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Our company specializes in professional rug washing of oriental, wool, silk, Karastan, Indian, Chinese and Persian rugs. Our specific rug cleaning division is highly educated in the handling of your rugs. The best part is we offer FREE pick up and delivery in the Orlando and surrounding areas. Please give us a call and we can let you know if you are in our FREE service area.

We have been a family owned and operated business since day one, we believe in quality over quantity. Our experienced technicians specialize in cleaning many different natural fiber rugs. Wool, silk and many other fiber types are no match for our state of the art hand washing techniques. Beginning with our thorough dusting processes that has been known to take out as much as 3 pounds of dirt out of rugs, to our unique submersion style cleaning process, that helps ensure the best rug cleaning you have every had. After the cleaning is done we will then either hang your rugs for drying, or lay them flat on our large grids to help with air flow. In either case industrial air movers and dehumidifiers will be used to speed up drying.

We know there are many different kinds of rugs. Your rugs make your home what it is. They might have a symbolic value because they were inherited from a loved one or passed on to you by a friend. We will treat your rugs as we treat our own valuables, with the best possible understanding and cleaning.

Our oriental rug cleaning team will ensure that your rug will be handled professionally throughout the rug cleaning process. We do not sub out our work like many carpet cleaning companies or uneducated rug cleaners will sometimes do.

Before the actual cleaning process begins, our staff will intricately inspect the construction type, any imperfections that may cause problems during the wash and do a dye migration test to ensure proper cleaning solutions are being used in your specific rugs needs. Though if problems do arise during the cleaning, rest assure we have the knowledge and cleaning solutions to rectify and unforeseen circumstances. Take a look through our website for many of our rug cleaning video demonstrations as we break each and every step of the rug cleaning process down to show you how important each and every step is.

As a company who cares about our customers as well as the quality of the services we provide we are committed to maintaining our grounded structure while continuing to evolve our operations as necessary to provide the best service possible! Give us a call or send us an email and test out our commitment to excellent customer service for yourself. We would love nothing more than to be your go to company for anything and everything when it comes to rug washing!

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