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Our Pet Urine Cleaning Process

We all love our pets, including us here at Like New Carpet Care. But sometimes pets can destroy our carpets. Our pet odor removal process is extremely effective.  They show their affection every single day through thick and then no matter what. But one thing for sure is they can make it a real challenge to keep your home clean healthy and free of  that annoying pet odor from accidents.

Once a pet urine accident has occurred it can be a difficult situation to deal with, but it’s also hard to determine where these accidents occurred, some that you never knew existed. At Like New Carpet Care we use the newest and most up to date UV Light to detect those pet urine accidents throughout your home and eliminate the pet urine odors from your carpets and sub flooring by using our Sub Surface Cleaning Treatment.


One of our IICRC Certified Technicians will inspect all areas of carpet in your home using a top of the line UV light(pet urine exhibits a fluorescent glow under UV light), to pinpoint exact location of urine stains and mark all contaminated areas for treatment. Once completed, we prepare a non-allergenic product specifically designed for pet urine removal.

We then completely saturate the affected areas, which allows the hot liquid solution to flow through the carpet fibers while also attacking deep into the carpet’s backing, padding, and subfloor, penetrating the entire odor source. The solution rehydrates, emulsifies, and breaks down pet urine solids in preparation for extraction and fresh-water rinsing.

Our technicians then use the Flash Xtractor II Water Claw, a specialty tool designed to flush out the solution and animal waste from your carpets to a holding tank outside in our van mounted system. Our method provides a 95+ percent success rate.