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Tile Cleaning

Of the many services we provide, tile cleaning is one of our most commonly scheduled services. Using the highest quality Truck Mounted Units provides us with the proper equipment to perform a deep Hot Water Extraction cleaning of your tile. These machines use highly pressurized, hot water to reach deep down into each and every nook and cranny on the surface of the tiles. Being able to force the water down into every crevice allows for a much deeper cleaning that anything a broom or mop can do. While regularly cleaning your tile floors with a broom and mop is recommended to prevent heavy buildup, a deeper clean will be required from time to time. A broom and mop will only keep the surface of your tiles looking clean, but the slow buildup of dirt and grime in the tiny pits across the surface of each tile will begin to add up and soon be visible enough to notice. That’s where a deep Hot Water Extraction cleaning service comes in!

Our tile cleaning Orlando process is a heavy duty, abrasive procedure that is only meant for stronger, more durable types of tiles. This particular type of cleaning process is perfect for Ceramic tile cleaning and Porcelain tile cleaning. These types of tiles are strong and durable enough to withstand our heavy duty Hot Water Extraction cleaning process. This process is strong enough that it is only recommended on non natural materials. Most natural stones are too soft to withstand this abrasive cleaning process. Natural stones like Granite, Marble, Slate, Travertine or Saltillo can actually become damaged by an extraction type of cleaning. Etching, chipping or scarring can happen and be seen easily in these particularly soft stones. Make sure you notify any cleaning company as to the type of tile that is to be cleaned prior to any cleaning service, so the appropriate steps can be taken.

Upon the technician’s arrival to your home, the first thing he will do after the greeting is complete a pre inspection walk through. We complete this initial step no matter if it is carpet or a hard surface floor cleaning service.  This walkthrough will give our technician the opportunity to inspect all surfaces that are to be cleaned. Our technicians are always as friendly and helpful as possible, which makes the pre inspection walk through a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have or point out any areas of concern. Our tile and grout cleaning charges are based on the total square footage of the area to be cleaned. Once the pre inspection walk through has been completed, the technician will carefully and accurately measure out the area of tile to be cleaned. Immovable objects and stationary furniture will absolutely be taken into account to ensure your are being charged fairly. Once the total square footage and total cost have been addressed and approved, the technician will begin the cleaning process.

The actual grout cleaning process begins with the careful application of our tile and grout specific prespray. We use an alkaline tile & grout cleaner that is safe for all hard surface stone. We have been using this specific cleaner for many years with great success! Our cleaning solution prespray is safe to use on acid sensitive surfaces, which makes it our unquestioned go to for any type of tile cleaning project we tackle. This solution safely emulsifies and breaks up stains and soils on all types of tiles. This hard surface floor cleaning solution is so effective it can be used for complete restoration or daily maintenance. Once the tile and grout pre spray solution has been evenly applied, it is left to dwell for about 10 to 15 minutes. During the solution dwell time the technician will take this opportunity to use a special coarse brush to agitate any overly soiled areas. This extra step of agitating heavily soiled areas helps to loosen up excess dirt and grime so the Hot Water Extraction cleaning process can be as deep and effective as possible.  Then next step is to begin that actual Hot Water Extraction tile cleaning process. This process uses our Truck Mounted Units to provide a vigorous, in depth cleaning of the tile and grout that has been thoroughly prepared. We may have mentioned that our cleaning is a Hot Water Extraction method using Truck Mounted Units a few times, but it is important for us to do so. It is the proven method for a thorough and safe cleaning of your tile and grout and we want to emphasize the importance of getting the proper service that you deserve! This process does involve water, so our tile and grout cleaners take the necessary steps to ensure no other floor coverings are damaged and excess water is wiped up as the cleaning process is executed. Your tiles will begin to look clean instantaneously and will be dry in no time!

When you are looking for tile cleaning Orlando Fl services, just as with any other service, we implore you to do a little research before choosing a company. That is the purpose of our pages on our website, to help inform each and every curious customer as to what proper methods and procedures are the safest and most effective. We hope this page has been helpful in advising you of the proper route to take when having your tile and grout cleaning done. If you are looking for the best tile floor cleaner in Orlando you have found the right company. Feel free to contact us with any tile cleaning or grout cleaning orlando questions you may have!