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How Does Hot Water Extraction Work?

When customers reach out to our carpet cleaning company, they typically ask for a “steam cleaning” service for their in home carpets. We would like to help explain a little bit about what this service is actually called and what it does. When a customer asks for a steam cleaning of their in home carpets, it is really a Hot Water Extraction cleaning that they are asking for. Vapor steam cleaning is a process that uses low pressure and low moisture to essentially sanitize a surface. This process uses very little water and is in no way meant to be used for any type of heavy duty cleaning application. While a vapor steam cleaning helps to kill germs, dust mites, and bedbugs, it is not a strong enough process to clean something as hearty as your in home carpets. A vapor steam cleaning relies almost entirely on its excessive heat to complete the cleaning, which is really more of a disinfecting.

Steam Cleaning

This is where the term “Hot Water Extraction” comes into play. The process of a hot water extraction cleaning service uses highly pressurized water that is heated to near boiling temperatures along with a specific prespray to complete a thorough cleaning that also boasts the ability to help sanitize your carpets as well. When performing a hot water extraction cleaning service there is a bit of steam in the air as the near boiling water is ejected from the wand. That is where the term Steam Clean comes from when referencing a hot water extraction cleaning service. That steam you are seeing is not actually doing any of the work. The hot water extraction cleaning process is widely regarded as the best type of cleaning for your in home carpet and is the only method we use!

We use only the best truck mounted units to perform each and every service. Truck mounted units are industrial grade machines that are large and heavy enough that they must be permanently mounted into a service vehicle. Each one of our fully wrapped service vehicles has a top of the line, well maintained truck mounted unit. There are also smaller units known as portable units. These units are smaller and lighter, so they can be transported easily to areas in which a truck mounted unit may not reach or fit. While they may be more accessible, that comes at a cost. These portable units are essentially the same type of machine that you would rent from your local grocery store. While a truck mounted unit is capable of heating water to near boiling temperatures and forcing this heated water to very high pressures, a portable unit will not come close to performing at the level of the truck mounted unit. A truck mounted unit also has an incredibly high flow cfm vacuum attached. The vacuum will help to remove as much of the post cleaning dirty water as possible, being much more effective than a portable unit.


Along with our truck mounted units, we use the best tools and solutions available. The tools we use in conjunction with our truck mounted units are the best in the industry and are regularly cleaned and maintained. The cleaning solutions we use to treat different surfaces and types of materials are solutions we have been using for years and stand firmly behind. Our standard carpet cleaning prespray is enzyme based and deodorizes as well. This helps to kill bacteria living in the carpet as well as eliminating lingering odors. Our solutions used to clean upholstery, tile and grout are incredibly effective and safe for most surfaces.

We take the duty of cleaning to fulfill satisfaction seriously and will continue to provide our customers with the best possible service experience. Our company will continue to use truck mounted units and top of the line equipment that is well maintained. We take time annually to reassess our equipment, products and cost of business to ensure we are sticking to our word of being the best in the business! Contact us today for a free quote.