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Prepare For Service

Hello and thanks for reading our blog! This blog will help you prepare for your upcoming scheduled cleaning, assuming you have one of course.  Following these preparation tips will help to ensure that our Carpet Cleaning Orlando professionals will be able to clean as much area as efficiently as possible with the best possible results.

  1. Please advise your cleaning specialist about any special requirements to follow on moving furniture, weak legs, loose tops, etc.
  2. We respect your privacy, we do not open shut doors, if you would like your closets cleaned please open up those doors, as well as any others.
  3. Remove any excessive items off the floor, such as children’s toys, drapes, clothes, or boxes.
  4. Please pin up any skirts on upholstered furniture or beds which may be touching floor.
  5. Please vacuum your traffic areas before we arrive.
  6. Any small pieces of furniture such as dining room chairs, magazine racks, etc. that you can remove from the carpet to be cleaned will shorten processing time and return the carpet to normal use sooner.
  7. For your pets peace of mind (and ours!) please put them in a safe place where our cleaning won’t disturb them.
  8. A special note about odors:

We do everything possible to reduce or eliminate pet odors. However, due to depth of contamination, 100% success may not be attainable. Also, for several days after cleaning you may notice an elevated odor due to higher humidity levels. We do offer advanced optional levels of odor removal! Please ask your cleaning specialist for more information.

  1. Please remember while we are cleaning all hard surfaces will be a slip and fall hazard, if there is a member of the family or a friend that will be arriving after the start of our work, please inform them to be cautious if walking from wet areas to hard surfaces.


That is an example of our cleaning prep list we provide to our customers. Following this list will help us to be able to provide you with the best possible cleaning results! Thanks again and don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you may have.  Have a great day!