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What To Look For When Selecting A Carpet Cleaning Service.

There are a plethora of carpet cleaning companies to choose from. And trying to pick the best Orlando carpet cleaning company is a daunting task. Many companies claim to be the best but all they really are offering is super low prices to get them in the door. But the saying “You get what you pay for” is so true when it comes to most carpet cleaning companies. Any company that is offering $7.95 a room for carpet cleaning is either not providing a high quality cleaning, using inferior equipment and chemicals or they are baiting customers in so they can actually charge a higher rate claiming that they need “extra” work to make the carpets look its best. Usually you will get a deal of $20 and some change for 4-5 areas, if this doesn’t throw up red flags right away, then broken down portable units with technicians that pull up in personal vehicles and no company shirts should. Be weary of letting these kind of companies in your home, as not only will the cleaning be inferior to a real professional but your home is now in danger of being infiltrated by subcontractors that have no regard for your personal safety or belongings. We have multiple videos and information throughout our website that exposes these types of companies. Or just google carpet cleaning scams to see what we are talking about. This is not to sell you on us, its just the fact that our owner has had a very bad experience with a bait and switch carpet cleaning company and this was one of the main reasons he started Like New Carpet Care.

When you call Like New Carpet Care, you can rest assured that you will be calling a company with top of the line equipment, highly trained technicians that are IICRC certified and no bait n switch. We wont be showing up in personal vehicles, but new ford vans with our beautiful blue colors with information and design. Our techs will have on company shirts, tucked in and a smile on there face. No subcontractors, just screen professionals that go through rigorous training before they every step foot in your home. With your price already confirmed over the phone you can rest assure you wont be walking into a bait and switch scam. A true professional carpet cleaning company will do a walk through with the customers making sure that any concerns are addressed and taken care of. Items such as corner guards to protect walls are used, and air movers are put down to speed up the drying process. Seal door for a sense of security and we leave you with our custom spotter bottle to help with problem areas in between our cleanings. We will follow up with you the next day to ensure total satisfaction, and if there are ever any concerns we do our best to accommodate and rectify the situation as fast as possible. These are just of few of the things that you should look for in a professional carpet cleaning company and what you will get with Like New Carpet Care.