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Tips From Our Favorite Review Site

We here at Like New love our friends over at Angie’s List. They provide a great platform for consumers to find companies that are highly rated by peers and are not recommended based on paid advertisements. We’re going to go ahead and give you some of the carpet tips that come directly from her site.

Different spots may require different cleaning methods. No matter what caused the stain, you’ve got to deal with it right away. Here’s some advice from Angie Hicks, founder of Angie’s List.
You want to make sure you’re using the right tools. Use a dry, clean cloth and blot – don’t rub – the stain, otherwise, it might lead to a lasting stain.
Blood can be difficult. If it’s coagulated and starts to clump up, take a spoon or butter knife and carefully remove as much as you can. Then start to blot it out with a soap and water solution.
Use cold water and ice for blood stains. For everything else, use a cup of warm water mixed with a quarter-cup of dishwashing liquid.
Angie has this trick for dealing with another really tough stain: red wine.
First, blot the spot where the red wine has been spilled, and then, if you actually sprinkle some white wine on top of the red wine, you’ll improve your chances of getting that spot out.
For deep stains that penetrate through to the padding, especially pet urine, blotting and cleaning will only do so much. For that, you’ll need to extract the mess from the sub surface padding. That will take a special extraction tool.
When it comes to ink, bleach or Kool-Aid, Angie recommends leaving it to the pros. Those are tough stains that can damage your carpet if you aren’t careful.
Also, be sure to try any home remedies in an inconspicuous spot before attempting to clean something in a highly visible area.
The bottom line: Be careful. Be gentle. Know when to call for help. When you get to a point where help is necessary, feel free to give Like New a call and let our professionally trained and certified carpet cleaning orlando technicians work their magic!