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The Modern Way To Clean Carpet

The only way our carpet professionals clean, is using the hot water extraction process. This process is by far the preferred method by professional cleaners, as well as manufacturers. The hot water extraction process is commonly referred to as a steam cleaning. The phrase steam cleaning is actually quite a bit misleading, as the hot water extraction process does not use steam for any cleaning purposes. The only steam present is some steam that escapes the wand jets during the cleaning process. Most of the cleaning process is actually completed with very hot, pressurized water. The steam is simply a byproduct of the highly heated water. This method is recommended only for use on synthetic fibers. Most in home carpet and a portion of rugs are made of synthetic materials. Materials like Nylon, Polyester and Polypropylene are very commonly used in the manufacturing of in home carpets and rugs. These synthetic materials are made to be very durable and resilient. Their durability allows them to withstand the extreme heat and high pressure of a hot water extraction cleaning.

Our company chooses to only use truck mounted units, as opposed to portable units. The truck mounted units we use provide very high heat & high pressures which make all the difference when it comes to performing this type of service. A truck mounted unit is also equipped with a very strong vacuum. These units are the best route to take when cleaning in home carpet. Prior to using our truck mounted units, we do apply an enzyme based pre spray that works very well in loosening embedded dirt or grime, as well as helping to sanitize the carpet. We used the enzyme based pre spray based on how well it works when eliminating bacteria that lives in the carpet’s fibers. A combination of our special pre spray, truck mounted units and employee training provide us with the opportunity to complete the best cleaning service possible!