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How Cleaning Your Tile Prevents Build Up

Our tile and grout cleaning service professionals are well trained and experienced, and we offer a variety of services including carpet, upholstery and area rug cleaning. When our technicians use our truck mounted units to perform a hot water extraction cleaning on the tile in your home, part of the process is cleaning the grout as well. The grout typically benefits the most from the hot water extraction cleaning process. The main reason grout becomes so much more dirty than the tile itself is due to the face that grout is a very porous material. A porous material is something that is very absorbent of water. Any porous material in your home is subject to becoming quite a bit more dirty than the other surfaces in your home. Dirt and grime are typically carried and worked into certain surfaces by way of water. water helps to move the dirt as well as work it into any porous surfaces. Grout is incredibly porous, so it becomes very dirty quite quickly. Other porous surfaces in your home can be baseboards, tack strips and even drywall. Along with dirt and grime, odors can also be worked into any porous materials. When we clean the grout, the highly heated and pressurized water works its way deep into the grout, knocking loose all of the dirt and grime. Right as it is being worked lose, it is being sucked up by the vacuum portion of our truck mounted unit. We usually recommend sealing the grout once it is cleaned. The sealant will help to prevent the grout from becoming too dirty. Most porous materials can be cleaned, but they can be more difficult to clean than non porous surfaces. Make sure you keep up with the cleanliness of any porous surfaces in your home as this will extend their overall life. Regular maintenance will keep your floor looking cleaning for a long time. Sweeping and moping is something that should be done a weekly basis and you will be happy that you did.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Have you had your tile and grout professional cleaned?

If not and you’re curious about having your tile and grout cleaned, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have that pertain to tile cleaning. We have been cleaning and sealing tile and grout for many years and our technicians are trained, certified and continuously educated professionals. We use top of the line equipment and solutions. We have the latest in technologies and our truck mounted units enable us to use a high temperature, high pressure process to clean your tile and having it look like it was just laid. We also provide a grout sealing service, which helps to protect the grout from stains and discoloration. You can think of it like rainx, just like the water beads away from the windshield, it will repel away from the grout instead of saturating into it. We take pride in the quality of our services. Check our our pricing page for possible discount going on this month.