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We enjoy the city of Maitland so much we are going to provide a brief background on this beautiful city’s history that we are lucky enough to provide carpet cleaning services for.



Maitland is at 28°37’37’N 81°22’1’W on

Maitland, FL, the temperate region with a conducive atmosphere. It has 64.38% sunny days in a year; precipitation is 77, 51 inches of rain yearly and snow of 0 inches. The time zone in Maitland city is the Eastern Standard Time.


Maitland has four commission districts and governed by a mayor. The city also has a city manager serves the city council and the mayor by supervising professional staffs under the city’s government. The current mayor of Maitland is A. Dale McDonald, and the city manager is Sharon M. Anselmo. The government oversees operations such as community development, road maintenance, police protection, Water and sewer services, parks and recreation, planning. The government also has some citizen boards, that includes the zoning and planning commission, community redevelopment agency is indicative of public, private partnerships and the commitment of the people to the development of the city.


The rate of unemployment in Maitland is 4.40 percent. It has a job growth of 2.46%, sales taxes of 6.50%, income taxes of 0.00% and a future job growth of 40.52 %. The average family income $97,512 in Maitland is $61,822. However, the income per capital is $39,681, and the average household income is $69,080. The city has 6.4 % of the population below poverty line. Maitland’s average home cost is $184,700. The city has sales-office-administration support, management-business-finance, and production-transportation-material moving as the sector with the most population. With all this being said, in the year of 2017, growth has hit an all time high and looks to continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Maitland is a prolific business hub when it comes to prominent business in the Orlando, Maitland and surrounding areas. If moving to the area, this area should be a strong consideration for the area that you choose.



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Housing is one of the thriving business in Maitland; You can get any housing space in this city including, office and commercial space and retail establishment.


Maitland is home to a lot of hotels, guest inns and world-class restaurants serving all kinds of delicacies. Their restaurants are well known for their culinary skills. The exemplary services rendered by these hotels allow visitors to stay in the city.


Enzian Theater- It is the only independent movie theater in central Florida

Nhl rink, fitness kits, and other skating equipment.

Maitland’s farmers market

Maitland community Park

Audubon Center for Birds of Prey

Lake Minnehaha

It is an abundant recreational environment with facilities like beaches, parks, piers, and boat ramp.

Lake Lily

Howell Branch Nature Preserve and Park

Howell Branch Nature Preserve and Park, a beautiful park with lots of amenities such as the playground, picnic pavilion, observation deck, public restroom, bike rack, and boardwalk.

William H. Waterhouse House

Lake Maitland

Quinn Strong Park


There are lots of events which takes place in Maitland on a yearly basis, below is a list of events which occurred in a particular month.


Australia Day Seedling Giveaway


World Wetlands Day

Garden Organic Launch Seedling Giveaway,

Business Clean Up Day


Clean Up Australia Day

Garden Organic Collection commence

World Day for Water

Earth Hour

Mattress Muster

May Tocal Field Days

Tidy Towns National Awards



Household Chemical Collection


Tee Day Seedling Giveaway

National Tree Day


Biodiversity Month

Biodiversity Giveaway


Aussie Backyard Bird Count

State tidy town Award Weekend- Maitland


Asbestos Awareness Month

National Recycling Week


Household Chemical Collection


The city is home to lots of prestigious colleges and high schools and interesting museums. Maitland has a total of five elementary schools both private and public. It also has four high schools and two institutions of higher learning. Maitland is home to three museums and a city public library. Maitland has the Maitland Historical Museum, Telephone Museum, and Waterhouse Carpentry museum

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