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Extend The Life Of Your Carpet

Here at Like New Cleaning, we don’t just clean carpet, we love carpet! Our many years being professional Carpet Cleaning service providers has generated a sincere appreciation for how our carpet is made and how durable it actually is. This level of interest in what we do provides us with that extra motivation needed to provide the best service possible. We are dedicated to keeping that amazing carpet of yours in like new shape for as long as it possibly can. A vast majority of in home carpet is made of synthetic materials such as Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene. These man made materials are made to be able to stand up to everyday use for many years. One of the ways that fibers are measures is by their bend life. Every time a fiber is bent, it wears it down slightly. Natural fibers have a much lower bend life, because they are simply natural fibers that we use in a manner other than what they are naturally intended for. Synthetic materials are make to have a bend life that extends beyond natural fibers by tens of thousands of bends. So, if taken care of properly your synthetic carpeting can last a very long time! You can literally get decades out of an in home synthetic carpet, if properly maintained.

Here are just a few tips on how you can help keep your carpet looking and feeling fresh for as long as possible. Vacuum your carpets regularly. Dirt actually wears the fibers in your carpet down. Placing a mat at your front door for people to wipe the dirt off their shoes is helpful. Or you can go with a full no shoes in the house policy. That will make a considerable difference in the long run. But, make sure you stick to vacuuming the less traveled areas once a week and the high traffic areas multiple times weekly.  Rearranging your furniture regularly can help as well. Not only will it help to prevent flat spots in the carpet do to the feet of the furniture, it will help to prevent permanent high traffic areas in your carpet. By moving the furniture into different arrangements it will change the paths that are more often traveled, which will in turn extend the overall life of the carpet. Another tip is to get rid of any loose fibers. If you see a piece of the carpet that is poking itself up above the rest of the carpet, kneel down and take a look at it. One single thread may not seem like it can make the biggest difference, but it sure can lead to a problem. One thread, if not dealt with can turn into multiple threads, which can turn into an empty spot on your carpet. If you see a loose thread in your carpet, just go ahead and snip it out.

Hopefully you found this post helpful and informative. We are always here for our customers and we are very proud of that! Feel free to give us a try when you are in need of any of our services and we will be happy to show you how important customer satisfaction is to us!