ve had a spill you know that quick action is the best route.

When you find yourself in a situation involving spilled curry on your carpet, you want to act quickly. The quicker you act, the better the results will be after your cleaning. The most important thing to remember is to dab, not wipe the curry. Again, DO NOT WIPE the curry! Wiping will only work the curry deeper into the fibers of the carpet. Dabbing is the only method that will not make the matter worse. In a bowl you will want to mix dish soap, vinegar and warm water equally. Then get yourself a nice clean rag. Pour some of the mixture on the curry spill, then dab it with the rag. Continue the process for as long as needed. If the spill is large, you may need to use more than one rag. If you need further assistance, give us a call! Thanks for your time and hopefully this post will help someone, somewhere, someday!

How To Remove Wine Stains

We’re going to discuss some tips and tricks our carpet cleaning technicians recommend for treating a wine stain. It is not uncommon to sit back, relax and enjoy a nice glass of wine. Whether you enjoy a lighter, sweeter white wine, or you’re more of a bold, dark red wine fan, there’s no doubt that a little wine goes a long way. While most of the wine works it’s way down your throat, there’s always a chance that some of that sweet drink can end up on the floor. Now, if your spill is on some tile, concrete, wood or laminate, it can be as simple as a quick wipe with a rag. That being of course if you get to it quickly enough. If your spill happens to be on your carpet, you may find yourself in a bit more of a nerve racking experience that requires more immediate attention. There is no need to panic, but you may want to emphasize how quickly you begin to treat the spill.

The first thing you want to remember, is to not rub the spill under any circumstances. When you rub any spill, you’re only working the substance deeper into the fibers of the carpet. It is all important that you dab the spill. Wet a white rag and dab the spill to absorb it into the rag. This step will remove most of the spill, leaving the residual behind. Next, you want to apply a good layer of salt on the affected area. Salt will absorb even more of the wine and the quicker you add the salt, the better it will work. After that, flush the area with warm water and dab it up again. Remember to dab, not wipe! Hopefully this advice will help the next time you have a wine spill.

Pesky Little Bugs

Our Orlando carpet cleaning service not only cleans your carpets, it also helps to disinfect them as well. Pesky little bugs can infest your carpet, especially if you are a pet owner. These little critters are known as fleas. By definition, a Flea is a small wingless jumping insect that feeds on the blood of mammals and birds. It sometimes transmits diseases through its bite, including plague and myxomatosis. That is the actual definition! Sounds a bit disconcerting to say the least. Not only are these tiny insects annoying, they can also carry and transmit disease. Fleas are typically brought into ones home via pets, such as dogs and cats. While it is very important for pet owners to keep their pets clean and treated with anti flea supplements, fleas can still work their way on your pets and in your home. Fleas can get into your home by way of other people, from bringing items stored outside of your home inside or simply by opening a door. Once fleas are in your home, they can be incredibly difficult to remove. The first step, as previously mentioned, would be to clean your pets and treat them with anti flea medications or shampoos. Next, you would need to begin the process of removing the fleas from your carpet and or upholstery. Having your carpets professionally steam cleaned can help to make a significant difference. The enzymes in our pre-spray help to kill any active contaminates in your carpets. The high heat and high pressure from our equipment will kill any fleas and their eggs upon direct contact. When the time comes, you know who to call!

Carpet Wear And Tear

Wear and tear is a natural part of literally everything, not excluding your carpets. There are practices you can follow to help keep the natural wear and tear at bay, but the wear is inevitable. We’re going to give you a few tips to get you by until you have our carpet cleaning technicians come work their magic!

The first thing you should know about carpet is that wear is a gradual process that happens slowly over an extended period of time.  It is when the carpet fiber, carpet pad, or carpet backing start to breakdown at a base level.  An increased combination of foot traffic and soil deposits contribute the most to carpet wear.  Carpet wear can be quite visible in several varieties such as matted carpet and/or dirty or discolored carpeting in specific areas.

Carpet wear typically stands out in areas that have heavy traffic areas, like hallways, stairs, or the entrance to a room. The more traffic that travels through an area, the more signs of carpet wear you will see. Carpet wear can usually stand out significantly in areas where the direction of travel changes.   Carpet wear can also happen in transition areas, where the flooring changes from a hard surface, like tile or hardwood, to the carpeted area.  A common example of this would be the transition from the kitchen area to the living or family room area. Soil and debris will sit on top of the hard surface loosely, which makes it nice and easy for it to work it’s way into the carpet fibers. Any time you walk from a hard floor in your home to a carpeted area, the soil and debris will fall from your shoes down into the carpet where is will embed itself into the fibers. Regular vacuuming will help to keep your soil and debris levels low, but a hot water extraction/steam clean every 6 to 12 months is highly recommended.

How To Remove Pet Stains At Home

I like to give some tips out from time to time that will hopefully help some of our customers out with certain cleaning resolutions. Here’s a few tips for pet odor removal and the a stains that are left behind. Pet odor removal carpet cleaning can be a tricky test, as surface cleaning the carpet will not rectify your odor issue, and rarely removes the stain either. You must attack the urine crystals to ensure complete pet odor removal. The difficult part about this is that most of the urine salts reside in the bottom of the carpet and mainly in the padding. You must remove the salts in the padding to rectify the odor, or any time moisture or humidity levels change the pungent odor will shows its stinky face.

This is in reference to a pet accident. If you have something going on at your home and a pet makes a mess on your carpet, these tips can help prevent the problem from working it’s way deep into the fibers of the carpet and potentially permanently changing the color or the fibers themselves. Follow these tips in order, then call us to have one of our skilled technicians come work their magic.

1. Use a wet vac or some type of extraction method to remove as much liquid and soil from unwanted area as possible. If this is available to you, it can really help to make a significant difference.

2. Treat the unwanted area with a cleaner as specific to the spot/stain as possible. DO NOT USE BLEACH! Never use bleach. Gently blot the spot, do not swirl as this could spread the spot. Do not rub the spot, only blot or dab the spot.

3. If the stain remains, start over and pour water on the area to rinse and dampen. Don’t oversaturate, but do put enough to wet the spotted area adequately. The water can help to loosen up the contaminants for easier extraction.

Take a look at our video demonstration here on our website under the pet odor removal services page, this will show you what our step by step process is. Though you may want to use these techniques at your own risk, as you need special tools and cleaning solutions. When in doubt, give us a call and our highly trained technicians will come do their best as they always do! Always approach any spill, spot or stain with caution as the incorrect method can cause more damage than repair.

Protecting Your Carpet

As an carpet cleaning company, we provide a variety of services for cleaning and maintaining carpets and rugs. We are professionals who enjoy answering questions and offering our advice to any and all, customers or not. One piece of advice we always share with our customers has to do with lengthening the overall life of your carpets. Once our thorough cleaning of your carpet has been completed, we offer application of a carpet protectant that will help to protect your carpet from a stain permanently ruining your beautiful floor. Our carpet protectant is a product that is actually applied to a large amount of carpets that are installed in homes across the country.

We constantly talk about the importance of having your carpets deep steam cleaned regularly, but this time we’ll touch on the importance of adding our carpet protectant to the carpet after the cleaning is complete.  Once your carpets have been deep steam cleaned and contaminants like dust, dander, pollen and mold have been mostly removed or neutralized you’re left with a very nice, clean, new looking carpet.  Now, instead of letting the quality and look of the carpet begin to diminish due to standard wear and tear you can add our carpet protectant service to help it maintain that fresh looking appearance until you have your next cleaning. Our carpet protectant is applied directly to the freshly cleaned carpet as soon as the cleaning has been completed.  It is basically covering your carpet with a light coating of Teflon.  Just like your pots or pans that have a Teflon coating to help prevent stains and make cleaning easier, applying our carpet protectant to your freshly cleaned carpets will have a similar effect.  Any carpet protectant will eventually wear down, so applying it regularly is important.  Once you give it a try you will notice the difference.  Our carpet protectant treatment will help your carpets stay cleaner and looking good longer, Dry soil can be removed much more easily when you vacuum and spills can be blotted up much more quickly and easily.  Next time you have us out for your Carpet Cleaning Orlando service make sure to let our technicians demonstrate the difference carpet protectant  makes.  It’s a decision you won’t regret.

Feedback And Reviews

Here at Like New Carpet Care, we have seen our business continue to grow since the day we first opened our doors. Our company does everything we can to provide the best Truck Mounted Unit Carpet Cleaning experience possible, from beginning to end! While we are confident that our process works well, thanks to our enormity of repeat customers, we do attribute a lot of our growth to our positive reviews. We strive to be the best Carpet Cleaning Orlando Company that we can possibly be and our reviews on various platforms have helped greatly to keep us on the right track. Check out our Carpet Cleaning reviews we receive, which are overwhelmingly positive, help to let us know that we are doing things correctly. We don’t only clean carpet. Since we do provide a variety of services such as Upholstery Cleaning , Tile and Grout Cleaning and Oriental Rug Cleaning, all of the feedback we receive helps to ensure we are operating properly in all facets of our company.

The word Quality seems to be the most important word we use when describing the experience our company provides. Quality is so important to us that we keep it in mind when doing anything within our company. Quality is the foundation on which our company is built on. That’s why all of the feedback and the many reviews we receive are so important to us. Without happy customers, we would not receive so many reviews letting us know how highly people value our Quality Carpet Cleaning service. The positive input helps us to focus on how to continue to improve as a company. These days, reviews are critical to the success of any business. We value every review we receive and thank our customers for the positive feedback. So, to all of our customers who have taken the time to provide us with your feedback or leave a review online, we thank you greatly for your time!

Natural Fiber Rug Cleaning Services We Offer

Did you know that our company is more than just a carpet cleaner? Well, we’re a whole lot more than just a carpet cleaning company. We offer a variety of services that we perform daily in not only the Orlando area, but all around central Florida. And if you aren’t in the Orlando or near me, just give us a call and we can set you up for a drop off at our facility. This opens our services area substantially, as we have customer bring us there rugs from all over, Tampa, Melbourne, Daytona, and many other places in the central Florida area. We not only provide carpet cleaning services, we also offer furniture cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, carpet stretching and natural fiber rug cleaning services.

Our high end wool rug cleaning plant is located in the heart of Orlando. It is a short trip up the road from the Tampa area and right in the backyard of our Orlando area customers. Our rug cleaning service includes free pickup, inspection, cleaning, drying and delivery back to your home. When we pick up a rug we complete a quick in home inspection with the customer present. Once we have the rug at our facility, it goes through a more in depth inspection to test the type of fiber, to inspect for possible dye transfer issues or for any preexisting damage to the rug. We also have a specific process for treating urine soaked rugs prior to the standard cleaning process. Our standard process is a delicate, intricate shampooing process that is followed by a natural drying process that involves industrial air movers and a specifically designed dry rack. If there is a possibility of dye migration then we will dry flat to ensure to bleeding occurs. When the cleaning and drying process is completed, we then wrap the rug in safety plastic and prep it for delivery.

All rugs will be cleaned in our plant, as we mentioned before about our detailed cleaning process there would be no way to clean these rugs in your home. We clean a variety of rugs in home and at our facility. Everything from your standard synthetic house rug to high end natural fiber rugs. When it comes to cleaning standard synthetic rugs, they can be cleaned in home using our truck mounted units. If there is a surface that is adequate to clean the rug upon, we basically clean it as if it were a room of carpet. The synthetic fibers are very durable and made to withstand the vigorous steam cleaning process, so it is completely safe and yields great results.

As we mention our process involves a substantial different process then hot water extraction methods. Make sure to choose are rug cleaner near me, this will help determine if you can receive free pickup and delivery with your service. Once the cleaning has been entirely completed, we will deliver the rug back to you. Pickup and delivery are always free of charge. When your rug is ready for it’s proper cleaning, give us a call!

Extend The Life Of Your Carpet

Here at Like New Cleaning, we don’t just clean carpet, we love carpet! Our many years being professional Carpet Cleaning service providers has generated a sincere appreciation for how our carpet is made and how durable it actually is. This level of interest in what we do provides us with that extra motivation needed to provide the best service possible. We are dedicated to keeping that amazing carpet of yours in like new shape for as long as it possibly can. A vast majority of in home carpet is made of synthetic materials such as Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene. These man made materials are made to be able to stand up to everyday use for many years. One of the ways that fibers are measures is by their bend life. Every time a fiber is bent, it wears it down slightly. Natural fibers have a much lower bend life, because they are simply natural fibers that we use in a manner other than what they are naturally intended for. Synthetic materials are make to have a bend life that extends beyond natural fibers by tens of thousands of bends. So, if taken care of properly your synthetic carpeting can last a very long time! You can literally get decades out of an in home synthetic carpet, if properly maintained.

Here are just a few tips on how you can help keep your carpet looking and feeling fresh for as long as possible. Vacuum your carpets regularly. Dirt actually wears the fibers in your carpet down. Placing a mat at your front door for people to wipe the dirt off their shoes is helpful. Or you can go with a full no shoes in the house policy. That will make a considerable difference in the long run. But, make sure you stick to vacuuming the less traveled areas once a week and the high traffic areas multiple times weekly.  Rearranging your furniture regularly can help as well. Not only will it help to prevent flat spots in the carpet do to the feet of the furniture, it will help to prevent permanent high traffic areas in your carpet. By moving the furniture into different arrangements it will change the paths that are more often traveled, which will in turn extend the overall life of the carpet. Another tip is to get rid of any loose fibers. If you see a piece of the carpet that is poking itself up above the rest of the carpet, kneel down and take a look at it. One single thread may not seem like it can make the biggest difference, but it sure can lead to a problem. One thread, if not dealt with can turn into multiple threads, which can turn into an empty spot on your carpet. If you see a loose thread in your carpet, just go ahead and snip it out.

Hopefully you found this post helpful and informative. We are always here for our customers and we are very proud of that! Feel free to give us a try when you are in need of any of our services and we will be happy to show you how important customer satisfaction is to us!

How To Treat A Wine Stain

Our company prides itself in providing a high quality cleaning service to go along with our commitment to outstanding customer service. All of our employees receive regular training in their fields of service, whether it be Carpet, Upholstery, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Home Cleaning or high end Oriental Rug Cleaning. This regular training in correlation with specific cleaning solutions helps them to achieve great results when working on specific problems. For example, our carpet technicians are exceptionally talented in stop and stain treatment. So, let’s say you’re looking for a wine stain remover company in the Orlando area. Well, then we would be the people to call! But, before we get to you, here are a few tips on how to treat a wine stain.

The best time to try and remove a red wine stain is when it is still wet. It is much, much more difficult to remove a dried wine stain, regardless of the color of the wine. Remember to always blot any stain you are trying to treat. When you rubs stains with a cloth, you are actually working the stain deeper into the fibers of the carpet. The first thing you will want to do is begin to dab the wine up off the carpet with a clean, dry cloth. Begin with the outside and work your way in, to prevent the wine from spreading. The next step would be to use club soda as a cleanser and another clean cloth to dab it up. Lightly apply the club soda to the stain, let it sit for about 20 seconds, then dab the wet area with light pressure. If the club soda doesn’t work, try using a mixture of baking soda and warm water as a solution and try the same dabbing routine.

These types of stains can be very difficult to remove and even the best of treatments can only be so effective at times. As soon as your spill occurs, you should give us a call. Once you call us, we will inform you how to treat your stain accordingly while we set up your appointment. We will provide you with some more tips next time.

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