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Yes we are a carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning and oriental rug cleaning company but we still like to recognize the smaller cities in the Orlando area that have helped grow into the company we are today. So let’s talk about the city of Altamonte Springs Fl. Altamonte Springs is a famous landscape in the heart of Florida. Named after a chapel that sat almost alone among orange groves 130 years ago, is now the center of attraction in the northern suburban in Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford metro area of Florida USA. The city is located in Seminole County. The city was founded by Dr. Kilmer Washington of Cincinnati in 1870; he named the city Altamonte a Spanish word meaning “high hill.” The local region later called Altamonte in 1882 by Hotel and Navigation Company knew as Altamonte Land. This company developed a community along SR436 (formerly Altamonte Avenue) between Maitland and Roman Regan Boulevard (formerly Longwood Avenue).The city is located 25 miles from Atlantic Coast in central Florida.As of July 1st, 2016, the city had a population of 44138people and a family of about 10,012 which makes it a thriving community. You may be asking why we are talking about where the city originated. We simply like to educate on all aspects that our company deals with, whether that be carpet cleaning or the actual cities that we clean for.


Altamonte is popular for its lakes, restaurants, resorts and parks. Below is a list of interesting place to be visited in the city.

Sunshine Park

Hermits Trail & Turnbull Ave

Earth Day Event

Sunshine Park

Cranes Roost

Lake Brantley Sports Complex

Merrill Park

Winwood Park


Altamonte Springs has four commission districts with famous people like the city manager, the mayor, and the city commissioner. The current mayor of Altamonte Springs is Mr. Pat Bates, and the city manager is Mr.Franklin W. Martz, ll. We want to thank the city for allowing our carpet cleaners to be able to clean in this fine city.


The rate of unemployment in Altamonte Springs is 3.90percent. It is a job growth of 2.42%, sales taxes of 7.00%, income taxes of 0.00% and a future job growth of 40.95%. The average family income in Altamonte Springs is $58,621. However, the income per capital is $27,236, and the average household income is $50,013. The city has 7.4% of the population below poverty line.

Altamonte Springs has sales, arts & recreation, and computer & mathematical as it job with the highest specialization, and administrative, management and sales as the most common jobs with lots number of employees. The health practitioners, management, and fire fighting supervisors are the highest paying jobs by median earnings. Health care & social assistance, tech service and retail trade & professionals are the most common sector; the most top paying industries are scientific, tech service and finance & insurance industry.

The significant boost to the economy is from sales, administrative support, and office taking about 30.86 of the economy. It is followed by finance, business, and management with about 17.12% and education with 6.24%.Construction,maintenance/repair and extraction takes 6.18%, production and transportation gets 6.13%. Engineering and science contribute a total of 6.00%. Below are list sectors with the percentage they contribute.

  • Restaurant service -5.93%
  • Healthcare practitioners and technology – 5.50%
  • Personal care – 3.72%
  • Building Maintenance – 3.17%
  • Sport, media, and entertainment – 3.12%
  • Healthcare support – 2.26%
  • Community and social services – 1.37%
  • Firefighters, law enforcement – 1.08%
  • Legal – 1.02%
  • Farming, fishing, and forestry -0.32%



The act of cleaning and maintenance of the community and the home is an important aspect which should not be overlooked at all. Like New Carpet Care’s carpet cleaning in Altamonte Springs has become a necessity for lots of residents in this wonderful city. One of the important aspects of taking good care of your home or workplace is making sure your carpets, upholstery and rugs are always in perfect condition by cleaning them regularly. The primary reason why carpet cleaning by a professional company is becoming a norm in Altamonte Springs is because it is the most efficient way to get your carpets, and upholstery looking its best. Like New Carpet Care aims at maintaining a high quality of indoor air quality. Carpet cleaning altamonte springs fl helps you keep your warranty; it also secures the investments you put into furniture by keeping them in good shape and most of all it keeps your allergy-prone loved ones from their allergies.


Nothing makes you feel more welcoming and calm in a foreign land than a place you can call your home and a great choice is Altamonte Springs. Altamonte is a home to a lot of 3star hotels, guest inns and the world-class restaurant serving all kinds of delicacies. Their restaurants are well known for their culinary skills. This hotels and restaurants contribute significantly to the economy of the city and has provided members of the town with employments.


Altamonte Springs is well known for its internet marketing companies. They help you with search engine optimization creation of websites, content development. These agencies as actually help small and medium scale businesses in Altamonte as they assist them with market strategy and advertisement. They have also helped a lot of youth to be gainfully employed while at the same time making them computer and technology literate.


Altamonte Springs is at 28°39′41″N 81°23′31″W (28.661463, -81.392016) on the Atlas with an elevation of 85 ft (26 m). It has a total area of 9.5 sqm(24.4 km2) and with the entire land portion of 8.9 SQ mi (23 square kilometers) and a water area of 0.6 sqm mi (1.4 square kilometers).

Altamonte Spring is relatively a hot and warm region.It has 65% sunny days in a year, precipitation of 78 51 inches of rain yearly and snowfall of 0 inches. The time zone in Altamonte Spring is the Eastern Standard Time.


In the year 2000 during the census, the population density of the city was 4,631.1 with about 1,787.3 inhabitants per km2. The racial statistics in Altamonte Springs is composed of 54% White, African American of 14.8%, 0.33% of Native American, 2.6% of Asians, 0.04% of the Pacific Islanders, the Hispanics had 24.8%, and other races had 2.7% of the population. About 20.4% of the city’s population is under 18 and a median age of 39 years.


The city with 23.4 minutes as its average commute time, it has three major transportation systems in Altamonte namely the Rails, Airports, and the bus.


There are three airports which serve the entire Altamonte Springs. The Orlando Sanford International is located in the north; The Orlando Executive Airport is located to the south and Orlando International Airport far to the south of Altamonte Spring.


Altamonte Springs has SunRail; it connects the city to another city in Florida.


Lynx is the first bus service for Altamonte and six other counties.


Altamonte is a fun place to visit; there are lots activities which place in Altamonte Springs which at attracts lots of visitors. To name a few, they have the Petrified Forest which is a Halloween Event. There is the Red, Hot, & Boom which takes place Fourth of July to mark the independence. They have the Lake Orienta Public Boat Ramp, the Earth Day Event, the Jr. Rangers Program, Bird Watchers Wanted, Lake Lotus Nature Park and lots more.


Like we all know, education is an important part of every community and Altamonte Springs is in far front when it comes to education. The city has more graduate than the entire cities in Florida’s average.

It has four elementary schools, two middle schools, two high schools, six private institutions, three colleges and one city library.

We hope this helps you make a decision when it comes to selecting a place to call home. We may just be a Altamonte Springs carpet cleaning company, but we enjoy passing along information that will help you make like decisions as well.

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