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Grout Sealing

If you have been to any of our service pages you may have seen topics covering carpet, upholstery, area rug and tile and grout sealing services. We are able to successfully provide this wide range of services with great results thanks to our methods, equipment and solutions. We use the highest grade truck mounted units, which are permanently mounted to each of our service vehicles. These machines perform at a very high level, which is what is needed to complete a deep and thorough cleaning of your carpet, upholstery, area rugs or tile and grout. Highly heated and pressurized water flows out of the truck mounted unit, through a pressure hose and out of the jets located at the base of the specialized cleaning tool. This vigorous hot water extraction cleaning process is the preferred method for just about any surface. When an in home cleaning service is needed for your synthetic floor coverings (carpet, area rugs, ceramic or porcelain tile and grout) or synthetic upholstery, make sure the company you choose to complete these services uses truck mounted units. Proper equipment is of the utmost importance when it comes to completing any professional service

Another important factor in providing a successful service experience is the use of safe and proper solutions. Thats why all of our cleaning solutions and grout sealing solutions have no VOC’s or butyl. We have a variety of solutions that are used for each individual cleaning service procedure. For example, one of our more popular services that may not seem to be as generally recognized as others would be cleaning and sealing grout. We are a premier provider of grout cleaning Orlando all throughout the Central Florida area. We have a specific solution that we use on all standard ceramic and porcelain tile which works more effectively than any other tile and grout cleaners that we have researched and tested. Using the proper solution makes all the difference when completing a particular service. We also use a fantastic grout sealer solution that is applied to grout after it has been cleaned. Our choice for ceramic tile and grout sealer is yet another time tested solution. We do perform annual research and testing of new tools and solutions to ensure that we are using the best products available. When our solutions continue to be the favorite of our company, technicians and customers, we are happy to stick with what works best!

Now that we have discussed in length some of the important portions of what it takes to complete these services in a high quality manner, we can discuss some grout sealing specifics. As mentioned before, tile and grout cleaning and sealing is one of our more common services. Our abrasive hot water extraction cleaning method provides some amazing results when performed properly by our trained technicians and using proper solutions. If you stay up to date with the maintenance of keeping your tile and grout cleaned, the final results of the cleaning may not be as extreme as some more heavily soiled tile and grout that is not cleaned regularly. There are often services in which the grout itself looks to be a different color simply because it is so incredibly dirty. These cases will show massive differences once the cleaning has been completed. Now that your tile and grout is clean and refreshed looking, it is a great idea to have our special grout sealer applied to the grout. This protective coating is carefully applied, by hand, to the entirety of the grout lines that have been cleaned. Once applied and dried, this protective coating will create an invisible barrier between the grout lines and any contaminants that could cause discoloration. Grout is very porous, which means it easily absorbs any liquid. The grout sealant is an excellent addition to your cleaning service that will help to extend the life and look of your grout beyond standard expectations. When it is time for cleaning and sealing grout Orlando, FL, you have found the right company!