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Is This A Safe Process?

Here at Like New Carpet Care, our professional technicians are trained, certified and experienced in a variety of in home cleaning services. Each one of our service vehicles has a top of the line Truck Mounted Unit installed to help our technicians provide the highest quality Hot Water Extraction cleaning service possible. We also keep our service vehicles stocked with the best equipment available and the best solutions needed to get any job within our scope done properly! Just as our name sake shows, we are professional carpet cleaners who provide a thorough and highly effective cleaning service. A combination of our equipment, methods and technician’s skills give us the ability to provide the best possible service and best possible results at each service. While our name says Carpet Care, we do also specialize in a variety of other Hot Water Extraction cleaning services. We clean synthetic upholstery in home as well. Any upholstery that is made of synthetic materials and is colored (not pure white) responds incredible well to our hot water extraction cleaning method. We have a variety of ways for treating different types of spills, spots or stains on your in home upholstery. If you are not sure of what you have or how to service it, just reach out to us and ask any questions you may have. Upon completing an in home hot water extraction upholstery cleaning service, we can even apply a protective coating. This protective surface coating can help to protect your upholstery from permanent surface staining for up to a year. This coating will create an invisible buffer between your upholstery and any contaminants looking to do damage. If a spill occurs, the protective coating will buy you time to clean the spill up. It effectively keeps the spill on the surface of the upholstery for what is typically a long enough amount of time for you to clean everything off before it can set in and cause permanent damage.

The protectant mentioned previously can also be applied to your carpeted flooring, once the cleaning process has been completed. The hot water extraction process that is performed using our truck mounted units is the same method we enact when cleaning your in home carpeting. While it is recommended to have your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months, adding protectant after the cleaning has been completed will help to extend the overall life of your in home carpeting. Some customers describe it as the icing on the cake! Our hot water extraction cleaning process is so highly effective on carpet and other synthetic surfaces due to the force of the cleaning. The truck mounted units we use produce water at near boiling temperatures that is highly pressurized. This in itself has a massive impact on the effectiveness of the cleaning. This heat and power forces the clustered fibers open and allows all contaminants living deep down to the base of the fibers out. We do apply a prespray prior to beginning the hot water extraction cleaning process to aid in the overall outcome of the cleaning service. This pre spray is safe and highly effective. Being that the pre spray solution is enzyme based, it helps to kill all germs and bacteria that reside within your carpeting prior to even introducing the highly heated and highly pressurized water. The pre spray and highly heated and highly pressurized water combine to provide a thorough and vigorous cleaning service that leaves your carpets feeling good and looking fresh. Your carpets will be left essentially sterilized. This service is not only good for standard maintenance cleaning services, it is also great for move in cleanings, move out cleaning, or if you are bringing a new addition to the family home!

It seems that we have detailed all of the highlights that make our truck mounted unit hot water extraction cleaning service so effective for cleaning your in home synthetic carpet and upholstery, but now we are going to tell you a bit about how this method is also an fantastic way to treat your tile and grout. One of the ways that makes this hot water extraction cleaning method so effective for cleaning your in home tile and grout, is the way that it can easily reach down into every nook and cranny that cover the surface of the tile. We all know that most tile is not made to be perfectly smooth and sealed. Usually, most tile has tiny pits and uneven surfaces. This makes the versatility of a cleaning process that uses pressurized water perfectly ideal for a complete cleaning, deep down in every inch of the tile. The same goes for the grout. Grout is much less dense that any form of tile and it is also much more porous and hygroscopic. This means that your grout will suck up any and everything liquid that comes across it. Any liquid that is absorbed by the grout can be drawn all the way through the grout to the concrete floor beneath. Our hot water cleaning process does a great job of being able to reach deep down to the base of the gout and flush out all contaminants that reside within. Once your tile and grout are freshly and deeply cleaned, we also have a sealant that is specific for grout that we can apply. This grout specific sealant works just like the carpet and upholstery sealant we discussed previously. Once the grout sealant is correctly applied, it creates a solid buffer between any possible spills and the grout itself. This in turn, will provide you with an extended period of time win which you can clean a spill before it has the chance to settle deep down into the grout. The wrong type of stain that is absorbed deep down into the grout can cause permanent irreversible staining. Applying the grout sealant to the floor grout once it has been deeply and properly cleaned by a professional can help to greatly extend the life of your grout.

Earlier, we discussed that the hot water extraction cleaning process is only meant to be performed on synthetic materials when it is used to clean carpet or upholstery. That is due entirely to the immense heat and pressure of the water used for the service. If you used this high powered cleaning service on wool, cotton or leather, you can cause instant damage that can absolutely be irreversible. Problems such as staining, discoloration, burning, melting, striping, contracting, expanding or disintegration can occur when this high powered cleaning method is performed on the wrong materials. This does not only apply to carpet and upholstery, it also applies to your in home floor tiles. The hot water extraction cleaning service using high powered truck mounted units is recommended for use on standard ceramic tiles, or porcelain tiles that have no additional glazing or coating on them. These materials are much more dense and strong than other softer stones, which makes them perfect candidates to stand up to the vigorous cleaning process that comes along with the truck mounted units. This hot water extraction process is not recommended to be performed on surfaces such as travertine, marble, granite, terra cotta, limestone, slate or any concrete floors. These are all natural stones and materials that are much too soft to withstand the pressures of a truck mounted unit hot water extraction cleaning process. Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are great candidates to have this heavy duty hot water extraction cleaning service as they are much more dense and durable than the other softer stones previously listed. Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are created by mixing a variety of clays together and then pressing them into a shape based on the individual sizes of the tiles. Once mixed and pressed into shape, they are fired in what is an oven like device called a kiln. This bakes and cures the ceramic and porcelain tiles at a very high temperature. This crafting process makes these types of tiles much more durable. The added durability of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles helps these particular types of tiles withstand the rigorousness of a truck mounted unit hot water extraction cleaning service. Luckily, ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are the most commonly used tiles in new construction homes. They are also most commonly used when replacing older floors. These tiles are commonly used in bathrooms as well. Typically, they will have a coating that makes them water resistant. That will help to prevent the buildup of mold or mildew. This also makes them easy to maintain and clean.

When the time comes to service your in home carpet, upholstery, tile & grout or in home area rugs, simply give us a shout. Our friendly staff will be able to help answer any questions you may have, as well as provide you with an accurate estimate right over the phone. Upon arrival for service, our trained technicians will perform a pre cleaning inspection in which they can help to identify the material your flooring or upholstery is made of. Go with the pro’s, and you can not go wrong!