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Some Accident Treatment Advice.

Many of our posts offer up a bit of information on our services, or some advice on how to treat and maintain different types of materials that we are familiar with. We do this regularly as a way to help our customers, and anyone who reads through our site, get the most out of their carpet, tile & grout, upholstery and area rugs. When it comes to any of these textiles being used in a variety of ways, proper care goes a long way. Proper care, including regular in home maintenance performed by the homeowner, as well as regular professional cleaning services will help to keep your floors and furniture looking and feeling great for a much longer period of time than when these important maintenance steps are not followed. Our Carpet Cleaning Orlando technicians have the skills, experience and equipment needed to perform the regular professional services that are needed to get the most out of the life of your in home textiles.

As we mentioned in the first paragraph, maintenance is a very important part of getting the most out of the life of your carpet, tile & grout, upholstery and area rugs. However, even with the tightest maintenance schedule that includes regular personal maintenance of your floors and furniture as well as standard professional cleanings, there are still unforeseen accidents that can (and will) occur. When you have an accident on any of your flooring, rugs or furniture, you are always going to want to attack the accident immediately. Sometimes these accidents will take place at a time in which they cannot be quickly tended to, but you would still always want to do what you can to treat them as soon as possible. Different accidents call for different measures of treatment. Most accidents come in the form of a spill. Food, drinks and paint are the most common spills that our technicians come across when performing their professional in home services. The key to successfully treating any of these types of spills is immediate treatment. As soon as you can, you want to remove as much of the mess as possible. The longer is sits, the more opportunity it has to cause some permanent damage to the fibers. Once permanent damage is done, it cannot be cleaned out. Permanent damage may sound like an extreme definition of what an accidental spill could do, but it is the reality of the situation. When a carpet, rug, piece of upholstery or even the grout between your tiles develops a bit of a permanently dirty look, whether it is small or large, light or dark, that is a form of permanent damage. The most common form of permanent damage is discoloration. Again, once this damage has had time to set in and becomes permanent, even the deepest types of the most professional cleanings will not help the situation. The more quickly a spill or stain can be tended to, the higher the chance of avoiding permanent damage.

Now, there are some standard tips that help in treating just about all possible accident issues that could occur in a carpet. When it comes to spills or messes that happen on your flooring or furniture, we already covered the most important part which is rapid treatment. You always want to treat them as quickly as possible. The next basic step that can be applied to most normal accidental spills or messes would be in the way you treat them yourself. You always want to dab and blot, never rub. If the mess involves food, vomit or feces (the more unfortunate accidents), you would first want to delicately remove the bulk of the mess from the surface of what you are cleaning. Do this delicately using paper towels, a cloth rag, gloves or a plastic bag. Be sure to be delicate as you remove the mess from the surface area of your floor or furniture, as you want to avoid pushing it into the fibers as much as possible. Once you have removed the bulk of the mess, you can then start to work at removing the remaining portion of the accidental mess. This is where the process of dabbing or blotting comes into play. Often, most people will have a natural instinct to immediately start to rub a mess with a cloth or rag. Unfortunately, the process of rubbing a mess actually makes it worse. When you begin to rub the mess, whether it be on a piece of upholstery, on your carpet or area rugs, or even on the grout between your tile, you are actually forcing the mess deeper into the surface. This act will absolutely make it more difficult to completely remove and may actually cause permanent damage to the surface fibers or even the grout. Blotting and dabbing the mess can make all the difference as to how well the mess will come out. You can even use a safe, homemade solution that can help to remove the mess without causing any damage. The best go to cleaning solution that is safe on virtually every type of material is a mixture of Water, Dish Soap and White Vinegar. Mix these 3 items in a bowl and either apply it directly to the mess if the mess is heavy, or apply it to a cloth if the mess is lighter. Then, you would want to dab and blot the mess up until it seems that you have removed as much of the mess as possible.

Once you have completed your in home treatment, the next step would be to set up a professional cleaning service. The more quickly both the in home treatment and the professional cleaning services are carried out, the better chance you have at obtaining preferable results. Our technicians are trained and experienced in all the proper treatment methods required to achieve the best results possible for each one of our customers. They use our high end equipment, along with our top of the line truck mounted units to perform a heavy duty cleaning of the surface of your carpet, your tile and grout, your upholstery and your area rugs, that is safe for all synthetic fibers. A hot water extraction cleaning using truck mounted units is the industry preferred method for treating synthetic textiles, as well as floor tile and grout. When you have an accident, remember to treat it quickly, then call us; your local carpet cleaning professionals, to have the proper services performed. We hope this information will help the next time there is an unfortunate spill or mess!