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After a Professional Carpet Cleaning how do I maintain my carpet?

When your carpets are professionally cleaned, keeping them clean becomes a potential issue. These tips will keep your carpets clean after a professional carpet cleaning.

Walking Before Dry

 You should never walk across wet carpeting. Allow carpet to completely dry first, whether is a small spill or a professional cleaning.

Do Not Go Barefoot But, Remove Shoes

Walking barefoot on your professionally cleaned carpet is not a good idea. The natural oils in your skin leave an oily residue behind. This oily residue can leave your carpet with a dirty look and it attracts dirt. Instead of going barefoot, wear socks or slippers that you do not wear outdoors to walk on your carpet.

Immediately Clean Stains and Spills

 The longer a spill remains on your carpet, the harder it is to remove. Clean spills and stains immediately.

Only Blot

Blot your spills or stains. Blotting soaks up the spill, as opposed to rubbing which causes it to soak into the carpet fibers. First try water to clean the spill. Use paper towels or a clean white towel. Using a spot cleaner or stain remover is recommended by some sources. Angie’s List recommends against using harsh chemicals. If water does not work, use a small amount of dish detergent. Contact your professional carpet cleaner for help if this does not work.

Regularly Vacuum

 Do you only vacuum when your carpet looks dirty? Whether you think it needs it or not, vacuum regularly to keep your carpet looking clean longer after a professional cleaning. Vacuuming removes dirt and particles you don’t see. Vacuuming regularly helps remove pollutants that are carried inside.

Do you need a carpet cleaning company? Contact the professional carpet cleaners at Like New Carpet Care today. 407-947-6724

Cleaning Microfiber Upholstery

Effective Advice for Cleaning Microfiber Upholstery

Many household furnishings are made from the popular material, Microfiber. This synthetic fiber offers advantages and is a popular choice for covering furniture, especially in homes with kids and pets.

Upholstery Cleaning Orlando Fl Hero

Stain Resistant and Durable

 Choosing microfiber has many benefits, it is durable, stain resistant and cost effective. Whether is it microfiber or leather, all couches get occasionally stained and dirty from normal use.

You can keep your upholstery looking new for years by knowing how to keep a microfiber couch and other pieces of furniture cleaned. Cleaning microfiber the wrong way can create an unwanted outcome. Here are some tips to help you keep your upholstery clean.

Clean Microfiber and Save Money

 Some stains happen slowly over time from every day use, and some stains happen in the blink of an eye. Invisible dirt and debris come from our clothes, bodies and pets can sink deep into the fabric if it is not cleaned often enough.

Microfiber usually cleans up very well, especially with professional upholstery cleaning.

Using a vacuum cleaner is a great starting point, you don’t need expensive microfiber cleaners.

Vacuuming a Microfiber Couch

To remove allergens and pet hair, use your vacuum cleaner’s upholstery attachment. To save you from needing more frequent professional cleaning, vacuum your couch weekly. You can fluff up the upholstery with a sponge’s rough side after vacuuming.

Weekly vacuuming is important and is quite effective when coupled with deep cleanings. The question is how often should this be done? This depends on how much you use your sofa, the presence of pets and kids, and your sensitivity to allergens.

Codes to Cleaning a Microfiber Couch

Do not go out and buy an expensive, or even bargain priced microfiber cleaner and start cleaning your couch. Start by reading the manufacture’s fiber care tag. You can learn how to clean microfiber furniture safely. Read the tag!

Upholstery Cleaning Codes

 The tag on your upholstery has a code system, that needs to be carefully followed. The codes are W, S, S-W, and X. Here is what they mean:

  • W = Water-based cleaning solutions. To prevent damage from minerals found in tap water, use distilled water.
  • S = Solvents containing no water. Use a mild, water free, dry cleaning solvent. Be careful using these products and make sure the area is well ventilated.
  • S-W = Solvents without water or water-based solutions. Both options can be used, do not use tap water.
  • X = No cleaning agents. Only vacuum.

Cleaning Microfiber Stains

 The big day is here! You’re ready to clean your microfiber couch. Maybe is it just a spill, or you haven’t vacuumed your couch weekly or deep clean seasonally.

Couch maintenance is easy to neglect, whether you are distracted by kids, your car or even an update on your iPhone. You can rescue your microfiber couch faster than you can update your phone. Here are the steps:

  • STEP 1. Vacuum your couch
  • STEP 2. Read the manufacture’s tag. DO THIS FIRST. DO NOT SKIP THIS
  • STEP 3. Based on the tag, gather your supplies. This could include sponges, light colored clothes, brushes, spray bottle, distilled water, mild dish-washing liquid (clear), a bucket or bowl, solvent based dry cleaning solution and rubbing alcohol.
  • STEP 4. Test the cleaning solution. Spray a small amount in an inconspicuous area to make sure you have the correct cleaning product.
  • STEP 5. For W or S-W tags: Mix the detergent and distilled water into a bowl or bucket to create soap suds. Apply the soap suds with a brush to the area you are cleaning and scrub. Rinse and dry the brush often. Clean the area with a damp white microfiber cloth. After air drying, fluff the clean area with a brush or the rough side of a sponge. For S tags: Put a solvent, such as rubbing alcohol, in a spray bottle. Spray and clean with a soft-bristled brush or a sponge. After the upholstery has dried, fluff the fibers with a brush or vacuum.

When Cleaning a Microfiber Couch Fails

 If you are nervous to clean the couch on your own or you have attempted to clean it and it doesn’t come out well, don’t worry. Professional upholstery cleaning has saved many couches. If you are struggling to get the results you want, we would be happy to help.

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Tips for Choosing a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

professional carpet cleaning company is no doubt the best way to keep your carpets looking clean and new, but it can be hard to find the right company. Checking the yellow pages or online will show you how many companies there are claiming to be the best. So we at Like New Carpet Care thought we would share some tips on how to find the best carpet cleaning company in Central Florida.

  1. Each method of cleaning has various methods and unique benefits. Ask for a description for the methods used so you can get the best cleaning for your type of carpet.
  2. Get a complete description of the process and the cost on paper. Ask for an estimate.
  3. Ask about the chemicals that will be used and if they are safe for children and pets. There are natural and organic products so this should not be a problem.
  4. Ask the company for referrals. A good carpet cleaning company will gladly provide them. Also ask about background checks on the technician coming to your home. If the person you speak with is annoyed at answering your questions, this is a big red flag to choose another company.
  5. Ask who is responsible for moving any furniture. It’s fine if you do it or they do it, but discuss it ahead of time to avoid any confusion.
  6. When the carpet cleaning company is at your home, have the technician educate you on how to keep your carpet clean and how to treat any stains. Some carpets are treated with protectant to help repel stains. It is important to what products are safe to use on your carpets.
  7. Use a high-quality vacuum cleaner in between cleanings to keep your carpets looking good. Doing a DIY on your carpets every so often is fine, but remember there is no substitute for a professional carpet cleaning.
  8. If you have allergy problems, having your carpets cleaned often will make a big difference in the symptoms you might have. You can also inquire about dry carpet cleaning methods in order to keep the dampness and humidity down.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned is the best way to keep them looking great and new. Putting carpet in your home is a big investment, so take good care of them and they will last for many years longer. For more information on carpet cleaning services call Like New Carpet Care at 407-947-6724.

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