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Furniture Cleaning

We have many areas of cleaning we specialize in. One of our areas of expertise is in our furniture cleaning service. Our certified technicians can provide sofa cleaning as well as our carpet, tile and rug cleaning service. We clean all types of upholstery, from large sectionals, to sofa and love seat combos, to your favorite lay z boy chairs. There is no synthetic material that we can’t clean. Leather, vinyl, and natural fiber materials are fabrics that can not be cleaned using the steam cleaning process. Natural fibers like white cotton contain sugars that could dye the material a different color once it has been steam cleaned and dried. Materials, such as leather can shrink which would result in slight tears in the material.

Steam cleaning your upholstery can help to rid the furniture of allergens, dust mites and even mold spores that could be hidden in there, as well as helping your furniture look as new as possible. Our hot water extraction method has a much more effective result when compared to vacuuming. We still recommend vacuuming your couches regularly, though vacuuming alone will not keep your furniture as clean as it would with steam cleaning. When we steam clean your upholstery, we use a safe, natural pre spray solution to slightly wet the fabric being cleaned. Not just any cleaning solution will work, if the cleaning solution is to high of a PH level then it can damage the furniture to be cleaned. Having a PH level of around 7 is the most ideal level for a proper cleaning. Once the pre spray has had a chance to work itself into the fibers and loosen up the dirt and grime we then take our upholstery cleaning tools and get to work. We spray the upholstery with a high temperature water that is at a lower psi than we use while cleaning carpet. That helps to prevent soaking the padding underneath the material. Once the material has been sprayed, we then vacuum all the grime and dirt out with a very high pressure truck mounted vacuum machine.

Also available with our couch cleaning service is upholstery protectant. This is a huge part in maintaining the beautifully new clean look your upholstery will have. We protect the arms back and cushions of the upholstery. So now when you have a spill in-between our cleanings, you will see the spill bead up on the upholstery, giving you time to cleaning this area before it completely saturates the sofa. The protectant is not an end all be all but it does help with several factors. The best is for the longevity of the furniture, secondly it gives adequate time clean up ares that may have gotten saturated by an unwanted liquid.

When searching for a furniture cleaner, there are many variables to determine. How long has the company been around, what is there online reputation, do the come back when any problems with the cleaning arises? Ask your upholstery cleaning company whats there standard practices are, as bringing the wrong cleaner in your home can have many ill effects.