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Upholstery Cleaning

Did you know that amongst our many services here at Like New, upholstery cleaning is on of our most popular? Well, it is!  We clean a variety of upholstery from couches to chairs, ottomans to sectionals.  If it can be steam cleaned, we can do it.  We use top of the line equipment for all of our services. Our successful cleanings start with our top of the line truck mounted units.  These units provide the us with the ability to perform the highest quality cleanings possible.  When using our specialty upholstery tool in line with our truck mounted unit we are able to use a very high heat (up to 230 degrees) and high vacuum (up to 700 cfm) to achieve the best possible cleaning results.  Our machines can provide pressures of up to 2,500 psi, which comes in very handy for our carpet or tile & grout cleanings, but when cleaning upholstery we dial the pressure down quite a bit.  The dialed down pressure is key when cleaning upholstery. The lower pressure helps us to obtain the best results without over wetting the furniture.  Less experienced cleaners may not know how much of a difference that one detail makes.  Over-saturation can water log any wooden frames inside the furniture as well as soak the stuffing material inside.  Another unwanted result from over-pressured cleaning would be leftover marks in the upholstery.  Here at Like New we combine our top of the line equipment with the professional methods used by our IICRC certified Carpet Cleaning Orlando technicians to provide you with the best possible cleaning results.  We would love to answer any questions you may have or schedule you in for a cleaning, don’t hesitate to call! 407-947-6724