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How To Remove Pet Stains At Home

I like to give some tips out from time to time that will hopefully help some of our customers out with certain cleaning resolutions. Here’s a few tips for pet odor removal and the a stains that are left behind. Pet odor removal carpet cleaning can be a tricky test, as surface cleaning the carpet will not rectify your odor issue, and rarely removes the stain either. You must attack the urine crystals to ensure complete pet odor removal. The difficult part about this is that most of the urine salts reside in the bottom of the carpet and mainly in the padding. You must remove the salts in the padding to rectify the odor, or any time moisture or humidity levels change the pungent odor will shows its stinky face.

This is in reference to a pet accident. If you have something going on at your home and a pet makes a mess on your carpet, these tips can help prevent the problem from working it’s way deep into the fibers of the carpet and potentially permanently changing the color or the fibers themselves. Follow these tips in order, then call us to have one of our skilled technicians come work their magic.

1. Use a wet vac or some type of extraction method to remove as much liquid and soil from unwanted area as possible. If this is available to you, it can really help to make a significant difference.

2. Treat the unwanted area with a cleaner as specific to the spot/stain as possible. DO NOT USE BLEACH! Never use bleach. Gently blot the spot, do not swirl as this could spread the spot. Do not rub the spot, only blot or dab the spot.

3. If the stain remains, start over and pour water on the area to rinse and dampen. Don’t oversaturate, but do put enough to wet the spotted area adequately. The water can help to loosen up the contaminants for easier extraction.

Take a look at our video demonstration here on our website under the pet odor removal services page, this will show you what our step by step process is. Though you may want to use these techniques at your own risk, as you need special tools and cleaning solutions. When in doubt, give us a call and our highly trained technicians will come do their best as they always do! Always approach any spill, spot or stain with caution as the incorrect method can cause more damage than repair.