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Professional Carpet Care Tips

Our carpet cleaning professional technicians are trained and certified in the hot water extraction process, but this training isn’t for everybody. Most people do the smart thing and search online for ways to complete tasks. One task that is often searched is carpet maintenance. We are going to provide some basic carpet care tips to help you between professional cleanings.

One of the more simple tasks you can perform to help keep your carpet in as good of shape as possible for as long as possible is to vacuum regularly. It may seem like to simple of a task to make a very significant difference in the look and life of your carpet, but this step will make the most difference when it comes to regular maintenance.

Regularly move your furniture. It doesn’t have to be daily, nor does the furniture have to be moved far. But, moving your furniture just enough about once a month can make a significant difference when dealing with those pesky furniture marks. When placing furniture in your home, keep in mind the plan to move the furniture monthly. It only needs to be moved just enough to let the current furniture marks breathe and fluff back up.

Those are just a couple simple carpet care tips that can typically be performed easily. They will help in the long run and the long run is how you save more money. Performing simple maintenance can help your carpet look nicer and last longer, which means less money spent on replacement. Don’t forget that you need to have your professionally cleaning done every 6 to 12 months as well. The at home maintenance will help, but you still have to have your carpet professionally cleaned regularly.