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Nylon And Your Carpet

Nylon is a name or designation for a type of synthetic polymers first created in 1935 by the DuPont Company. Nylon is the most durable and the most resilient of all carpet fibers. A resilient fiber is defined as having the ability to return to its original form or position after being stretched, compressed or bent. Nylon is the most resilient fiber used to make carpet. This is what allows nylon carpet to keep its like new look longer than any other fiber. Nylon is one of the more expensive fibers second only to wool, which is a natural fiber. I would consider choosing a Nylon carpet if you have a lot of traffic and longevity was my biggest concern. Nylon carpet is the most commonly used carpet, due to it’s ability to withstand constant use.  

From my experience, I have found that the softer nylon fibers are not quite as resilient as the standard denier nylon fiber. The higher the denier, the heavier the filament, which is a good thing for durability. The way they make a standard nylon fiber softer is to make the strand thinner. This process results in losing some or the fibers resiliency. The thinner strand creates a carpet that is softer to the touch but will be more susceptible to crushing and matting. While soft nylon may feel a bit more elegant, standard nylon will look much better for much longer.  Our Carpet Cleaning technicians have extensive experience in dealing with nylon carpet. Give us a try when it comes to your next carpet cleaning and you will love the results!