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Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Pet urine can cause permanent damage to our carpet fibers and padding.  It can also create an unhealthy indoor environment. When urine is first deposited on our carpets, it is in a neutral ph, this means it is easier to remove when new. When dried, it turns alkaline and becomes almost impossible to remove for the home owner. If days have passed, it can permanently change the dye structure, damage the fibers and cause permanent staining.

Here are a few of the steps we take to find and rectify the problem at hand.

  1. First we will take a visual of the areas of concern.
  2. We then take our industrial UV light to identify all the problem areas, and mark the with a water soluable marker.
  3. We then will attack the areas with our cleaning solution that kills the urine salts, this is the root of the odor and usually is in the padding. Thats why we flood the area similar to the image below.
  4. Letting the cleaning solution dwell for a minimum of 30 mins is a major priority.
  5. Then take our sub surface tool to extract the water out of the subfloor, padding and carpet.
  6. Lastly we will do our normal cleaning process to ensure all cleaning solutions are extracted.

Pet stain and odor removal is difficult enough for us as professionals, not to mention the poor home owner that is confused as to why there cleaning products aren’t helping. This is why we are well trained, experienced and knowledgeable in the removal of pet urine and the stains that are left behind. Most people who try to tackle the removal of pet odors in their home may eventually (after multiple various attempts) come to to a frustrated conclusion that leaves the pet odor still lingering.  That conclusion is usually reached due to a misunderstanding of where the pet odor is actually coming from. A typical pet odor that just won’t go away (urine) is usually one that is actually embedded into the padding that is nestled under the carpet itself.  Cleaning the carpet alone will typically give you a satisfactory visual result, but will not necessarily eliminate that annoying, pungent urine odor. That’s where we come in with our sub surface cleaning process.  Pet urine will soak straight through the carpet and into the padding where it will harden (crystallize). One that takes place, you’re going to be stuck with that terrible smell that seems impossible to rid your home of.  Our process floods the affected area with our professional (safe & green) solution and high temperature water. The process lets the mixture surpass the carpet and soak itself directly into the padding, which will  begin to break down the crystallized urine. Once the urine is broken back down to a liquid it can be extracted using our high vacuum truck mounted units.

Now, once the process is complete there will typically be an odor that is a bit more noticeable for a short amount of time.  Don’t let it fool you, that is the broken down urine dissipating. The more ventilation you can provide for your home (fans, open windows & doors) the more quickly the odor will dissipate.  We hope this information helps anyone dealing with a pet odor issue that seems never ending!