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Natural Fiber Rug Cleaning Services We Offer

Did you know that our company is more than just a carpet cleaner? Well, we’re a whole lot more than just a carpet cleaning company. We offer a variety of services that we perform daily in not only the Orlando area, but all around central Florida. And if you aren’t in the Orlando or near me, just give us a call and we can set you up for a drop off at our facility. This opens our services area substantially, as we have customer bring us there rugs from all over, Tampa, Melbourne, Daytona, and many other places in the central Florida area. We not only provide carpet cleaning services, we also offer furniture cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, carpet stretching and natural fiber rug cleaning services.

Our high end wool rug cleaning plant is located in the heart of Orlando. It is a short trip up the road from the Tampa area and right in the backyard of our Orlando area customers. Our rug cleaning service includes free pickup, inspection, cleaning, drying and delivery back to your home. When we pick up a rug we complete a quick in home inspection with the customer present. Once we have the rug at our facility, it goes through a more in depth inspection to test the type of fiber, to inspect for possible dye transfer issues or for any preexisting damage to the rug. We also have a specific process for treating urine soaked rugs prior to the standard cleaning process. Our standard process is a delicate, intricate shampooing process that is followed by a natural drying process that involves industrial air movers and a specifically designed dry rack. If there is a possibility of dye migration then we will dry flat to ensure to bleeding occurs. When the cleaning and drying process is completed, we then wrap the rug in safety plastic and prep it for delivery.

All rugs will be cleaned in our plant, as we mentioned before about our detailed cleaning process there would be no way to clean these rugs in your home. We clean a variety of rugs in home and at our facility. Everything from your standard synthetic house rug to high end natural fiber rugs. When it comes to cleaning standard synthetic rugs, they can be cleaned in home using our truck mounted units. If there is a surface that is adequate to clean the rug upon, we basically clean it as if it were a room of carpet. The synthetic fibers are very durable and made to withstand the vigorous steam cleaning process, so it is completely safe and yields great results.

As we mention our process involves a substantial different process then hot water extraction methods. Make sure to choose are rug cleaner near me, this will help determine if you can receive free pickup and delivery with your service. Once the cleaning has been entirely completed, we will deliver the rug back to you. Pickup and delivery are always free of charge. When your rug is ready for it’s proper cleaning, give us a call!