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Proper Equipment Importance

As professionals in the service industry who greatly pride themselves in customer satisfaction, we make every effort to provide the best service possible. Whether you are simply calling to ask your local carpet cleaners few questions or we are cleaning every floored surface in your home, we do our absolute best to ensure friendly, helpful interactions with our staff as well as the highest quality cleaning service possible. Part of being able to confidently provide the best possible cleaning service is knowing our stuff. We make it a point to educate each member of our team on every facet of our company. While the field technicians may not thoroughly know all of the intricacies involved in the administrative side of the company nor the office staff of the field operations, we do train every member in a little bit of everything. Our field technicians are experts in all things carpet cleaning, synthetic upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and synthetic area rug cleaning. We make it a point to ensure that our field technicians will be able to answer your questions and provide a comfortable and friendly atmosphere while in your home. Our office staff holds itself to the same standards. We do all that we can to make sure your entire experience with our company is as comfortable and welcoming as possible!

Part of being able to provide such an effective cleaning service is the equipment and solutions we use. We do use time tested methods, solutions and tools, but we do not do so blindly. We take time throughout the year to research and test new tools, solutions and products that come to our attention. Being that our goal is to provide the best possible results at each and every service, we do all that we can to ensure we are using nothing but the best of supplies and equipment year after year. Our company attends conventions and classes, we engage in forum discussions with industry experts and we stay up to date with all product new releases. We understand that progression and evolution are important parts of any business and we make sure that we stay up to date with any new developments within our industry.

Our field technicians begin their training by learning about our processes, equipment and what it is they are servicing prior to beginning any hands on work training. When a field technician is performing a cleaning service in your home, you can feel comfortable that you have a professional who really knows what they are doing. Understanding what solutions work best for particular treatments, which methods work best for attacking various issues and how to properly use the high end equipment to achieve the best results possible. We do invest in what we believe to be the best solutions and tools available as assurance that our technicians have all that is needed to provide an amazing cleaning service. There are a lot of specialty tools that are used for various cleaning services. A carpet wand is the most commonly used tool when performing hot water extraction carpet cleanings. Synthetic upholstery is cleaned this way by using a specifically designed tool for covering every inch of your furniture’s surface. Tile and grout is very effectively cleaned using a proper tile wand during a hot water extraction cleaning. Various other tools help our field technicians along throughout their different services. All of the tools that are used operate off of the most important piece of the hot water extraction puzzle, the truck mounted unit.

The cornerstone of every hot water extraction cleaning service is the Truck Mounted Unit. Truck mounted units provide the highly heated, highly pressurized water that does most of the work for this particular type of cleaning service. These machines are typically quite large and are usually permanently mounted in a service vehicle. Most standard machines provide enough heat, power and vacuum to put a single carpet wand to use at a time. There are other, much larger machines that can operate two carpets wants at the same time. These machines can provide a highly effective rate of vacuum up to about 250 feet, which helps technicians to reach all the way through large homes or commercial buildings, as well as up stairs to condos and apartments. These industrial grade truck mounted units heat the water up to near boiling temperatures and con provide pressures up to 1,200 psi. The vacuum that is part of the unit is very strong as well, with a 300 – 400 cfm max airflow. There are smaller, less effective machines used to perform a hot water extraction cleaning service called portable units. Portable units are essentially the same thing as what you would rent at your local grocery store. While the cleaning method is the same, the effectiveness is not even close. A portable unit can not come close to matching the heat, water pressure and vacuum that a truck mounted unit can provide. Whenever a carpet cleaning is being performed and as long as it is applicable, a truck mounted unit is the only way to go!

Since carpet is the most often cleaned material using a truck mounted unit, it only makes sense that the Carpet Wand is the most used tool in conjunction with the truck mounted unit. A standard carpet wand looks to be a simple tool, but it is a highly effective piece of equipment that performs greatly when used properly with a high powered truck mounted unit. A field technician’s go to tool is a carpet wand with a plastic glide. The plastic glide at the end of the wand helps to make the cleaning and drying strokes smooth and uniform, while preventing the possibility of loose fibers being snagged. The carpet wand is connected to the truck mounted unit by two hoses, a solution pressure hose and a vacuum hose. The solution pressure hose sends the near boiling hot water through a tube on the wand where it is distributed into the carpet through a number of v-jets. This highly pressurized water agitates the fibers, which opens them up and allows the water to get deep down to the base of the carpet and knock the contaminants lose. This truck mounted unit carpet cleaning method is soo incredibly effective, that you typically see amazing instant results. A good carpet wand is a field technician’s best friend!

Any time a synthetic material or surface is being cleaned by a hot water extraction service using a truck mounted unit, it is going to be a very similar style of cleaning across the board. The main difference in treating various materials or surfaces would be the tools that are attached to the machine, the solutions used and the actual style of the cleaning. When a technician is in a home or business cleaning tile, it will be very similar to what you would see at a carpet cleaning but using a different solution and a tile and grout specific tool. This tool is called a tile and grout tool. Not too impressive of a name, we know. It can also be called a tile wand, tile stick or the most commonly used term, a tile spinner. Tile spinner is the more commonly used term for the tool because that actually how the tool operates, it spins. The entire tool doesn’t spin and there is no need for any spinning brushes, as there is a spinning arm underneath the hood which distributes the water. Similar to the carpet wand, the tile tool attaches to the truck mounted unit by a powerful vacuum hose and a solution pressure hose. Also similar to the carpet wand, the tile tool works by forcing the highly heated water through a number of v-jets located at the end of the wand. The big difference between the two tools is the spinning bar at the bottom of the tile tool. The tile tool has a round hood at its base that has a smooth plastic glide attached. Under the hood is the infamous spinning bar. This bar has v-jets attached to it that spray the pressurized hot water onto the tile in a circular motion, at just a bit of an angle. This tool works incredibly well on any synthetic floor tiles. The pressurized water forced onto the tile at a bit of an angle during the spinning motion creates a powerful flushing process that works deep into the porous grout as well as all the nooks and crannies of the tile surface. The hood that covers the v-jets keeps the water trapped within the area, so it can be easily vacuumed up as the cleaning goes along. This tool used properly provides amazing, instant results on synthetic floor tiles while having no need to use potentially harming brushes. A good tile tool can handle pressures up to 2,500 psi and can clean anywhere from 400 to 1,500 square feet of tile per hour.

The truck mounted unit, carpet wand and tile tool are all basic essentials when performing a thorough hot water extraction cleaning. This process, performed with the proper equipment, solutions and methods is the most effective way to treat in home synthetic carpet, upholstery or tile and grout. There are more tools used for specific cleaning processes, as well as different solutions and methods for treating all sorts of surfaces and issues that can arise. We will dive a bit deeper into some of the other tools and products used in our next post!