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What Are Carpet Cleaning Intervals?

We would like to spend some time explaining the importance of keeping up with professionally recommended carpet cleaning  intervals. The standard for the recommendations is the Environmental Protection Agency. The Environmental Protection Agency has a chart which is specific to a multitude of in home living conditions. The most commonly accepted recommendation for having professional carpet cleaning services performed in a standard single family home is every 6 to 12 months. While this is the standard Environmental Protection Agency’s recommendation, it is also the typical standard guideline that carpet manufacturing companies will mandate in order to maintain the factory warranty. This is also an IICRC recommend base line as well.  Let our Orlando carpet cleaners help you.

Carpet Cleaning


Your in home carpets are trampled on daily. They are walked on with dirty shoes, walked on by pets, furniture may be moved across it and your carpets are constantly subject to general wear, tear and contamination. While having a professional Orlando carpet cleaning services completed regularly within the standard 6 to 12 month interval is going to be the most effective and proper treatment, there are also some basic responsibilities that fall down to the homeowner. Simply following a few steps in your home can greatly help to keep your carpets looking and feeling like new for an extended period of time. Vacuuming is an important step to obtaining the optimal life out of your carpets. If your carpets are subject to high traffic throughout the week due to a full household or at home workers, it is best to vacuum daily. That is quite tough to keep up with, so the easiest way to keep up with standard vacuuming is to ensure you complete a complete vacuuming at least twice a week.Vacuuming goes a long way and over time you will see how. Other than vacuuming, simply being careful and cautious with your carpet can help greatly. Setting house rules such as wiping your shoes off outside before coming into the home or not taking food or drinks into carpeted areas are a few tips that can help maintain the life of your carpets.

Carpet Care

There are plenty of reasons that may or may not be generally thought of as to why you should have a professional carpet cleaning service completed during regularly recommended intervals. We mentioned pets earlier, but it should come as no surprise that pets contribute a largely to dirtying your lovely carpet. Other than having “accidents” in the home, they shed hair and leave dander behind. Pets also leave body oils in areas they walk or lay. Oils take more of a toll on your carpet than you may realize. Whether it is natural body oils from your pets or even yourself, these oils can cause permanent damage to the fibers of your carpet. Most in home carpets have fibers made of Nylon, Polyester or Olefin (Polypropylene). Some of these fibers naturally attract oils, which would make them oleophilic. These oils can grab onto any dirt, hair or grime and help to embed it deeper into the fibers. Oils can possibly cause discoloration as well. Other than some of these visual reasons to keep up with your regularly recommended carpet cleaning intervals, there are also health concerns to be aware of. Any person with asthma or bad allergies are at risk in a home that does not regularly maintain the cleanliness of their carpets. The carpeting in your home is essentially a filter, grabbing at any pollen or other contaminants that float low enough or fall.

We hope that this information helps to promote the importance of keeping your in home carpets nice and clean. Remember to stick to the basics. Vacuum at least twice a week. Consciously try to refrain from tracking outdoor dirt or grime through your home. Most importantly, have your carpets cleaned every 6 to 12 months by a certified, professional Orlando carpet cleaning company! Hopefully that company will be us, Like New Carpet Care!