Carpet Protectant

We’ve all done it; we’ve all accidentally spilled or dropped something on our carpets and rushed to clean it up in hopes that the stain is not permanent. When you spill something on the majority of unprotected carpets, the fibers absorb the mess quickly, creating stains or odors that are near too impossible to remove. Carpet protectant works by repelling dirt from the carpet fibers and preventing them from absorbing the spills. The main goal is to keep the carpet looking and feeling good for as long as possible and by doing this you’ll want something that will repel spills and help prevent stains.

Carpets made of tough, durable fibers that can withstand heavy and vigorous cleaning techniques. However, due to the way these carpets are manufactured and their cost, they do not last as long as most natural fiber carpets can last. The cheaper cost will typically lead most consumers to simply replace the carpet, as opposed to keep up with a full maintenance schedule.

Regardless of the type of carpet, or how the carpet was constructed, if you are maintaining your carpet properly, you might want to protect it as well! This is an investment that will have your carpets lasting year after year. That is where the application of a stain and fiber protectant comes into play!

Having a carpet cleaning Orlando company apply a stain and fiber protectant to you freshly cleaned carpet helps to buy you an extra window of time to treat a spill. Also, it will help to keep more soil on the surface of the carpet so that it can be vacuumed up and wiped up more easily.

There are a few over the counter products that can be bought and applied by the consumer, but if you are looking for the best results you will want to have a professional technician apply the protectant after a cleaning service is completed. When a professional applies the carpet fiber protectant to a freshly cleaned carpet, they will follow the accurate steps to ensure optimal performance. The protectant should always be properly handled which is why we recommend it be applied by a professional and not by the consumer. This will help the protectant to contact and coat each one of the individual fibers for the best coverage. The protectant should also be given the chance to dry completely and evenly in a temperature controlled environment.  We always recommend you have a fan on or turn the ac down in the home for faster drying.

There are two separate types of fiber protectant that are typically used: water based and solvent based. Ideally, protectants that are solvent based will perform better than the water-based types of protectant. Both types of protectants do essentially help to protect the carpet fibers from absorbing spills too quickly. Call your Orlando Carpet cleaning company

We recommend having carpet protector in every other cleaning or once a year, which ever comes first.  The protector usually wears off in that time frame. Some homeowners will protect the whole house while other will simply have there heavy traffic areas treated. The additional cost is affordable and extends the life of your carpet.

Try and keep in mind that carpet protectants, even when professionals apply them properly, are not the “end all be all” to make your Orlando carpet cleaning completely resistant to damage. The protectant works by helping to keep a spill on the surface of the carpet where it can bead up, as opposed to sinking down within the pile. You will want to act fast and clean up the spill before it sets in.  The protectant allows you enough time to get it done before it sinks down into the pile. The protectant is typically effective at keeping the spill beaded up at the surface for up to 15 minutes. It is still incredibly important to treat the spill as quickly as possible to keep it from seeping through the protectant. If you allow a spill to sit and works its way down through the protectant, you will want to have your carpet cleaned by a professional near you as soon as you can. That is your best chance to help avoid a permanent stain.

Regular maintenance, including in home vacuuming as well as professional cleanings is an integral part of keeping your carpets surface pile clean. For maximum results, remember to have the carpet protectant applied after each carpet cleaners Orlando cleaning.

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