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The beautiful city of Winter Springs has been one of our favorite cities to service! Thanks to the friendly citizens who live and work there, as well as the beautiful cityscape, our technicians always love to see a service appointment in carpet cleaning Winter Springs, FL. This wonderful city located in Central Florida is just a short drive North of Orlando, Central Florida’s main hub. Having resided in this general area for many years, we have been able to watch Winter Springs grow from a small town to a largely populated city with many wonderful amenities! We hope you enjoy learning a little bit about this beautiful city!


Winter Springs Florida, a thriving town in the state of Florida. Located in Seminole County and also part of the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city has a modest population of 34,789 and a household 11,214. Winter Springs is popular for its parks, resorts and its diverse religious background.

The first set of land properties in the city was first owned by New York merchant, Moses Levy who secured his land from folks he does trades with, the Spanish government. After America had gained control of Florida, a wealthy slave owner Henry Gee and his son John Henry Gee were acquired part of Moses levy’s land and the lake jesup from Richard Call who was the territorial governor of Florida. Later in 1852, the court disapproved gee’s right and Moses Levy and others. However, the entire area was open the settlers from around the country.

Henry Gee was an important figure just like General Thomas S. Jesup; he was an army doctor in the Seminole Wars of the late 1830s. In 1837 lake jesup was named after General Thomas S. Jesup by Lt. Richard Peyton. The Gee Creek and Gee Hammock were named after Henry Gee. W. W White one of the most successful traders in Lake jesup gave more space for settlers by providing new immigrants with the essential thing they need.

In the early 1800s, transportation became easier as wagons were used to move people from quays more to Orlando and Maitland. However, with the better transportation system, it became easy for farmers nearby to bring their bountiful crops to the lakes wharves. Due to the extensive business activities along the wharves, industries were created, and new wharves were formed. In 1872 the deepest wharves were set up by merchant Antonio Solary a Jacksonville businessman who also invented soda water, sarsaparilla and ginger ale. The wharves featured a post office and were the port for Clyde Steamship Line.


According to a 2016 data, it was recorded that there were 11,214households, 7,900 families and 34,789 people living in this city. Winter Springs’s population density is 2,375 per square mile. The city consists of different races, and the makeup is 70.32% white, 2.11% Asian, 0.25% Native Americans, 4.73% African American, 0.30% Pacific Islander, 0.54% from other races, 20.46% of Latino or Hispanic, and 1.30% from two or more races.


Winter Springs is at 28°41’36’N 81°16’44’W on the atlas with an elevation of

52 ft. (16 m). The total area of the city is

14.4 SQ. Mi. (37.6 km2), however, exactly 14.3 SQ. Mi. (37.2 square kilometers) is the land portion and 0.1 SQ. Mi. (0.4 km2) of water part.

Winter Springs, the warm region with a conducive atmosphere. It has 65.75% sunny days in a year; precipitation is 80, 51 inches of rain yearly and snow of 0 inches. The time zone in Winter Springs city is the Eastern Standard Time.


Winter Springs has four commission districts and governed by a mayor. The city also has a city manager serves the city council and the mayor by supervising professional staffs under the city’s government. The current mayor of Winter Springs is Mr. Charles Lacey, and the city manager is Kevin L. Smith. The government oversees operations such as community development, road maintenance, police protection, Water and sewer services, parks and recreation, planning. The government also has some citizen boards, that includes the zoning and planning commission, community redevelopment agency is indicative of public, private partnerships and the commitment of the people to the development of the city.


The rate of unemployment in Winter Springs is 4.20percent. It has a job growth of 2.42%, sales taxes of 7.00%, income taxes of 0.00% and a future job growth of 40.64 %. The average family income $78,542 in Winter Springs is $61,822. However, the income per capital is $31,258, and the average household income is $64,038. The city has 9.5 % of the population below poverty line. Winter Springs’s average home cost is $184,700. The city has sales-office-administration support, management-business-finance, and production-transportation-material moving as the sector with the most population.


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 – Real Estate

Housing is one of the thriving business in Winter Springs; You can get any housing space in this city including, office and commercial space and retail establishment. Like New Carpet Care works with many realtors and property managers to provide specially priced Carpet Cleaning services for locations being rented or sold in the city of Winter Springs.

 – Hotels And Restaurants

Winter Springs is home to a lot of hotels, guest inns and world-class restaurants serving all kinds of delicacies. Their restaurants are well known for their culinary skills. The exemplary services rendered by these hotels allow visitors to stay in the city.


Winter Spring is famous for its beautiful and relaxing parks. Below is a list of Park in Winter Springs.

 – Bear Creek Nature Trail

A beautiful park with nature trail, pleasant and quiet. It has two little bridges with three tables for a picnic.

 – Sunshine Park

Located at 400N. Edgemon Ave. Sunshine Park with softball practice fields, basketball, volleyball courts. It also has picnic facilities, therapy pool, and community room.

 – Central Winds Park

Located at 1000 Central Winds Drive is a community park with playgrounds, picnic grills, pavilions and sports courts.

 – Winding Hollow Park

It is a beautiful park with youth playgrounds, barbecues, and tot. Winding Hollow Park, located at 305 Winding Hollow Blvd.

 – City Hall

 – Torcaso Park

Located at 104 N. Moss Road, it is a neighborhood park; it has splash water fountain, fishing pier, and sports courts.

 – Ranchlands Park

Located on a small lake at 191 E. Tradewinds Road. It is a park with sporting facilities, picnic shelter, horseshoe pit and bar-b-que pit.

 – Fruitwood Park

Fruitwood Park is a mini-park located at 601 Fruitwood Ave. It is a neighborhood park with swings.

 – Moss Park

Moss Park is neighborhood park with picnic shelter. Located at 314 S. Moss Road.

 – Sam Smith Memorial Park

It is a neighborhood park with grills and large pavilions. Sam Smith Memorial Park, located at 1562 Winter Springs Blvd.

 – Trotwood Park

Trotwood Park is a large neighborhood park with sporting facilities and playgrounds. Located at 701 Northern Way & 1224 Trotwood Blvd.


Winter-Spring city is a city which promotes activities of sports and has lots of sporting event which are mostly held in the summer. Below is a list of both game and other general landmarks in the city.

– Winter Springs Babe Ruth Baseball Summer Camp

– Winter Springs Basketball League Summer Camp

– Celebration of freedom

It is an important day in the history of American, it a day which the city celebrates the independence day.

– Winter Springs Florida Kraze Krush Soccer

– Winter Springs Orlando City Soccer Summer Camp

– Storm Season Awareness

– Camp Sunshine Summer Camp

– Memorial Day

Like every other city, Winter Springs celebrates the memorial day.



Winter Springs have displayed exceptional interest in training the future leaders. The city boast of a lot of standard elementary and high schools including the school for students with learning disorders. The city has a total of eight elementary schools, two middle schools, one public high school and two schools for special education.

We hope you have enjoyed this page detailing a variety of information about the city of Winter Springs. Like New Carpet Care has been proud to service this great city for many years and we look forward to many more years of providing our services to its great residents. Our technicians are trained and certified in each one of our provided services, as well a customer interactions. We take every possible step to ensure each customer receives the best possible service along with a comfortable experience. Our Hot Water Extraction method using Truck Mounted Units, along with our skilled technicians ensures that we are able to provide the best Carpet, Tile, Upholstery or Area Rug Cleaning service possible!

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