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More Cleaning Tips

Hello! We’re back to provide some “do it yourself” carpet cleaning tips that might help you with a spot, stain or spill when you are in-between cleanings.  While it is recommended to have your carpets deep steam cleaned every 6-12 months by Carpet Cleaning professionals, these tips will help in the interim.

The first tip, which is the most important, is to dab when cleaning a spill.  The worst thing you can do is rub the mess. When you rub the mess on the carpet, you’re actually helping the substance to embed itself into the carpet fibers. You’ll want to use a clean rag, paper towel or sponge in correlation with the cleaning product of choice and dab, or blot the mess.  Dabbing or blotting the mess will absorb it into the rag rather than rub it deeper into the carpet fibers.

A very good cleaning method that should be your first go to is the club soda method. Club soda works great with beer and wine spills. First, try blotting or dabbing the spill with some of the club soda on the rag.  The club soda will typically yield great results. You may have to repeat the procedure a couple of times to get the most effective results.  If you are successful in removing the stain, you should then rinse the area with warm water. Then brush the carpet with your hand, to help the fibers get back to a natural position. Lastly, lay a paper towel or two on top of the wet area and put something on top of the paper towels to weigh them down. Leaving them there for a while will absorb the leftover moisture and leave the area looking great.

We hope these tips help and we will be providing you with more useful tips in the future.  Don’t forget about your regularly suggested maintenance cleanings though! When you’re ready give us a call at 407-947-6724 and we would be more than happy to schedule you in.  Thanks and have a great day!