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Working With Everyone!

As a professional service company, we work with all kinds of consumers and professionals across the Central Florida area. Whether you are a standard customer who needs the carpet, tile and grout, upholstery or synthetic area rugs cleaned in your home, or you need our services in a commercial setting, we have a plan for you. Using our truck mounted units to perform a heavy duty, in depth hot water extraction cleaning service, we can clean in any setting that will allow us to meet our needs. A truck mounted unit is a large, industrial machine that provides the high heat and high pressures needed to perform such an effective cleaning. While this machine is permanently mounted to a service vehicle and is not as easily accessible as a portable unit, the performance provided is unmatched. We typically run about 250 feet of pressure hose and suction hose from the machine into your home to complete the cleaning service. A third hose hooks directly up to an external water source and can typically reach up to about 150 feet. As long as the conditions needed can be met, we can clean in any circumstances needed.

Our company provides professional carpet cleaning in commercial settings, as well as residential settings. Like New Carpet Care works with an abundance of local realtors, property managers, property owners. We also perform regular recurring cleanings for many small and large businesses in the Central Florida area. We can perform any of our cleaning services in any commercial setting that provides the needed circumstances for a truck mounted unit cleaning service. We can clean carpet, tile and grout, upholstery and synthetic area rugs in a commercial setting just the same as in a residential setting. Our goal is to provide the best service possible for each of our customers whether they are residential or commercial customers. Our repeat customer rate is over fifty percent for our commercial customer base, as well as our residential customer base. The fact that we get to perform so many recurring cleaning services for our wonderful customers in itself lets us know that we are keeping up with our goal of providing an amazing service experience.

We employ a number of our own technicians, which helps us to be schedule friendly. We do not use any outside, independent contractors. Every technician we send out is a vetted employee. We perform background checks and extensive training methods on each of our carpet and rug technicians. Having a number of well trained, reliable employees gives us the opportunity to offer multiple scheduling options for our customers. Sometimes we can even schedule a service for the same day. If you call to set something up in advance, we almost always can cater your your needs. Our technicians are so beloved by our repeat customers, they are typically requested by name each time a customer has a service performed. Even when a new technician comes to perform any one of our cleaning services in a repeat customer’s home, that customer is just as satisfied with their service as the last time they had a cleaning with their usually preferred technician. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in every facet of the services we provide. Using the equipment and tools properly is of great importance and can make a major difference in the final outcome of any service. The same goes with using the proper solutions and methods to treat any issues that are a part of the service. When a technician enters your home, office or facility, the first thing he will do is a walkthrough with you, the customer. This pre cleaning walkthrough inspection is meant to help the technician get an understanding of the scope of the job. The actual areas to be cleaned will be established, areas of concern can be addressed and the pricing will be finalized. Our technicians must have great “people skills” as well. When you are interacting with one of our technicians, whether in your own residential home or in an office or a large facility, feel comfortable knowing that our technicians are friendly, knowledgable and helpful. During the walkthrough, areas of concern are usually discussed. These areas of concern are usually spots, stains or high traffic areas. When addressed, the technician will let you know what he sees, how he will treat it and what he thinks the final results will be. Our technicians are always up front and honest with our customers. Our technicians will always tell you what you should expect with the final results. Our cleaning is the most effective method for achieving the best results possible, but our technicians will be honest with you and let you know if they think a stain may not be able to completely removed. Typically, spots, stains or high traffic areas can still remain after service if permanent damage has occurred. If the synthetic carpet fibers have been altered permanently by a substance involved in a spill or from general wear and lack of maintenance, they may only come out so well. These are things the technician will inform you of during the pre cleaning inspection walkthrough. We treat each and every customer with the proper manners and respect by being honest, up front and helpful. We believe this is the best way to do business!

Whether you are a brand new customer or one of our many return, repeat customers, we do everything we can to ensure you receive the best service possible. Part of that is ensuring that you are receiving the best pricing possible as well. We typically have a deal or two up our sleeve that we can offer to our customers. Our most popular deal, which is also our longest running deal, is our Four Standard Areas Of Carpet Cleaning For Ninety Nine Dollars special. Since ninety nine dollars (total cost of one hundred and five dollars) is our minimum charge, we decided to make it a special that covers up to four standard sized areas of carpet cleaning. This particular special saves forty dollars off of the standard rates. So, when you call or visit us online to schedule your in home cleaning appointment, we will typically offer this special deal directly to you. We cannot combine multiple offers, but we will always offer the best special that we have available to fit your specific needs. Our second most popular special that we have been offering continuously for years is our sofa and love seat combo for ninety nine dollars. This special saves you thirty dollars right off of the standard pricing. When we are helping to schedule your service over the phone, we will ask a number of questions and then take time discussing your options to help ensure you are receiving the right service that is needed while also getting the best price possible. Even when the technician arrives to perform the pre cleaning inspection walkthrough, he will advise you as to what the best service for the best price to meet your needs would be. We are always looking out for our customers!

Residential and commercial settings are typically handled differently due to the scope of the job. For residential services we can charge per area (room or space up to 200 square feet), as most residential cleanings are conducted in standard single family homes or town homes. Even when we clean in apartments, we can charge on a per area basis. Commercial settings are typically quite a bit different. The layout is usually much different than a residential setting and the low pile carpet with no padding is typically a bit more difficult to clean. Commercial settings are charged by the square foot for carpet cleaning. Upon arrival, the technician will perform a very similar inspection prior to beginning a commercial cleaning. For the commercial walkthrough, he will be taking measurements during the initial inspection walkthrough. We offer bracket pricing for commercial settings so that we can make sure we are offering the best service for the best price, similarly to residential carpet cleaning. Our standard rate of twenty cents per square foot for commercial carpet cleaning is adjusted based on the total square footage to be cleaned. We can also clean tile and grout in commercial settings in a similar manner. It is a square footage charge that is adjusted based on the size of the job. We can usually lower the square footage rates for large commercial jobs because there are often larger spaces in which the technicians would could have to set up and break down once. When cleaning in a residential setting, a technicians will usually have to set up and break down in each area serviced. This process takes a lot of time and that time must be accounted for. In a residential setting, the technician scan often clean a large portion of the total areas to be cleaned without having to break down and set up multiple times. This helps us to be able to adjust our prices accordingly.

We clean in all types of settings for all types of customers and we do our best to cater to each individual cleaning need! Give us a try and see for yourself why we have such a high customer return rate!