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Have Unanswered Questions About Our Services? This May Help!


new carpet careIf you have never had your carpets expertly cleaned, it may be due to unanswered questions you may have. It is basic human nature to question everything. Unanswered questions can be an inspiration to explore and perform some research to discover the answers to those questions. Some of our greatest discoveries and achievements as a species have been accomplished by simply starting with a question. Since our company specializes in Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning, we are quite familiar with many of the questions leery customers have. Answering some of these questions may help to understand what exactly this cleaning process is, what it does and why it should be performed.

The most common question our staff is asked by curious customers is “What type of cleaning do you do?” This is a straightforward question that can have a basic or quite detailed answer. We have found that most customers prefer the answer that describes the service clearly, but without many of the small, detailed intricacies. The type of carpet cleaning service that our company provides is commonly called “Steam Cleaning“, but the actual name of the service is a “Hot Water Extraction”. This method is by far the most preferred carpet cleaning method. Not only is this method preferred by the companies that provide this type of service, it is also preferred by carpet manufacturers, cleaning service companies and even the Environmental Protection Agency. This method uses a machine to heat and pressurize water that is thrust deep down into your carpet fibers which is then extracted using a vacuum pump attached to the machine. The most commonly used type of machine is called a Truck Mounted Unit. There are smaller, more easily portable machines called Portable Units, but these machines only operate at a portion of the capacity that a Truck Mounted Unit does.



Our company only uses truck mounted units. Each one of our service vehicles has it’s own top of the line Truck Mounted Unit securely installed within. These industrial grade units can heat water up to near boiling temperatures. It can then pressurize that highly heated water to sustainable pressures up to 1,200 psi. That combination forces the heated water deeper down into the carpet fibers than any other standard in home carpet cleaning services. The water being so hot will kill bacteria on contact, as well as act like a natural cleaning agent by loosening up debris that would not be so easily dislodged with colder water. Truck mounted units will also have incredibly strong vacuum pumps attached to them. The pump that can sustain 270 cfm is an integral part of the professional carpet cleaning service. As this machine is working to dislodge all debris hiding deep down in the carpet, the vacuum pump is almost simultaneously sucking all of the dirt and water up and depositing it into the dirty water tank located in each service vehicle. These powerful pieces of machinery are capable of providing a deep carpet cleaning service that is unmatched!

Although incredibly powerful with the ability to outperform most other cleaning machines, these professional carpet cleaning machines do not work alone. Before attacking the carpet, a professional carpet washer will typically apply a cleaning solution. There are many types of cleaning solutions available and most professionals will use what they deem to be the most effective. Our company uses and recommends an enzyme based cleaning solution with no added fragrances or colors. The right solution can make all the difference in the final results of the cleaning service. Most top rated carpet cleaners will use a similar product, that is safe for their customers family. Commonly called Pre-Spray, this cleaning solution is diluted with hot water and applied evenly across the carpet. The cleaning solution is then left to dwell for about 15 minutes before the cleaning process begins. As the cleaning solution dwells, a good carpet cleaner will use a rake to agitate heavily soiled areas. Agitation will open thick fibers to help the cleaning solution penetrate deeply. There are always some other cleaning solutions that may be used to help treat certain circumstances as well. We always recommend using the safest solution for each treatment.

When scheduling a professional Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning service, feel encouraged to ask questions. Ask as many questions as you would like and you should expect friendly, honest answers. A company who loves what it does and cares about it’s customers should have no problem passing some expert advice along to inquiring customers!