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Choosing An Orlando Carpet Cleaner

So it’s been awhile since you have owned your carpet. Have you ever
had it steam cleaned by a professional Orlando carpet cleaner? If you have carpet in your home,
it is always a good idea to have it professionally cleaned on a regular
basis. What is a regular basis mean for you? A regular
basis could be once a year, or up to three possibly even four times a year. But, it is
true that getting a professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis is a
good idea for a variety a reasons.

There is a few factors you should take into consideration when deciding how many times a year you should be getting your carpets cleaned. Recommendations are based different habits and environments in which people live. And, so it goes that each home is different, and there isn’t necessarily a “golden” specific number.

Everyone knows that having kids and pets requires more clean up
because they tend to bring in more outside debris. So, if you are trying
to decide when the right time to schedule a steam clean with pets and
kids in your home, your recommendation for a professional carpet cleaning
is more than those who do not have kids or pets. For households with
kids and pets the recommendation is every three months to five months.

However, if you live alone or with just your spouse, and have no pets
your cleaning schedule will be different depending on a couple of
factors. If you tend to vacuum on a regular basis you will most likely only need to clean your
carpet every nine months or so. However, this only depends on the
climate you live in. If you live in a climate where high humidity is
part of the regular environment, then your cleaning schedule will need
to happen a little more frequently, like every four months. However, if
you factor in kids, animals, and a dry dusty climate, you are looking at
every two months for a professional steam clean.