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Call A Professional Or Rent A Carpet Machine From A Store?

Many homeowners look at there dirty carpets and think that renting a Rug Doctor will give them the cleaning they need and save a little money instead of calling a professional carpet cleaning company. It may be true that you can save a few bucks, but the cleaning results will not be the same as a professional cleaning company that has highly trained employees and uses top quality equipment.

When you rent a carpet machine you not only need to rent the machine but also buy the cleaning solution, which is also not as good as the cleaning solutions that a professional carpet cleaning company will use. After its all said and done you have spent about as much it would to call a professional. Many carpet shampoos that are available at local grocery stores and hardware store have oxidizers in them that causes a bleaching effect which gives a false sense that it is cleaning because it is a lighter color but in reality it is not removing all the dirt and soils but it is changing the color of the carpets. Once the carpets have changed to a lighter color and the bleaching effect has taken place it is often permanent unless it is redyed back to the original color.

Also when you decide to rent a Rug Doctor and tackle cleaning the carpets yourself you will need to invest a lot of your time which most people consider valuable. When you hire a professional Orlando carpet cleaner, they will schedule your appointment for when you want it and on average it will take them about 2 hours to complete the cleaning of your carpets. When someone decides to to the job they have to go rent the machine spend at least 4-5 hours to complete the same job that a cleaning company could get done in half the time. When they are done with doing the cleaning they have to clean the machine they rented in order to get the deposit back that they had to leave and return the machine back to where they rented it from. When it is all said and done renting a Rug Doctor will take on average at least 3 times as long as a professional carpet cleaning company and will give you a lesser quality cleaning.

Like New Carpet Care in Orlando will provide a professional service at nearly the same cost of a inferior rented machine. We use truck mounted units, with heat in upwards of 230 degrees with pressure unmatched from a rented or portable unit. Make sure to educate yourself on the differences. Call Like New Carpet Care today 407 947 6724.