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Rug Cleaning Orlando

Did you know that your high-end oriental rugs should not be cleaned like your wall to wall carpet? Rug Cleaning Orlando professionals know that if you approach the cleaning process the same way that its a great way to ruin your rug. We use a full submersion method with the proper solutions to ensure your rug is cleaned and dried properly and in the correct amount of time. Don’t hire a cleaner off of craig’s list with a portable unit come and clean your natural fiber wool rug, this is a recipe for disaster. Ask questions, what products do you use, how do you clean my rug, can you clean it in home? If you get a response that they use the same product on your carpets they do on your rugs, RUN. If they say they use a steam cleaning method on your rugs, RUN. If they say they can clean your rug on site in your home RUN. These methods should be saved for wall to wall carpeting, NOT oriental rug cleaning. Make sure to do your research on the company you choose to clean your valuable area rug. Call us today with any questions you may have.