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Enzyme Based Cleaning Solutions

Our company prides itself in using products we have found to be safe and effective. As professionals in the industry for many years, we have put a lot of effort into product research. There are occasions in which our research has lead us in the direction of using a new product in place of an existing product. We look on these occasions as positives. Our constant research and testing helps us to determine which products are the safest and most effective to use in our customers homes. For the most part, our base products are phenomenal products that we have been using for years and have not been usurped. Our favorite product that we use in customers homes is our enzyme based pre-spray.

Enzymes are present in every living creature. They typically perform tasks in a living body such as converting food to energy, or even creating new cells. The enzymes will group together and bind to a target. Once the target is located, the enzymes quickly begin breaking it down. The enzymes literally eat the bacteria. Once this process takes place, the bacteria is gone, but there may still be a lingering odor. The lightly lingering odor is actually a good sign. Most cleaners will try to mask, or cover up an odor which will return in due time. The bacteria actually destroys the bacteria and the light odor is a byproduct of this process. When you are having your carpets cleaned, make sure your professional technician uses an enzyme based pre-spray. This is the best way to ensure bacteria removal from your carpet. Our company only uses an enzyme based pre-spray along with our truck mounted units to deliver a fantastic carpet cleaning service, that will leave your carpets like new!