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The president here at Like New Carpet Care spent most of his childhood and early adult years living in the city of Winter Park, FL. Carpet cleaning Winter Park is a favorite area for us, being so close to our office. Living just off of Goldenrod Rd and Aloma Ave, this city has a special place in our carpet cleaner’s hearts. Our carpet cleaning Winter Park FL team loves this beautiful area, and takes great pride in giving back to the community. One of the first homes every cleaned by our carpet cleaning company was here in Winter Park.

Winter Park FL, an emblematic city in Florida. Famous for its beautiful lakes and parks, it was founded in 1958 as Lakeview. In 1870 it was renamed Osceola, and finally, in 1881 it got the name Winter Park by the founders an informal meeting. The suburban city in Orange County Florida. Our carpet cleaning Winter Park company is just outside the city, located on Goldenrod Rd. Founded as sanctuary and resort for the wealthy northerners because of its soothing atmosphere. As of 2014, the city had a population of 29,442 inhabitants and households of 10,722.


Loring Chase: Co-Founder

Oliver Chapman: Co-Founder

David Mizell Jr. and his family: The city’s first settlers in 1958.

Captain John K. Coiner: Operated Orange County’s first sawmill at a site now know as Rollins College

John Bigelow: Developed extensive gardens and citrus grove  on the south side of Lake Maitland

Judge Lewis Lawrence: A millionaire who initiated the first presidential visit.

President Arthur Chester: The first president to visit Winter Park.

Hamilton Holt: President of Rollins College who gave  lectures on “The Federation of the World.”

Charles Hosmer Morse: Deeded Central Park


Winter Park is located at  28°35′46″N 81°20′48″W on the globe with an elevation of 92 ft (28 m). It has a total area of 10.2 sqm mi (26 km2)  with the entire land portion of 8.7 SQ mi (23 square kilometers) and a water area of 1.5 sqm mi (4 square kilometers).

Winter Park is a cool and warm region. It has  65.2% sunny days in a year; precipitation is 78, 51 inches of rain yearly and snow of 0 inches. The time zone in Winter Park is the Eastern Standard Time and our professional carpet cleaning company is always on time.


According to city data 2016, the population density in Winter Park is 4,011 people per square mile, and the average resident age is 43.1 years.The racial statistics of Winter Park is composed of 74.1% White, Hispanic of 10.1%, 8.0% of African American, 2.9% of Asians, 0.2% of the Pacific Islanders, Native American of 0.2%, two or more races had 2.1%, and other races had 0.4%.


Winter Park has four commission districts and is governed by a mayor. The city also has a city manager which serves the city council and the mayor by supervising professional staffs under the city’s government.


Winter Park is very famous for its parks, its museums, resorts, serene lakes, and beach. Below is a list of interesting place to be visited in the city.

Annie Russell Theatre

Casa Feliz Historic House Museum

Hannibal Square

Hannibal Square Heritage Center

Winter Park Public Library

Winter Park Historical Museum

Like New Carpet Care Headquarters

Kraft Azalea Park

Cornell Fine Arts Museum

Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens

Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival

Winter Park Farmers’ Market

Fleet Peeples Park

Comstock-Harris House

Edward Hill Brewer House

Mead Botanical Garden

Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

Woman’s Club of Winter Park


Winter Park is popular for its outdoor festivals which attract tourists from both America and the entire world. The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival and Bach Festival are the most important festivals in the city. Our carpet cleaners love to attend these festivals.


The rate of unemployment in Winter Park is 4.3 percent. It has a job growth of  2.46%, sales taxes of 6.50%, income taxes of 0.00% and a future job growth of  40.62%. The average family income in Winter Park is $56,995.However, the income per capital is   $49,449, and the average household income is $48,884. The city has 7.8% of the population below poverty line.Winter Park median house value in 2015 is  $372,901, and an average gross rent of $1,021.

Winter Park has Management, Sales and Legal occupation as the most common jobs. Professional, scientific, and technical services, Health care and social assistance and construction, are the most common sector.



Like New Carpet Care takes pride in all areas we service. But this city holds special meaning to the president of the company. Winter Park carpet cleaning is his most sought after location to service, why? Because he lived here for over 20 years. One of the important aspects of taking good care of your home or workplace is making sure your carpets, upholstery and rugs are always in perfect condition by cleaning them regularly. The primary reason why our carpet cleaners in Winter Park love the area is because it is the most efficient way to get your carpet looking brand new again, or “like new” if you will. We aim at maintaining a high quality of indoor air quality; it also secures the investments you put into furniture by keeping them in good shape and most of all it keeps your allergy-prone loved ones from their allergies. If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Winter Park FL, Like New Carpet Care is the number one choice.


Nothing makes you feel more welcoming and calm in a foreign land than a place you can call your home and taste of dishes that will get you feel happy. Winter Park is a home to a lot of 3star hotels, guest inns and the world-class restaurant serving all kinds of delicacies. Their restaurants are well known for their culinary skills. This hotels and resorts contribute significantly to the economy of the city and has provided members of the town with employments.


Winter Park is well known for its internet marketing companies. They help you with search engine optimization creation of websites, content development. These agencies as actually help small and medium scale businesses in Winter Park as they assist them with market strategy and advertisement. They have also helped a lot of youth to be gainfully employed while at the same time making them computer and technology literate.


The city has a commute time of 23.5 minutes. The total average daily traffic in Winter Park is 509,263. Winter Park (Amtrak station) is its primary transportation means connecting Winter Park and its neighboring cities.


Winter Park, is home to the oldest college in Florida, Rollins College. Rollins College was founded in 1885 as a liberal arts college by the Congregationalists of New England. However, the city has five other prestigious universities, nine elementary schools, eleven high schools and a town library. The city has lots degree graduates above the state’s average.

Yes we are a carpet cleaning company, but we pride ourselves on education of all types. Whether you have questions regarding our carpet cleaning services, or questions about the cities we service, we pride ourselves on being knowledgable enough to help answer all types of questions. Give our Winter Park carpet cleaning team a call today for a free quote. Call us at 407-947-6724 today!

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