Services In Winter Park

Services In Winter Park

Being a family owned and operated carpet cleaning Winter Park Fl company, local small business, we take pride in our focus on providing each customer with a fantastic overall experience! Our focus on the total experience helps to make using our company as your service provider a simple and comfortable experience. While all of our trained and certified rug technicians are able to perform the highest of quality cleaning services for your area rug, they (along with the rest of our team members) are also focused on providing you with a friendly and helpful experience. All our team members are trained in customer relation methods. When we interview new hires, personal interaction skills are something we look for and covet. We understand the importance of a smooth and comfortable interaction between a service professional and a customer, so it always has been and will continue to be a focal point of our company!

Whether you are speaking with one of our office staff members, or directly interacting with one of our highly skilled rug cleaning technicians, you will be working with someone who is going to give maximum effort to ensure you are satisfied. We make it a point to be as helpful as possible by explaining our pricing and services clearly, educating customers on their rugs and happily answering any questions you may have. We believe our heavy focus on not only providing a fantastic cleaning service, but providing a great customer service experience as well, is validated by our abundance of happy customers coming from all of our service areas such as Orlando, Lake Nona, Kissimmee, Oviedo, and our area rug cleaning Winter Park customers. If you search for our local Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant, you will easily find an abundance of overwhelmingly positive reviews. To us, that is a first place trophy for our customer satisfaction and service!

As mentioned above, we are happy to hear about all of our satisfied customers across our entire Central Florida service area that extends from coast to coast

Of all the areas we service, we love to perform Oriental Rug Cleaning in Winter Park, Florida. All of our employees are from the greater Orlando area, which includes the beautiful city of Winter Park! Our staff consists of friends, family and locals who are all very familiar with the area. Winter Park, Florida is one of the fantastic areas that helped our company get started and has continued to be a major factor in our success. It is of course nice having plenty of family, friends and acquaintances in Winter Park, as there is plenty of “word of mouth” type recommendations for our services. We take great pride in knowing that our customer referrals to one another are genuine. While we know plenty of citizens in this lovely area, we are incredibly confident that our quality of service and overall experience provided are so highly received that the good things you hear about us and the good feedback we receive is genuine! Whether in the 32789 zip code area, or the 32792 zip code area, you are likely to find someone who knows us personally!

Our most popular service performed for our Winter Park customers is our Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning, using Truck Mounted Units. This method of cleaning involves a combination of our truck mounted units, proper tools, effective solutions and a highly trained and skilled carpet technician. When one of our technicians enters your home to perform any of the wonderful services we offer, the first couple of things he will do is greet you in a very friendly manner, walk through your home with you to inspect what is to be cleaned, then advise you about your service and take a moment to explain the service, then answer any questions you may have. Once the technician begins the service, he will be using specific tools, solutions and methods, depending on what is being cleaned. For carpet cleaning, the technician will apply our enzyme based pre-spray, generously throughout the carpeted areas. Any heavily soiled or stained areas, such as high traffic lanes or spills, will be treated with specialty stain removing agents and agitated heavily to open up the fibers. Once the prep is complete, the technician will attach the Winter Park carpet cleaning specific tool (called a Carpet Wand) to the truck mounted unit and begin the cleaning service. The truck mounted units that are installed in each one of our service vehicles are large, industrial grade machines that provide a combination of highly heated and highly pressurized water, along with a powerful vacuum to help the technician provide a vigorous cleaning of your in home carpet. Believe it or not, the highly heated and pressurized water does most of the cleaning. The powerful vacuum that is part of the machine assembly sucks the water up along with all of the contaminants that were flushed out by the heated and pressurized water. Once complete, your freshly cleaned carpets will be slightly damp to the touch and will dry in short order!

Another popular service is our Tile and Grout Cleaning in Winter Park service. This service is very similar to the carpet cleaning service, as in it is a hot water extraction cleaning service, that uses the truck mounted unit. However, we do use particular solutions for treating tile and grout that are safe and effective. Technicians will use a hand brush to scrub some of the more soiled areas of grout before he begins that cleaning process using the proper tile and grout cleaning tool, that is called a Tile Spinner.

Our Winter Park Upholstery cleaning services are also highly coveted and performed daily. As long as your furniture is made of synthetic materials and has a bit of color to it, our hot water extraction will be able to provide a very effective surface cleaning. Just like with our other services offered in the Winter Park area, the upholstery cleaning service uses its own specific cleaning solution and a special upholstery tool.

Feel free to reach out to our office any time, with any questions you may have! Remember, our friendly staff is standing by ready and happy to help!