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Pesky Little Bugs

Our Orlando carpet cleaning service not only cleans your carpets, it also helps to disinfect them as well. Pesky little bugs can infest your carpet, especially if you are a pet owner. These little critters are known as fleas. By definition, a Flea is a small wingless jumping insect that feeds on the blood of mammals and birds. It sometimes transmits diseases through its bite, including plague and myxomatosis. That is the actual definition! Sounds a bit disconcerting to say the least. Not only are these tiny insects annoying, they can also carry and transmit disease. Fleas are typically brought into ones home via pets, such as dogs and cats. While it is very important for pet owners to keep their pets clean and treated with anti flea supplements, fleas can still work their way on your pets and in your home. Fleas can get into your home by way of other people, from bringing items stored outside of your home inside or simply by opening a door. Once fleas are in your home, they can be incredibly difficult to remove. The first step, as previously mentioned, would be to clean your pets and treat them with anti flea medications or shampoos. Next, you would need to begin the process of removing the fleas from your carpet and or upholstery. Having your carpets professionally steam cleaned can help to make a significant difference. The enzymes in our pre-spray help to kill any active contaminates in your carpets. The high heat and high pressure from our equipment will kill any fleas and their eggs upon direct contact. When the time comes, you know who to call!